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{I HAVE HAD MANY PEOPLE VIEW THESE Video's and none brought to my attention what looks so much like a mistake/miscarriage of fact. I finally watched my entire video today and found what looks like me reiterating over and over a misnomer. When it was a case of not making clear my information I jotted on my dry erase board to make sure to speak on that topic. I was fully caffeinated due to normally only sleeping 2 to 3 hours a night on average me being a one man band working on all sites and the like each day.} 

Here are links of proof at LINK: NIH SPEAKING ABOUT MYCOBACTERIA and LINK: SPEAKING OF PSEUDOMONOSA AERUGINOSA FACTORS/TOXINS: these proteins are factors made to act as eukaryote factors. I was doing all I could do to make a video less than 60 minutes long. So I was speaking as rapidly as possible. So please forgive my again lack of clarification. I seemingly repeat and state that e-coli and Pseudomonosa aeruginosa are Eukaryotic cells only meaning they make Eukaryotic substances needed by our bodies, and do the same to kill each other. But as you see the body of the post and the message in these video's is about how these bacteria make proteins & amino acids that are similar to proteins and vitamins needed by our Eukaryotic cells.

 {And I also mention that they do the same to kill each other by making similar toxins. As well as mentioning in one video that other prokaryotic bacteria also make Humaniocins/toxins in the guise of beneficial peptides and amino acids that is needed by mankind/eukaryotes.} 

As you see on the Board I mention Mycobacteria and Pseudomonosa Aeruginosa, and E-coli.. Each of these bacteria make Eukaryotic like proteins and amino acids that are in reality Humaniocins/toxins. As proven by the National Institute of Health and many others. {Again the links above help in reasoning that fact} Yet, I do apologize for my quickened speech and my lack of clarification on that specific point. Does a cell have to be a Eukaryotic cell to make nutrients/pseudonutrients needed by the Eukaryote cells of plants and animals???

 Apparently not, and why it proves my known understanding as great men of the past that bacteria are killing us with a plague/decomposition agents, used to decompose us while we are living and breathing. Making us do what man has called age, when in reality they are slowly over decades breaking us down. I know these molecules made by bacteria are Eukaryiocins/bacteriocins/toxins destined to end our existence many decades/centuries before our Life was/is to end. Toxins that are made to kill us as they kill the microbes under medical science's microscopes each day. While researchers are examining sickness and disease under glass. Respect r.p.berry

EUKARYOTES - Why is Woman/Mankind called Eukaryotic cells??? Due to every cell of our body being made in the form of the, yes, Eukaryotic cells found in animals, and in nature in the form of bacteria??? Bacteria??? I mention in this video why I believe that Eukaryotic bacteria are pseudo life forms due to making what Eukaryotes need to exist, them literally pretending to be eukaryotic cells {by making the same substances needed by Woman/Mankind}  while being prokaryotes as designated by science. They are not of Life, they are of death. 

Now we have in science as I speculated years ago {in an Epiphany/hypothesis} That we have everything isolated and researched on earth enough to where we can take our combined data and now end aging. As great men in science around the world have felt this same realization deep in their heart. {such as Sens Foundation and Buck Institute and People Unlimited among many} That we now this day have the means to end the sorrow which is aging and death. 

A disease that has even ended blood lines throughout history. Literally stopped the reproduction of families with great names. We their extended family still live for them and declare that they once existed. But to think that our cousins in life died without remembrance is so disheartening. It is time we end this Pandemic plague and its method of infecting all Life forms on earth. And reap Revenge upon this secretive killer of our people. Avenge those who died and lost History and Destiny due to a weak microbic killer.

There are organizations and Universities that have been collecting data for centuries such as Harvard and Cambridge and Princeton. That have done amazing jobs of examination and recording these research events in stored Data. What is now called today Big Data due to the vortex whirlwind that the collected information of mankind has become. The many books from millennia ago, to the massive amount of text and research and instruction of this amazing era of Technology and Medical science has produced.

Now this epic task performed by Womankind must be re-examined {Such as we have done much of here at AEWR} to much of this record called the History of man and Science has been misread. There must be changes made to refine the conclusions made centuries ago. And the same to textual data of this now era of Science that is whirling towards other Galaxies and planning literally to some day visit another Universe. We must refine or combined findings in nature and in the Space above.

Science has had the causes and the cure for aging and death locked in the texts of past great scientists. And in the described textual data of this generation of great Destiny and technology. Aging the Sensonic/Senesonic Pandemic Plague that has been killing Life on earth for now eons past. Since the battle of Life against death began raging for and in the primordial soup. Could have been ended now for over two centuries. I say we kill aging now for this great generation of the 21st Century. Which great men of the past mentioned the coming 21st Century would be a Century of Great Technology. And amazingly they were more than correct. 

I am posting a few links here in this post so as to visit for evidences of which I speak of in my information videos {As I give another video to examine. Which the auto focus was not that good.} But in the video I mention a few other facts. And also mention a Great man who in his frustration taught me not to hold back my own frustrations. The language used is colorful so it should be viewed only by Adults.


THIS Link is to a past post on this website. Once you click on the link. You will see the same header of this blogspot. But then when you scroll down the page you will see you are in a past post from 2015 and in the post are links to sites about bacteria and toxins. With more description of the Pandemic Plague that is aging. 


{HERE BELOW as stated above. Is my first attempt at making a video for this post. {Two copies of the same video. The first Youtube claims to have fixed??? And I posted by accident here. And now I cannot make it go away??? The other video with cover photo and text is my original without advertisement not edited by Youtube. As said its not focused properly, but, has much information within. And in the midst of this information video I speak of a Great Man who taught me to let my frustrations go. And that capsulation is acceptable if it describes the situation perfectly. Only for mature minds.} 

AS all know I search for investors/partners/promoters to join me for the now end of aging. On the right hand side bar of this webpage I advertise for many organizations. And I also have images that can be CLICKED on to bring anyone to our other information sites. As well to bring any to our investor site and to our floundering Indiegogo fund raiser webpage. Which flops around waiting for wise men and Women to help us prepare to heal our families and ourselves of this killer plague. That has laid in hiding as a viper in tall grass right before our very eyes in Science.. Respect r.p.berry

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{below in a short video I condense the causes and speak of the Cure for Aging..}

PLATO as the Greeks in general helped western Medicine so long ago to begin to set the mind of science on the road to discovery. Setting the ground rules of how to approach learning and research. Basically you must first have questions to be answered. 

Whether Plato knew the power of the formation of his question "What is Man???" Would be the same inquiry that literally from those days to this 21st century that would cause biology and medical science research to examine and break down the entire structure of the Homo Sapien somatic cell system I do not know??? 

But unbeknownst to myself, when I began my data research to find death and agings cause and cure. I asked myself the question??? what is MAN??? Embarking me on a very serious study of data to find what is Woman/Mankind, and how did they come to be??? Then later realized Plato had himself made the same declaration centuries ago inspiring me on to my final desired end.   

I now know what Woman/Man are and I found how the plague called death operates and infects. A short simple question that kept Plato searching and teaching what he had found and discovered about Life and Man.. The same thought helped lead me to the truth and solution about and for aging and premature death.

To encapsulate and condense the causes and the cure for aging. We must have WHAT??? Questions to set our minds right for the understanding.. A List below of the questions answered in my short 30 minute study of Life and Death and how it will now end... ONE









{Our New Fundraiser LINK to Help us Keep Mankind From Missing their Epic Destiny of now Curing those who have aged. To give them many more Decades of Life. Go to the LINK AT: KEEP WOMAN/MANKIND FROM A PREMATURE DEATH:}

IF You do not know what Life is and its beginnings, and if you do not know what Man is. How can you have prospective on and about his problem called death. As I have been recently asked to condense and encapsulate my findings. Is exactly the thought and yes question I had to answer finally to be able to stare into data and come out with the causes and the cure. 

One day I said to myself.  Someone has got to look at this vortex called science data and bring the entire biology from it into a synopsis. A quick reasoning of what this has all been about. And then I suddenly realized it was as I first began. Bring into synopsis the answer to "WHAT IS MAN???" And what and how is he attacked by the Molecule that is the vector of aging??? Please examine the video wherein the 62 year old data researcher explains what is man and how death attacks him.. Respect r.p.berry

{Merely a class room setting. A 30 minute synopsis/lecture. This video the second attempt at filming. Normally I shoot a video one time and use that footage no matter what because I do not throw away 30 or 40 minutes of my Life easily. {And you will notice as I have been asked before. Why do you sound out of breath when speaking??? because of my weakened heart and lungs. So try to bear with me} But I attempted to complete a video four times. Having many problems develop during the filming of each. So Please receive the answer to the question asked me several times in the last week. Could I condense my causes and cure from my Huge website one stated. HUGE???}

{Below in one of my blooper tapes. I speak maybe of one or two issues not mentioned in the video above. I had just came in thinking I could beat the clock needing to get ready for my sons wedding photos to be taken of all the men of both families. But as you can see me and my expression go blank as my wife passes thru my office shaking her fist at me due to me not taking the time to get ready for the wedding pictures for my sons wedding as yet at that moment. 

Me just taking off my base ball cap throwing on the desk without attending to my hair or taking off my jacket. {I was just going to make this video and send it privately to certain people who had asked the questions of me. But decided after spending so much effort to make the video. To also make a post from them. To answer many questions of many minds.} If she did not tackle me on occasion and make me shave or have my hair cut. I would be a woolly mammoth by the end of the year. 

But as staring at her I tried making a point and got lost due to her threatening fist, Ha.. I was trying to say that mankind/Womankinds somatic cells is said by science to be out numbered by bacterial cells 10 to one. But I wanted to state that I believe due to nano bacteria and even massless particles that are mobile that we are out numbered I believe more like 25 or even 40 times over by our enemies that destroy our lives..}

Any of these images on this webpage can be clicked on to zoom for better examination or for copying...

  {The First 10 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits after the formula is complete and production facility is in operation and producing. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders} for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing. After being on the Algorithm for a period of time..}  

{A blooper tape/video wherein I seem to speak more in depth about certain issues in the middle of certain mistakes as my wife garnering my attention away as spoken of above.}  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

THEY SAY IT IS IMPOSSIBLE While claiming to be searching for a Cure??? Below a Response to my Crude Detractors:

{{The Whirling Vortex of Scientific Data has been Linked together as one, for the now Cure}}

Below in the brief video I speak of certain Men and Women who are defaming my websites and my work. And these few individuals that are doing so among the hundreds I contact each week. Some of them claim to be trying to end the scourge upon earths Life forms that we now from the beginning of mankind's history have called aging and death. How can one search for what they believe does not exist??? If they say it is impossible for me to have found the cure???

In the Video I explain how some on social media, and on the net by e-mail and as well as by private message have attacked my validity and my declaration of having found the causes and the cure for the Plague that infects all Life forms on earth. What has been called ageing by man has been in reality a Pandemic infection effecting all Bio cells on earth. Which is why man has felt aging was natural, due to all Life forms breaking down and then being consumed by the plague which permeates water, air, land and sea.  I have had my detractors, only they cannot mention to me where I am lying or scamming they say. They cannot stick a pin in the point where it is that they say I am false/scamming. {Not reading or truly examining, just spouting pseudo statements each chance they get. Never able to say where I am false}

 And so strange to me is that the people saying that its impossible to cure aging, are at times the very people who should be believing??? And when texting in posts at times very vulgar statements of denial. Then when asked they will state that they have not even read the websites. That they do not have to read any of my writings. They just say its snake oil??? or "WOO" what on earth is Woo??? Without even mentioning one thing they found as false. They tell people and me that they know that it is impossible to cure those who have aged. And that aging cannot be cured, so I am a liar??? And some of science doing so??? 

Then why are some of these men and Women in America and abroad stating each day that they are searching for a cure??? Even collecting money the day long while not believing there is a cure to be found??? As stated the bold detractors are few, but, even the silent detractors those speaking off the net to those they are associated with are not realizing that they are either lying, or scamming or both, but not me. I do as I say, and say as I do.

AGAIN these type of statements are being made by who??? Longevity researchers and their followers and or supporters??? {Not the leaders of the major think tanks of the American and European Longevity organizations and Universities labs, But, their staff or students or their friends}

Now as you can see I am upset, and that fact is obvious in the video. People defaming me and my websites, and some of these educated men and Women have sent me viruses thru e-mail to my computer equipment to disrupt my sites electronics and my day, after me speaking with them. While they claiming to be adults???

And as has happened to me in the past there are some now in Europe sending me pornography and phantom websites. And even posting such on my Facebook groups and pages by posting an image and link saying they have posted a scientific article. Then when clicked to view there will be child porn or the like??? Brilliant minds do Brilliant things??? Doing all they can to disrupt my venture/now adventure of my search for partners/investors for what I call the Apex of Medical science. The now end of aging and the cure for those who have aged. Which is the "Gerevivify Algorithm and Medicinal Serum Elixir"

As some say, and even attack me on that assertion. Saying that I am not young that I am old why??? while me saying each day to all I can that we need money to take on this epic task of making the old young once again by way of rejuvenation. Not making one young, but making us healed and strong and virile and repaired thru curing the entire cell system of the human somatic structure. Not making us babies, but, making us structurally sound as a 21 year old once again, and maintain that exist for many decades there after. 

 Yes in the video you see a pissed man 62 years old. Who has now for years tried to convince Government and private entities to join him {I was a strapping 40 year old when I began this odyssey. Which I explain much about in the brief video} and as some have mentioned and yes assaulted me with thru sarcasm. By stating why do I have a front tooth missing if I can heal the human body??? It is not missing its chipped. And became such by way of a young woman throwing a glass at me. {and again I need financing and partners to bring about the cure. Should or would it be easy to make the old healed into Strength???} And I am told why did you have a stroke??? I hope I have not had a stroke. But my jaw is crooked and my speech effected by the fact that I fractured and dislocated my jaw as a small boy.

 On that issue I can only say, that if you find yourself 10 years old once again, and your best friend beats on your door with a special gift, giving you a rope and declaring it to be unbreakable. Remember this, that rope is going to break in mid flight. Some speak due to having the talent to do so. I speak thru necessity, due to not having a spokes person to declare my findings and needs for sponsors/promoters and partners/investors, and to explain my Algorithm to take us into centuries of existence.

 So with no further ado, please examine my response to those who are crude while pretending to be Sophisticated. And is why I made this post to make sure all those who around the earth that have slandered me and my sites can examine the response. And those who believe in science can see what type of minds are out there in Research land..

{{apparently the 62 year old Data researcher has had enough}}

  {The First 10 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders} for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link below at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing.}  

To become part of the Apex of Medical Science which is the now end of aging by way of Gerevivify The Algorithm & Serum Elixir go for more information at these links: and Additional information can also be examined as well in the many posts on this website. {post archive on the side bar to the right} which is viewed by over 1000 scientific minds around the earth each month..

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THE PROCESS of "Gerevivify The Algorithm & Elixir" and The Phases of the Healing and How now shown below.. Aging Now Ends:

{Due to the Severity and depth of the atomic Decomposer Infection we call aging.  No Cure can heal it in one day, or one week, BUT One Year, two years, Three Years and Yes Healed by Gerevivify the Algorithm & the Amazing Medical Elixir. The Cure Shown Below. The Three Phases of the Cure...}

 {All we need is production Facilities for processing the Amazing Elixir's Formula, and we need Farm Lands to Grow the ingredients and Foods to be cultured for the Specialized restricted Diet.. Our investment site LINK: To invest/partner/donate and or purchase shares: }

  AS Long known and Discovered by Science the single celled Life forms on earth that finally evolved and began making and building larger species in Physical form did so one cell at a time. And science has researched and examined all Life on earth especially the human body and have discovered that the body of Woman/Mankind replaces cells each day and hour somewhere in the structure we call the body of man. And over a period of 7 - 10 years the body has replaced every cell in the biological frame of mankind. But as we age the body can no longer replace cells as rapidly or as efficiently as when we are between and during the epoch of our life from newly born to 40 years of age.

But that is now to change, the once unknown causes of aging have been found by AEWR, and the Cure for this dreaded Pandemic Plague/Sensonic Plague called by us here at AEWR has been found and will cure us in Phases. As the Human body has growth phases so will the Cure.

The first Phase is naturally very important as are all of the what in most will be 3 phases of healing and growth.. Lets look briefly of how this works and why. Many have been wondering how and why this formula and Algorithm will work and what proof do we have. My answer as always is that it is the combined data of Woman/Mankind that has yielded this amazing cure, this Algorithm for Life. Every medical science discovery as most scientific discoveries over the now many centuries of the Homo Sapiens existence has exposed and pointed directly at the Cure we call the "Gerevivify Process"and are involved in the process.

The first Phase of Healing begins immediately after one begins the purified process and Elixir. {The Astounding medical Cure The Elixir of Life Gerevivify begins to heal} In some the phase will be one year, or in others it will take up to 3 years. The first phase involves the Astounding cure and Elixir entering each cell of the body and literally battles the atomic and Sub Atomic parasites that have set themselves up inside the cells of man, and even have become part of the very structure of the somatic cells of Life. This immediately begins to relieve the body of the burden of carrying and supplying nutrients to billions of tiny hidden pathogens/parasites so small that science still has only seen under the most powerful microscopes, and some of these pathogens are so small that they have not yet been seen.

 To examine videos of some of the larger ones you can go to this link and past post of Adam and Eve {Data} Word Research. The link will bring you right back to AEWR yet you will be in a different post. LINK: TO The Past Post We Called The Murderers of Life Found: at the bottom of the post are several videos from different eras/decades where men had found the infection but had made the wrong conclusion to their findings. Most thinking they had found the essence of Life when what they had observed was the killers/murderers of man/Woman.

SO phase 1. The Elixir and specialized and specially processed and grown foods begin to enter each cell of the somatic system, and begin the initial battle against the infection by phagous {phago/eat} the specially grown and chosen life forms/organics begin to attack what has attacked man now since our beginnings.  Removing it, removing the atomic particles and sub atomic particles in the cell system and in the blood stream. But we must know and remember that these tiny filth's have found methods of doing WHAT??? Literally becoming part of the human body. We breath them the day long, we drink them, we eat them the entire day long and during the life of our body. So how can we over come what is now part of us??? By attacking them outside the body and by eating only the proper foods processed and grown in the proper way you can examine more information on our sister site at this LINK.. LINK: GEREVIVIFY THE ALGORITHM AND ELIXIR NOW ENDS AGING INFORMATION SITE:

Phase 2. Phase two will begin after many weeks/months on the Serum Elixir and specially singled out food sources that are grown using our special process. {Without the Gerevivify Elixir, the foods are useless, without the specially processed and grown foods the Elixir is useless and is why this is an Algorithm to cure. One without the other does not get the healing done.} Phase 2 will begin at the 3 year mark or before for most and begin showing dramatic results in body and skin texture and strength and appearance.. This epoch of healing will last into the 7-10 year mark of the Algorithm having been started by any individual. And will heal the Aged/those already old {naturally they must start the Algorithm months before death. So "No" we cannot claim/say all who come saying my mother is 100 years old and seems to be dying can we start her on the Elixir to save her Life??? No we must act as soon as possible. But} Oddly there will instances that could take place. But my advice it is to be started from aging ranging from birth up to 80 years of age to be certain.. But my Astounding methodology and Elixir has the capability of healing the very aged. But why would one wait until such age is upon them??? For children this system will be astoundingly productive creating Superhumans...

So again phase 2 is amazing the body is responding and looking stronger feeling stronger acting younger and feeling amazing.. {aging the infection has now been subdued/slowed to where the body can now begin fending for itself and building and repairing instead of having to build warriors/multipurpose cells/immune cells the day long and to fight the battle of Life against death, instead the Elixir is doing that for the Stem Cell system. The Stem Cell community {SuperCell called here at AEWR} of the bodies blood system can now focus on propagation {because it has now been healed} and building a body by replicating itself into Pluri-potent cells, instead of building an immune system the day long, the Super Cells can now build muscle, bone, Body, and do so powerfully..

  So now we are heading towards phase 3. Phase 3 is so special. By this time we have been eating only those foods processed on and by the Gerevivify system of Agriculture and only the foods chosen by the method of choosing the proper foods that we have developed here at AEWR.. This means the Elixir has been cleaning and sweeping away the enemy of Life that is the decomposer infection that breaks us down while we live and breath. Allowing only productive tissues to be made and grown.. Cells that will last years instead of mere hours will be made by the Stem Cells due to having only the proper nutrients and material to build with. The entire agriculture system and products now grown by the agriculture of Woman/Man now for and since our recorded history have been the wrong foods to feed the masses/Us. Phase 3..

Phase 3. The 7-10 Year mark {The Panacea Elixir has done its job, It has given the body back to the Creators of the Life and Builders of the body the Stem Cells. The infection completely beaten and removed.} Phase 3's beginnings, now and after the treatment has been doing its job and purpose for now near a decade. The body has replaced every cell, every cell now newly replaced with the proper matter, the proper material, the foods grown and the organics needed for the Serum Elixir have been cured of the disease and made suitable for consumption. All life on earth has the sub atomic decomposer infection especially the foods we eat, the Gerevivify process cures our foods. Once the Elixir has healed the body and blood and the body is made of the proper materials {again we are what we eat.}

  Then the Spectacular Evolution of Woman/Man begins.. Suddenly your teeth are growing and growing stronger, and your height begins to increase as when in your teens. The body now again being built that your cells were trying to build before the Sensonic plague got control of the endocrine and blood supply system of the Life of Woman/Man, the body your Genome had planned from the beginning starts taking shape.. You are healed and living an exciting existence of purpose and vigor only imagined in fictional writings of today and of the past.. Heading towards the coming Future and the coming Millennia.. All systems are go.. Your body so perfect that any injury sustained by you can be healed by the new SuperCell system of Woman/Mankind.. Man becomes MegaMan .. Soon it begins, Join us in the Future/Destiny/History of Mankind... Respect r.p.berry

  Examine the rest of our past posts for more information and contact our websites to become an investor or to even prepay for your first months supply of "Gerevivify The Algorithm and Elixir"

  {The First 10 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders} for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing.}  

CONTACT Us at for investment/partnership/donor/promoter information.. And you can visit our investment site at LINK: InVestment and Partnership site for becoming part of the History/Desting/Future of Woman/Mankinds Evoultion into Being Healed: .. Respect r.p.berry 

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{{Where the Map Below Brought us as a People.. Now we view the Earth itself.}}

{{ Enter These two sites to learn more about the International Longevity Day/The International Day of Older Persons October 1ST:  LINK: FB Group International Day of Longevity: and LINK: FB Group International INOP DAY: }}

The International Community of Earth in the beginning of the sciences unknowingly worked together, yet, did so separately collecting data and making discoveries. But not until these great days in which over the last few Centuries of some men realizing the co-operation that had already been building of mankind's coming International coalitions of Science and Technology.. These councils and associations Headed by those who were carrying us and Leading us into this 21ST Century of Man's Apex of Science which is "The End of Aging." And the Migration of Man into the Universe.. Only with a Life Span of Living Centuries instead of mere decades can man/Womankind Venture into the Galaxy and Achieve this feat... 

 From the International Space Program, to the United Nations, to the coalitions of minds bonding between Universities around earth, to the mind boggling invention of the Internet that has joined the brains and souls of many scholars and inventors and researchers from around the earth. Allowing them to become Council with one another and to help make this era of the International day of Longevity - the end of aging to begin.

Below I am going to post several Videos made to help make our minds meld a little more. To help us realize that what we have seen in the first writings and beliefs of men and Women. Was the Beginning of this Epoch, this day and time of the International Council of Researchers and Scientists who have become determined to now join hands to end the Pandemic Plague we have called Aging and Sickness/Death. 

  And who now assist Woman/Mankind into taking part in the Journey of the Species called mankind into the Galaxy and then Migrate/Propagate and become pioneers and Explorers of the Universe. That is just how epic our Generation and Destiny is and has become. A paradigm Shift, by way of all Science data and discovery coming together in one Century..

In the Videos you will see some of the faces and Organizations that now help Carry Mankind into Triumph, into the Future, and into History, and into the Destiny of the Human Race. The Videos are short and simply made, but I hope some how significant for this now Historic and Epic Era in man's Existence.. 

{As you know we at AEWR have found the once unknown causes of aging, and the Cure. We search for investors/partners/donors.. We need lands, a commercial laboratory, and we need equipment, as well as the organics to begin the what we call the Triumphant "Gerevivify Algorithm and Elixir".. You can view the sites on the side bar here on the right of this post, or go to the link at to become an investor in Destiny, a partner in History, a pioneer into the future.. You can read the many posts on this Site to view and learn how aging and death attacks/infects us, and read and hear thoughts on the found cure.. The Blog Archive is on the Right hand side Bar of this page >>>>> Respect r.p.berry}


{Above Video, shows many Organizations and People who now help end Aging}


{The above video speaks of the fact that Mankind's Destiny has been the Universal Migration. YOU will notice in the Video I mention Carl Sagan was alive when the Kepler SpaceCraft was launched. My equipment is unforgiving. So I could not redo the video. But I was thinking to say the Hubble telescope, and then speak of the Kepler Craft. But I give myself one shot at these videos if I blow it, it stays.. Then as you see I add a disclaimer/correction if needed.. Respect r.p.berry}

{The short 3 minute Video above again shows Men and Women who now bring us into the Galaxy}

  {The First 10 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders} for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing.}  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


THERE ARE HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF FUNGI/FUNGAL Species on Earth.. And their main purpose in their existence is to end the existence of other Life Forms.. They are what we here at AEWR call the society of aging and death. The Pandemic Plague we call the Senesonic Plague which is due to the many acids and Peptides made by these free loading microbes. That have designed a system to where they merely attach themselves to any life form {or enter it} to live, and be fed, while working with toxins/poisons to bring down that Life to where they can eat it in its entirety and then move on to the next Kill.. The Hunters of Life, hunting down all to bring them into death.. 

   We have found their many methods of attacking Woman/Mankind and the many other Life forms on earth.. And we know how, we at least in mankind, know how we can stop this Plague in its tracks. Allowing US/Mankind to Live Centuries into Eons of existence instead of mere Decades.. 

  THE many Posts on this Website expose merely a few of their attacks upon mankind..{the methods of the disease range in the 100's, but there is one Cure for them all..} And we speak of the Now Cure for which we need donations, investors, financing of all types. For man to now become Master of the Earth instead of Prey to this weak infection, that hides in all Life forms on earth so it may live, while taking the right to life from all others.. This parasite must be stopped..

{You can examine these Images/MeMe's more closely by Clicking on the Image to make it Larger... And you can examine Last Months Post, and other posts below. And the Blog Archive on the Right Hand side bar of this Webpage will allow you to visit all of our past postings>>>>>> You may also Click on the Images on the Side bar at your Right hand side to bring you to our Information sites and for donating, and to our investment sites.}

{Above a Picture of a Tree being eaten Alive, being poisoned and eaten while it tries to live}

{Above we have a Picture of a Life form Called Mankind, who is being eaten, and poisoned while he this Man wants and Tries to Live..}

{We have located the Cure to stop this sick Feasting upon man by the Fungal Microbes on earth.}

{Above Our New MeMe Avatar for our New Angel List Investor Sounding site. To where we are calling out to the worlds infected. To the Worlds Financiers. To now Join us in this astounding Day of the Evolution of Woman/Mankind. To where we can now soon start our Journey into the Future of Mankinds Destiny/History/The Future of the Human Being on earth. LINK: Angel List Investor Site, wherein any investor can see and view more information on agings now End:}


{Here above is one of the Videos I made for the Website. Where we are again searching for major partnerships and investors, So we may now end Aging. They asked for 3 Minute Videos, That is apparently not my forte, I made two that were 8 and more minutes long. Then finally I became a Used car salesman, and filmed this 3 minute video.. Excuse my hurried speech with my fractured Jaw.. Great Respect.. Here is where aging and death now End.}

The Plague that has infected and exists in all Life forms on earth, Does not age us, it decomposes us while we live.. We at AEWR have found the Once unknown methods of aging and deaths attack upon Woman/Mankind. And we have found the Only Cure.. We soon Live Centuries instead of Mere Decades.. I search for those who will join us in investment, and in our hopefully coming commercial/Production Laboratory.. {The Cure found we need only to formulate} Go to these sites for links and much information on the now end of death and aging.. & & ...   Http:// 

  {The First 10 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders} for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing.}  

Thursday, May 28, 2015


{The Pioneers of the Biological Sciences did Science a great injustice, by taking Little data, and empirical research, and then they came to Astounding conclusions that were wrong in a Powerful way. The Links in this Post and those throughout the blog will Prove to all that the Aging and death infection of mankind. Has went unseen due to the Men of the late 1800's and early 1900's writing and starting Text books and Universities down the wrong path/wrong pathways.. There are many phases and symptoms of the disease that have been called the natural processes of Aging and death.. Examine this post, as the entire site.. And join us in the now end of the Plague we call ageing.. Respect r.p.berry}

{Below evidence in peer reviewed data and Links, that the 1000's of ways microbes enter Woman/Mankind.. Is in reality methods of the sub atomic infection of Aging and death uses to enter the Life forms on earth. To literally become part of the very membrane, and the substance, and genome of every cell of the body/every cell on earth. Which makes all cells age at the same rate..}

THE 4 minute Video Below is a brief introductory to this post. Which is for those who cannot envision the Massive infection which is aging, "The decomposer Disease," Called here at Adam and Eve Data Research "the Sensonic Plague." Which is a Pandemic plague, that is so large in scope, none have been able to understand and see, until this day here at AEWR. Why the Name, we Called it onic/Sensonic due to the many acids made by the infection. 

   So attributed to the many who have recently stated that they cannot see, or comprehend, what we say and mean that aging is a Plague/infection.. We again now give links, exposing the combined research data of Womankind/Mankind. Which is so massive, that we still can only examine a small portion of the Scientific research Data that has taken an army of Minds throughout the Recorded History of Man to develop and document..  

   Continue on reading below to absorb the facts about the Infection, that has sat in plain sight before our eyes now for many decades.. Hidden behind the false conclusions to good research Data. An infection which we now have the Cure for,  ready and waiting to be mixed and formulated in our soon financed Production Laboratory. With the help of our now searched for financiers, and Partnerships, and donors, so they as their families can be part of the coming Future of Man..

    {The Infection posts Purpose for being written, is recorded and explained here in a 4 Min.Video}

  The Link below this text, is to examine the what science have considered an extinct microbe.. A Life form they have called RNA WORLD... Two posts below, we have videos of the many different names given by researchers, to what we call RNA death forms.. Or RNA life forms to science.. {and are the microbes theorized to be once alive but now extinct} They are Very minute bio forms, capable of becoming part of our very cell system and our very cells.. But they must have a method of entering due to the body fighting them the day long.. The attack of the microbe builders of long ago, which use bacteria, viruses, and phages, and sub atomic particles to attack Woman/Mankind the day long to infect and destroy each cell and each Body/Battle field for Life, against aging and death. The assault takes place on the Macro, the Micro, and the Sub Atomic/Sub Nano levels of Life.. But Begins truly on the stated Sub Atomic level, does the fight for Life, and the attack of death... Link: 

  Toxins - These next Links will show all who observe, the many toxins developed in the human body.. Done so in our gut, our brains, and in our veins.. {and their harmful effects not realized by the scientific community, of the international world science as a whole, due to different labs, and different eras making these discoveries about bacteria, and the early mis-judgement by the original scientists who had first discovered these microbes. Coming to conclusions, that their research did not support, these Their Hypothesize on very powerful subjects flawed in many ways. {Which is the attack of death upon mankind} These men and women who mis-spoke, and then taught their errors to generations of scientists} These toxins are deadly {and many said from the old school science to not effect Mankind/Woman} But more and more each day, science is discovering that these poisons/venom's of bacteria and all microbes are there to harm, not to be helping the body of Man... And are part of the Trojan Horse attack of the RNA world, to enter mankind by way of developed biological machines/single celled bacteria/macro/micro/subatomic/sub-nano bacterial bio forms to be able to enter the Life form we call the Human being...{videos throughout the blog to show evidence} Toxins are on a very minute level, permeated with sub atomic particles that are bio forms, that want to kill and grow from and in anything infecting all they can.. And come in through our foods, the air we breath, the water we drink.. And all contributing to the infection against Life called death... LINK: &  

   MEET Wolbachia Bacteria {some scientist call it a phage, and others even a virus} Again old school science told us that Wolbachia, even though found throughout the human body, is not infectious to mankind/Woman.. How very wrong they are.. It has been found very much so in the What??? the human brain.. Many bacteria and worms and parasites enter the body of mankind, and while doing so they carry with them Wolbachia, the sick twisted bacteria that tries to not just infect bodies, it tries to destroy entire species.. Even makes its own species from the genomes of other life forms.. And our body is filled with this vile harlot.. And it contributes greatly to the infection we call aging and death.. Among other things.. We could speak for hours on this one part of the infection, and how backwards old science was about this bacteria, and how wrong.. But will do so on another day.. LINK: & 

  Now here again a twisted bacteria, Toxoplasma Gondii, that we all have in our system.. Science states that 50% or more of the world population have an infection of this bacteria, but they are found in us all. What they are stating is that pet owners and people who drink from mountain streams or rivers have a severe infection of Toxoplasma Gondii, this is a bazaar bacteria.. That causes for lack of a better term Crazy Cat Woman fever, and old term, that science found was/is a by product of Toxoplasma G. toxins, is it causes bi-polarism or insanity... AND the toxins made by this foul filth, are part of the cocktail of poison made by the Gut bacteria, that attacks and enters us the day long.. Causing our cells to go into much early Apoptosis, and the need to propagate, long before they our Somatic cells would have to do so, if not for and due to this attack of Toxins/venoms by 1000's of different species of bacteria, viruses, and phages..  LINK: & LINK: 

  Now again, we have 1000's of different types of bacteria in our body working to bring us down the day long, as our body is fighting against them to Stay Alive.. Life fighting death every Milli second of our day, the Life of our body is attacking what our foods and water and drinks and air bring into our system.. And all of these filth's are different forms of the RNA world/Decomposer society vehicles of transportation I call them..{them being inside the nucleus and cell membranes of these bacteria. Bio forms evolved from and made deliberately long ago, by a sub atomic filth. So small it can only be termed dirty energy... Single celled organisms made by it {nano/sub atomic particles/RNA world} evolving and building single cells long ago, to help it bring down Life... 

 ECOLI- This nasty filth is in all men and women, and is capable of making hundreds of proteins and peptides, each one made to enter our cell system, to do what??? Bring with it sub atomic filth/RNA world/sub atomic particles that become part of our system due to the Amino Acids and Vitamins made/peptides made by ecoli.  As a what should be termed as Humanocin/Trojan Horse.. What the bacteria make often to kill each other, certain proteins made by them are called bacteriocins by research science, due to it killing other species of bacteria with these peptides/proteins/toxins.. And the same bacteria makes peptides that old school science called good for us.. {Which are spoken of more throughout this blog} No, not a symbiosis with Man, a Dysbiosis with mankind.. Everything they make to enter our cell system, is used just for that.. To get sub atomic particles into us, that bring us down with old age/decomposition.. And is again one more method of attack, and part of the Sensonic Plague, the Pandemic that has been killing all life from the beginning of Life on earth... BUT we have the cure ready to formulate with investors and partners, and donors who are as us, ready for this disease to end.. So we can live Centuries instead of mere decades.. "GEREVIVIFY" Is needed badly, and needed now for your Family..  LINK:  & LINK: 

 Pseudomonosa Aeruginosa - a Sick horrible bacteria.. That causes many diseases and along with e-coli makes many peptides/toxins. Some of which science of the old school dubbed as good for us.. But in reality is a method of entering our cell system.. Peptides such as B-12'S and Biotin.. Good for us if made by the proper foods sources.. Bad for us if made by the bacterium that long ago with the RNA world stole our genome, as seen under microscopes.. All the bad bacteria are raping/conjugating by force with many other microbes to steal their genome/DNA/RNA to know how they live, and what they need to live.. Long ago the Life forms that made mankind had their genome stolen just as we see under microscopes.. And since the filths have used that knowledge to make near copies of our nutrient requirements, to become part of our system/cells. P. Aeruginosa is also what I call the death bacteria, being in hospitals, or on battle fields, it wants to be the final assailant upon Life.. It is the bacteria that causes our last breaths in the final stages of any sickness.. And as stated, it along with all the other bacteria, viruses, phages and Sub atomic particles.. Are the Infection we call the Sensonic plague, the decomposer disease that causes us not to grow old, but to begin to decompose/rot while we live and breath... 





 There will be more links and commentary added to this post next week... THE INFECTION against Life called the Senonic plague now ends.. WE HAVE FOUND THE CURE.. "GEREVIVIFY" THE ANTI - VENOM/ANTI - TOXIN/ ANTI - DEATH ELIXIR.. Respect 

{For those who are offended by the Term RNA World.. {As I am at Times} Here is word copied and pasted from one of the Wikipedia articles that gives some of the many other theories of the origin of Life first beginnings on earth and in the Universe.. I USE RNA WORLD, DUE TO SO Many declaring that science has not proved other than the possibility than RNA being the precursor to single Cell Life forms.. Yet, we even have some alternatives on video on this very webpage.. So RNA World is a term used by Science and us here on this post to speak of the makers of RNA/DNA/LIFE .. Here Below is the copied material for setting our minds right... Great Respect} 

The hypothesized existence of an RNA world does not exclude a "Pre-RNA world", where a metabolic system based on a different nucleic acid is proposed to pre-date RNA. A candidate nucleic acid is peptide nucleic acid (PNA), which uses simple peptide bonds to link nucleobases.[80] PNA is more stable than RNA, but its ability to be generated under prebiological conditions has yet to be demonstrated experimentally.
Threose nucleic acid (TNA) has also been proposed as a starting point, as has glycol nucleic acid (GNA), and like PNA, also lack experimental evidence for their respective abiogenesis.
An alternative—or complementary— theory of RNA origin is proposed in the PAH world hypothesis, whereby polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) mediate the synthesis of RNA molecules.[81] PAHs are the most common and abundant of the known polyatomic molecules in the visible Universe, and are a likely constituent of the primordial sea.[82] PAHs, along with fullerenes (also implicated in the origin of life),[83] have been recently detected in nebulae.[84]
The iron-sulfur world theory proposes that simple metabolic processes developed before genetic materials did, and these energy-producing cycles catalyzed the production of genes.
Some of the difficulties over producing the precursors on earth are bypassed by another alternative or complementary theory for their origin, panspermia. It discusses the possibility that the earliest life on this planet was carried here from somewhere else in the galaxy, possibly on meteorites similar to the Murchison meteorite.[85] This does not invalidate the concept of an RNA world, but posits that this world or its precursors originated not on Earth but rather another, probably older, planet.
There are hypotheses that are in direct conflict to the RNA world hypothesis. The relative chemical complexity of the nucleotide and the unlikelihood of it spontaneously arising, along with the limited number of combinations possible among four base forms as well as the need for RNA polymers of some length before seeing enzymatic activity have led some to reject the RNA world hypothesis in favor of a metabolism-first hypothesis, where the chemistry underlying cellular function arose first, and the ability to replicate and facilitate this metabolism. Another proposal is that the dual molecule system we see today, where a nucleotide-based molecule is needed to synthesize protein, and a protein-based molecule is needed to make nucleic acid polymers, represents the original form of life.[86] This theory is called the Peptide-RNA world, and offers a possible explanation for the rapid evolution of high-quality replication in RNA (since proteins are catalysts), with the disadvantage of having to postulate the formation of two complex molecules, an enzyme (from peptides) and a RNA (from nucleotides). In this Peptide-RNA World scenario, RNA would have contained the instructions for life while peptides (simple protein enzymes) would have accelerated key chemical reactions to carry out those instructions.[87] The study leaves open the question of exactly how those primitive systems managed to replicate themselves — something neither the RNA World hypothesis nor the Peptide-RNA World theory can yet explain, unless polymerases —enzymes that rapidly assemble the RNA molecule— played a role.[87] 

  {The First 10 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders} for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing.}  

We are now Going to Blow this Data Chart out of the Water. 10x - to 100x the Life expectancy soon for Woman and Man!