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{MORE PROOF BELOW, of the minute agers!} Many are asking why me??? Why did I take on aging and sickness/death???'





    {I AM HEARING FROM PEOPLE {due to my comments below} who are upset about me declaring life forms/death forms are on a Sub - Nano level! I used to merely state that these killers are fought by Life on a sub-atomic level, but, I received dispute over that terminology. {Me trying to make sure that science at least those with microscopes know that this battle against aging is not just on the Macro/Micro level, but also on what I call the Ultra Microbic level/microbic filth} So I have begun to mention the many forms of measurement. Such as Nano, sub Nano to me is measuring less than "ONE" Nano/Billionth. I do not know the decimal or fraction {"No" too answer your question, I will not say sub - Pico, or sub-yocto, but would not deny such. But as you have seen I am American standard measurement/not physics minded..} I just know they exist. {And have proven such Through past data} So forgive me and my sub-atomic/sub-nano. We now know of bosons, quarks, gluons there is a realm beneath atomic/beneath one Nano. So shockingly quantum that they have yet to be observed. Please try to live with it there is Scientific proof below in all posts.. Respect} 


{More proof my theory/law is true.. That we are attacked on a sub - atomic/sub Nano Level. {Some of which Angstroms may not measure. Due to some of these filth's being literally just a negative charge, waiting to come back too life/dormant.} We each day are attacked By one of the many forces making us age, as the one shown below and I have found all of the once unknown causes that do so, and the Cure for aging..}

{Forgive me I must add too the top of this post. Tonight 7-6-14.} A young man who visits my site, and hears me call out to science, he found again for me proof in past data of my word on this blog, of how we have had the causes and cure available to end death {me already finding the cure} but as below in many posts. I show how data from the past has been miss read. And show certain men who helped blind mankind long ago in posts near the bottom of this page!  But as I state, there are sub - nano/sub -atomic forces attacking us, {as well as nano microbes, such as those mentioned in the link that are 20 nano meters. {as well as almost all bacteria and phages/viruses} They all working as one, too bring mankind into decomposition/aging} here is the link and the conversation between me and my hero! 



LINK: Proof of sub - atomic/sub-nano killers of cells/mankind/agers!

{First Xyber Zurgeon statement on Facebook "Eternal Life Fans"} Xyber Zurgeon - Rodney may be onto something...

{Now my Comment/response} Rodney Berry - Xyber Zurgeon Esquire; my friend you have made me very happy tonight, thank you... You see, I knew the way of death by having died, theoretically, but none have believed me {even though I have much proof on the site. You found a center piece of my puzzle} now thanks too a wide eyed believer in science and its discoveries/you. I now can declare my WORD research proved again. You see I have proclaimed this for many years, then began due to none allowing me in their labs, and me having no funds. I began to research past data too prove my truth, and my friend you found a major piece of my puzzle! As you see on the site at that there are even smaller than these that can be found, that even go down into the sub atomic realm... Again thank you, the data/text of mankind is massive, we have been lost in our own data, but the puzzle pieces are being put in place... BAAM, Thank you Xyber Zurgeon Esquire

   THE ONE and only answer I can give that answers the question above!  Is I did not take on aging and death, Mankind has taken on death and Triumphed. All information contained in this blog is derived from Research from centuries ago, too Great men and women of this days Science and Technology. Who through their dedication and study has given a man like myself the opportunity to combine and compile the needed conclusion, the true conclusion, to their scientific study. Since many of their day and this day have had an obstacle in their way called, the misconceptions from the past. 

But, what has given me interest {in learning the thoughts of great men and women} and ending aging and death is as most scientist/researchers, or doctors. Having someone they love have sickness or have died, or some special event in their life, that made them endeavor to think.  Since my youth death has tried too take me and everyday someone in my neighborhood, or someone close either died, or tried killing me! I witnessed murder as a young boy, and I have been murdered??? Weird, but true, explained below! 

  When I reached college {El Centro college in Dallas Texas to be a dietitian, and hopefully continue into Health related Sciences} at age 18, I was truly in shock that I had made it. Always under attack by disease/sickness, or someone on the street, or even an extended family member, or co-worker would try ending my existence, since my memory of early childhood.

 So from an early age as many people, death and dying becomes/became an issue of daily thought. After being electrocuted under a building {a man hooked me up to it and left me too fry/die.} Oddly I did die, I heard my final scream, my final breath, then my final heart beat. Then a chain of events took place that I could not forget, or stop thinking of! Why did I have Life come back into my body??? Why did I have such a strange sensation in my gut just before death, and while lingering in death???

   As one might think this was not a good thing. Me since childhood I was not that strong, always sick, always congested, always wheezing, and this event had now compounded those issues. Always contracting the popular sicknesses from measles {all of them, from German on} the best flues available, Ha, Just always sickly. And now my heart was in bad condition, yet, from injured legs/operations, to this day. I had a family needing my help or support. From my mother needing me to work from 15 years on too help her. Too my new family, but now my heart after electrocution has tried failing for now decades. 

 So in the midst of the beginning of these problems. I put college what I thought was to be on the back burner for a while, but it never came into being that I could restart. Always thinking of it, but it never came into being. Only the thing called death, and peoples longevity in general, seem too never leave my mind. {thinking of it off and on through out each day}

 I one day was wondering why??? Why did I have so many problems???  Then shockingly as though prompted, as I watched a documentary {now just past forty years of age, sick on my couch.} The answers to my questions appeared on the documentary I was viewing. I thought now is that not strange??? There scientists have found why I had problems with my health, as others. {my beloved mother smoking while pregnant, a malnourished chain smoker since her childhood, among other problems.} Then I thought of the gut sensations I had during my deaths {now at that age being plural}. And then the Hypothesis hit me! I heard the thought rumble through my mind. You know I believe science has all data needed, too end aging and sickness/death!!! 

   So I began my journey of gleaning atop mankind's knowledge/data. So to bring too a synopsis the combined data of mankind and my theory, that I now consider law {proven by me} of man having the cure lost in their history. {yet its now found} In the beginning me learning immediately why man/woman has not been able too understand that death had already been found, that the cure laid at their feet. The massive amount of data and research, and false conclusions too the same, now looked nearly as a far gone conclusion of a lost cause. Man had buried himself in data. Discovery everywhere, but no organized method of placing the pieces of the puzzle in their place of these Amazing discoveries. None truly realizing that the entire purpose for science was too end aging and death. 

   Then me seeing men and women in research, adding to the chaos of data, by publishing the wrong extended conclusions too all past data/research, and publishing papers and findings, on the already taken data of great men/women researchers of the past, but they were dealing with flawed information. Was this just too gigantic of a task??? Yes, But Baam, it happened I found it! 

  It Took me years, I started truly in the late 1990's, but, I thought finally that my task was possible. I knew what death was, but I could not find the proof necessary too gather money and men and women too end the plague called aging. {Until this last decade} Proving in the information and data of how they were lost, as was us all/I in History, but I came from the fog of data filled. I knew it was there. But I had to be able to find cogent research history, that would prove we were lost on certain issues. I knew there had to be someone who had made science turn left, when it was supposed to be a right turn.  My thought was too {and my education helped me some what} was to hurriedly read men's conclusions of historical events in history, and their conclusions in medical/biological research, allowing me not to become bogged down in one area of science, taking their conclusions only, and putting to my test of what I knew about death. Feeling my experiences would help "me" decipher {through what I began calling the test subject, "me," due to having died.} I even began fasting, doing anything I could do to make my mind/thoughts clearer for seeing right from wrong. Allowing me to be able to find my theory, and locate it into Law in peer reviewed present day and past data, starting with what I knew as the answer, and finding the questions it brought into a process/methodology/Medical science into synopsis.

 So there is a brief biography of me/why I felt I could, and would find the causes of death/aging. And as you will see through out this Blog, I have found men in history {very first posts below near the bottom} men who had helped me find aging/sickness, the infection of Life. And I show two men who unbeknownst to themselves, had helped blind science now for decades, who are just two among many. And as you will see I have shown below, where/how false conclusions can be found with the great power, called Hind sight. We have all of history at our disposal {the combined written data of mankind on the net and in text books} and inside of its documentation are clues and answers too all questions... Respect r.p.berry {please examine below the now end of the Sensonic Plague called aging and death.}

      {The First 10 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders}  for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing.} 

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