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  BELOW LISTED IN SYNOPSIS IS THE "GEREVIVIFY METHODOLOGY/PROCESS" The method in which Mankind is now Healed of the Senesonic Plague we call ageing and death.. Then there after briefly in video the Data Researcher/Solutions analyst describes again the now Process that soon eradicates ageing and sickness/death... It has Begun

1. The soil of earth has been poisoning mankind from the beginning. The soil of earth before growing any organic product. Must first go through the "Gerevivify" soil preparation process. No other method of growing food or plants for the Gerevivify formula can be used.. {The soil must be specially treated with a certain compounds} Or it will cause a failure of the Healing of mankind. The process is revolutionary and innovative and is not used by any one on this planet.. And is the only way in which to grow the proper quality and purity of products/organic components for Gerevivify Elixir that literally heals the aged body.

2. Mankind now for many Centuries has cultivated the wrong agricultural food products.. 95% of the food stuffs eaten on earth helps the ageing infection, to infect, and reinfect mankind each day. On the "Gerevivify" methodology / process of eating.. There is only a hand full of foods that do not severely infect the human somatic cell system with the pandemic plague we call ageing.. These amazing foods, especially after being purified by the Gerevivify method of growing.. Will help feed and strengthen the cells of Life.. Not the pathogens/cells of death. It is a highly restricted diet of extremely delicious foods...

3. Most importantly "The Formula itself, "The "Gerevivify Formula" is more than just unique.. It is miraculous and brought forth by the combined Data of Mankind. The Greeks claimed that the Gods did not know they were God's until finding the Elixir of Life.. And the Great Minds of this day, and of the days gone by, contributed to this Formula in so many ways.. The formula is made up of a unique blend of peptides/alkaloids and ligands which after brought together into one flask. Will be the most powerful cure ever known to mankind. The Panacea called by the Greeks, the Elixir of Life called by many generations from many nations, all had the desire for eternal Life  written and proclaimed throughout history. And in each nation centuries ago and in this very day they have collectively declared... That there is an Elixir that will heal us into being near Gods/immortal.. And amazingly, staggeringly, astoundingly.. It was the combined cry from the past saying it can be done that has made it happen.. We here at Adam and Eve Word Research. Have located the cure/Formula.. To bring forth what has been proclaimed by the Mighty Hebrew, the Mighty Greeks, The Great Chinese, and many other societies here upon earth declaring that there should be and Elixir that will/would be the end of ageing and death.. The Elixir called by us "Gerevivify".. We know all components, all organic sources.. Now we need Financing, funding, we need investors/partnerships/donors and volunteers. We need laboratories for the most epic event in mankind's History.. The Now End of AGEING... Examine the Video below for a brief discussion about the now cure of Man... Also visit the Links wherein you can become part of the Destiny/History/Future of Humanity.... Respect 

  {{ I am offering a full partnership to the first 3 million dollar investor {their investment returned first, and then we both share 60% of all profits in Perpetuity. With the other 40% of the proceeds going to any other investor or share holder} as we gather a multitude of investors and partners to prepare what will take decades to present to the general masses {we will be healed immediately} but for the general public to be healed with our Gerevivify will take many years of land and food preparation, and to grow enough organics for the Elixir to cover the globe... Only those of the inner circle {Will be healed immediately within months} the circle of researchers and scientists and investors will be able to start the Elixir and the Methodology Immediately. As well as the dietary restrictions/diet needed to be cured.. Which is not as written of in the olden days, as just one sip and you are cured. The elixir will be taken for many months and for some years. }} 

 Below in Video again the Word/Data Researcher discusses how it is Darwin who was correct in Saying that Mankind is to Evolve as have all other Life forms... And he r.p.berry points out that it was not a physical being that created mankind.. That it is the Stem Cell which is the Creator of Life.. Not Man... And he speaks of the 3 phase cure for ageing that is "The Gerevivify Process"...


  In the Video above the Data Researcher / Solutions analyst describes the three phase/three stages of the "Gerevivify" Panacea formula. Which now removes the infection we call ageing.. Catapulting human beings into the Future.. Allowing all to live Centuries instead of mere Decades

{TOO Learn more about this amazing formula and of this Epic era we live in.. Visit the Blog Archive on the right hand side bar of the webpage here at Adam and Eve Word Research. View links of proof of our findings and Learn of how science has missed the fact that we have had the cure at hand for many decades now.. The first posts in February and January of last year show several men with Great meaning of this days confusion, and of this days Triumph.. Respect}

      {The First 3 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits, after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders}  for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they as their family and friends will be healed of the plague we call ageing.} 

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