Thursday, January 30, 2014

Elie - Llyich Mechnikov, man of Science, and unbeknownst to Himself, He help blind Science, BUT!

Elie/Llyich Mechnikov; he Elie is/was a Great man of Science and had written papers for all to see back in the very early 20th century. Papers for men such as the soon posted Joshua Lederberg to read and ponder his words-work! Did Elie make any mistakes? Was he working in science? Yes, he made mistakes, yet, then out of the blue, he spoke a Hypothesis that is evidence along with many other parts of medical research history that were to be major clues. Which exposed the characters who brought it forth, the Great learned intellects, that they were before their time and could have merely said lets put money into the action and development of bringing forth a stronger microscope! {They were truly before their time, but they were in the midst of turmoil with the rest of the earth due to plagues and wars and political upheaval. And biology even thou much over 200 centuries old had to be seen as primitive due to the instruments used and developed by that day and time.} 

  So amazingly there were men doing just that trying each moment of their day to invent a greater investigative tool for biology due to the great findings of their eras researchers, but, it should have been a project of all governments, of all colleges and Universities because in history in the 1800s and 1900s you find men who were on the verge of coming together and ending What??? Aging and premature death! How do I know this??? Because as I have taken my Hypothesis and now Theory which soon becomes law and with the great tool we call hindsight I found my proof.  When I was searching for my thoughts on the net my theory/law they popped up, my witnesses, my fellow researchers having already thought just like myself that death and aging had a cause and a Cure!

 What astounding Hypothesis did Elie Mechnikov make??? Well, he as most would be confused due to the clandestine ways of bacteria, viruses, and phages. Anywho first look upon certain acts and functions of microbes in the body and intestines would first hear the thought of maybe that is good for us, or maybe they are helping us??? But, far from it! Science this day still due to our forefathers have found toxins and side effects of excretions of bacteria in our blood and gut and rightly declared it as a poison and have since come up with some ways to lessen the effects on our body and souls-minds. 

  But what constitutes a TOXIN??? Is the question. Again what did Mechnikov state??? Well, he said he believed there was some symbiosis between man and bacteria! {affecting many soon to come into biology because there is no symbiosis} Then Suddenly in His Great research efforts with the Likes of  Louis Pasteur. He Elie said what all should have since known and we should have already had the end of aging brought forth in science! He Elie Mechnikov stated in Hypothesis that the Gut Bacteria is what causes man to AGE! Amazing, astounding and correct and is part of what I had a hypothesis on and about for many years and is part of the attack of aging on mankind!

 Yes, we should have already known long before Mechnikov, the Greatest Researcher of modern man's medical History stated it so long ago! {Hippocrates} As proved by my next post.  Again spoken of in my post in my video of how aging and sickness and death enter each cell of the body simultaneously! We did not even need to know the many ways of agings attack upon the human body and even the body of many animals to now and then end its secret attack! 

 {Because men had gone directly to the cure again by hypothesis and they were then sidetracked. Again how do I know??? My hypothesis lead me to investigate and there they were setting in history already thinking as myself}  Due to the massive research efforts of Man/Woman we have many of its ways the microbic society/infection of aging and premature death already taken in data. Only the wrong conclusions were brought from the past data/research which took place under weak equipment and standards and conditions. Powerful conclusions were made that became textbook teachings for generations to come, and the conclusions were in error. Mistakes such as calling bacteria and mans existence a symbiosis as the peptides made by this pathogens... Next post

The Word/Data researcher here speaks of where microbes originated and what it was that made and developed these war machines of aging and sickness! He knows what molecules are needed to formulate the now end of aging and premature death so he speaks again of his need of commercial production laboratories and chemists!



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  1. You could be on to something, I suggest you look at the books from the institute for peak states, especially the book subcellular psychobiology. Bugs, bacteria, viruses and fungi are in the primary cell,and for instance there is a bug or several I don't remember, that affects all mammals in the primary cell and it's the main reason why we can't regenerate limbs like reptiles