Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hippocrates, the First man to point to the Cause of aging, and he did not lead us astray, but others have! First Commentary by R.p.Berry!

Here again the Word Researcher prepares us for understanding the purpose for the website and links!

  And in the third post below {in video} he speaks of Isoprenoids and of wolbachia. A microbe that has altered man and his society and helped bring us into aging. A infection for which we now have the cure! Also in post he shows us two men who unknowingly helped blind us to the attack of the infection called aging, yet, they sent us data too help now bring its end!

                                  The Powerful Medical/Hippocratic Oath!

Hippocrates is the Father of Western Medicine and medical ethics and truly the medical care industry of today!  Sadly this Great man spoke the words all who followed there after were to hear "First do no harm"! Below this Post are posts of other men who lead us in many right directions, only to help send us down the path of blindness, which we have just now this day over come! After a brief discussion about Hippocrates and his contribution to the now end of aging!  I will then show all concerned many of the ways of aging ages us and attacks our Bodies! Hippocrates {I love writing his name} told us point blank centuries ago where to concentrate our research first a word on the Great Hippocrates!

   Hippocrates taught us what we were not to do, do no harm, do not commit abortion through medicine, Do not do surgery unless qualified, do not try to seduce your Patient! Many of these what should be looked upon as laws, have been crushed by so much of the medical industry of today! Hippocrates stayed in practice and in thought throughout his life as most doctors, researchers, and scientists! And after he came through many plagues and sicknesses in Greece and abroad, he came to one very dramatic conclusion, yet, only in this day can we view the true Impact of such a declaration! He studied the Roman medical researchers/doctors of the day, he studied the ancient writings, he thought, he searched, then finally it came to him in a powerful Hypothesis, what did he say??? All sicknesses begin in the GUT!

 Is this true? can there be anyway all sicknesses begin in the intestinal track of mankind! Well, some scientists and researchers would say No!  Due to this days flu epidemics and the black plague, and the smallpox! But if more closely researched they would find all of these diseases without the co-operation by the body flora of mans intestines, they could not bring forth any of these sicknesses in such a powerful attack upon the body! As they spread, as any virus or bacterial infection spreads it must go throughout the body, and as it does so, the bacteria of the body starts its assistance by aiding and abetting the new killer, the criminals/pathogens that have invaded the body of the sufferer!

 Is there anyway that the Father of Medicine told us long ago where to search for the criminals called aging and premature death cause their infection??? I the author of this blogspot, and Word/Data researcher have contended for many years now that mankind has long had the data in which to take and end aging and sickness in the society of mankind, and even many animal societies! The Cure is ours to now use and change the society of mankind forever. The method in which bacteria strikeout at Life to bring it to an end comes in many forms, yet, originates from one very bad actor! Hippocrates pointed to this hypocrites lair to where the perpetrator exists, to where the assailant hides and that is the Gut of mankind. And again below I show even more direct word concerning aging and death straight from the Data/text of past Researchers of biology....

 So below this Post, are posts showing how we have been lost, and how we are now found, and then I will speak on how we can see the very obvious attacks of death and aging, and how that before these days of Mega research, we were kept in the dark by research data that was correct, but men and women of science in the past, had brought forth the wrong conclusion to said data keeping us from the fact that we can and are supposed to live centuries instead of decades! Causes found, the Cure located and at hand..... It has begun

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