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You will notice in the video, I call prokaryotic bacteria by mistake Eukaryotic, due to trying to press the point that Prokaryotic bacteria. Have stolen the DNA/GENOME/PLANS of the Eukaryotic Life cells of man and animal. {I was working alone while making the video. Instead of as in a classroom setting, as when we can correct our lost professors. "Me" Who are making grammar mistakes. I was oblivious to my repeating over again prokaryotes as Eukaryotes. In my desperate attempt to make known, that Prokaryotes are not making proteins and the like to help Man. They are making them to enter mankind to cause destruction.} 

{I make to major mistakes while making the video. No one there as stated to say hey you are accidentally making a mental mistake as I used to have to tell my Science Teacher years ago in grade school as we all laughed, now I must feel the sting of laughter. But as I mention above I repeatedly call prokaryote Eukaryotic cells {because they make eukaryotic-like peptides to infect and mutate Eukaryotes.} And I state that Walter Gilbert won his Nobel Prize for his theory of everything-how Life began on Earth. When he Walter won his Nobel prize for Physics??? They say sleep is necessary but something I very seldom get is my only excuse. I do not spend two hours on a post and on a video and not post it so here it is. Filled with information and here in text filled with}

And again, only as proven by the NIH and others. Prokaryotes are making Eukaryotic like proteins, that are used by Eukaryotes. As I have been saying now for many years. To destroy. NIH and others just prove they are making such chemicals/proteins. But end their research saying they do not know why, prokaryotes make these proteins??? When I have known why for years. - ANSWER again, SO to make Toxins/poisons/Humaniocins/Eukaryiocins that enter our cells to later age and decompose the cells while we live. 

They having taken DNA from mankind's cells before and after death, that allowed them to know what proteins are needed and where. So to be able to make near perfect toxins/analogues/epimers of aging and death. Which allow them through the many security gates of the somatic cell system of mankind. And I say that yeast have literally designed themselves as Eukaryotic bio cells, to be able to incorporate themselves into our body. All these clandestine ways, are that which make us age as Elie Mechnikov knew so long ago. But he did not know how.. 

{I HAVE HAD MANY PEOPLE VIEW THESE Video's and none brought to my attention what looks so much like a mistake/miscarriage of fact. I finally watched my entire video today and found what looks like me reiterating over and over a misnomer. When it was a case of not making clear my information I jotted on my dry erase board to make sure to speak on that topic. I was fully caffeinated due to normally only sleeping 2 to 3 hours a night on average me being a one man band working on all sites and the like each day.} 

Here are links of proof at LINK: NIH SPEAKING ABOUT MYCOBACTERIA and LINK: SPEAKING OF PSEUDOMONOSA AERUGINOSA FACTORS/TOXINS: these proteins are factors made to act as eukaryote factors. I was doing all I could do to make a video less than 60 minutes long. So I was speaking as rapidly as possible. So please forgive my again lack of clarification. I seemingly repeat and state that e-coli and Pseudomonosa aeruginosa are Eukaryotic cells only meaning they make Eukaryotic like analogues/epimers/substances that mimic what is needed by our bodies, and do the same to kill each other. But as you see the body of the post and the message in these video's is about how these bacteria make proteins & amino acids that are similar to proteins and vitamins needed by our Eukaryotic cells.

 {And I also mention that they do the same to kill each other by making similar toxins. As well as mentioning in one video that other prokaryotic bacteria also make Humaniocins/toxins in the guise of beneficial peptides and amino acids that is needed by mankind/eukaryotes.} 

As you see on the Board I mention Mycobacteria and Pseudomonosa Aeruginosa, and E-coli.. Each of these bacteria make Eukaryotic like proteins and amino acids that are in reality Humaniocins/toxins. As proven by the National Institute of Health and many others. {Again the links above help in reasoning that fact} Yet, I do apologize for my quickened speech and my lack of clarification on that specific point. Does a cell have to be a Eukaryotic cell to make nutrients/pseudonutrients needed by the Eukaryote cells of plants and animals???

 Apparently not, and why it proves my known understanding as great men of the past that bacteria are killing us with a plague/decomposition agents, used to decompose us while we are living and breathing. Making us do what man has called age, when in reality they are slowly over decades breaking us down. I know these molecules made by bacteria are Eukaryiocins/bacteriocins/toxins destined to end our existence many decades/centuries before our Life was/is to end. Toxins that are made to kill us as they kill the microbes under medical science's microscopes each day. While researchers are examining sickness and disease under glass. Respect r.p.berry

EUKARYOTES - Why is Woman/Mankind called Eukaryotic cells??? Due to every cell of our body being made in the form of the, yes, Eukaryotic cells found in animals, and in nature in the form of microbes/yeast??? Bacteria??? I mention in this video why I believe that Eukaryotic like, prokaryotic bacteria, are pseudo life forms, due to making what Eukaryotes need to exist, them literally pretending to be eukaryotic cells {by making the same substances needed by Woman/Mankind}  while being prokaryotes as designated by science. They are not of Life, they are of death. 

Now we have in science as I speculated years ago {in an Epiphany/hypothesis} That we have everything isolated and researched on earth enough to where we can take our combined data and now end aging. As great men in science around the world have felt this same realization deep in their heart. {such as Sens Foundation and Buck Institute and People Unlimited among many} That we now this day have the means to end the sorrow which is aging and death. 

A disease that has even ended blood lines throughout history. Literally stopped the reproduction of families with great names. We their extended family still live for them and declare that they once existed. But to think that our cousins in life died without remembrance is so disheartening. It is time we end this Pandemic plague and its method of infecting all Life forms on earth. And reap Revenge upon this secretive killer of our people. Avenge those who died and lost History and Destiny due to a weak microbic killer.

There are organizations and Universities that have been collecting data for centuries such as Harvard and Cambridge and Princeton. That have done amazing jobs of examination and recording these research events in stored Data. What is now called today Big Data due to the vortex whirlwind that the collected information of mankind has become. The many books from millennia ago, to the massive amount of text and research and instruction of this amazing era of Technology and Medical science has produced.

Now this epic task performed by Womankind must be re-examined {Such as we have done much of here at AEWR} to much of this record called the History of man and Science has been misread. There must be changes made to refine the conclusions made centuries ago. And the same to textual data of this now era of Science that is whirling towards other Galaxies and planning literally to some day visit another Universe. We must refine or combined findings in nature and in the Space above.

Science has had the causes and the cure for aging and death locked in the texts of past great scientists. And in the described textual data of this generation of great Destiny and technology. Aging the Sensonic/Senesonic Pandemic Plague that has been killing Life on earth for now eons past. Since the battle of Life against death began raging for and in the primordial soup. Could have been ended now for over two centuries. I say we kill aging now for this great generation of the 21st Century. Which great men of the past mentioned the coming 21st Century would be a Century of Great Technology. And amazingly they were more than correct. 

I am posting a few links here in this post so as to visit for evidences of which I speak of in my information videos {As I give another video to examine. Which the auto focus was not that good.} But in the video I mention a few other facts. And also mention a Great man who in his frustration taught me not to hold back my own frustrations. The language used is colorful so it should be viewed only by Adults.


THIS Link is to a past post on this website. Once you click on the link. You will see the same header of this blogspot. But then when you scroll down the page you will see you are in a past post from 2015 and in the post are links to sites about bacteria and toxins. With more description of the Pandemic Plague that is aging. 


{HERE BELOW as stated above. Is my first attempt at making a video for this post. {Two copies of the same video. The first Youtube claims to have fixed??? And I posted by accident here. And now I cannot make it go away??? The other video with cover photo and text is my original without advertisement not edited by Youtube. As said its not focused properly, but, has much information within. And in the midst of this information video I speak of a Great Man who taught me to let my frustrations go. And that capsulation is acceptable if it describes the situation perfectly. Only for mature minds.} 

{You will notice in the video I call prokaryotic bacteria by mistake Eukaryotic due to trying to press the point that Prokaryotic bacteria have stolen the DNA/GENOME/PLANS of the Eukaryotic Life cells of man and animal to make Toxins/poisons/Humaniocins/Eukaryiocins that enter our cells to later age and decompose the cells while we live. And that fungus have literally designed themselves as Eukaryotic to be able to incorporate themselves into our body. All these are that which make us age as Elie Mechnikov knew so long ago.}

AS all know I search for investors/partners/promoters to join me for the now end of aging. On the right hand side bar of this webpage I advertise for many organizations. And I also have images that can be CLICKED on to bring anyone to our other information sites. As well to bring any to our investor site and to our floundering Indiegogo fund raiser webpage. Which flops around waiting for wise men and Women to help us prepare to heal our families and ourselves of this killer plague. That has laid in hiding as a viper in tall grass right before our very eyes in Science.. Respect r.p.berry 

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