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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


THERE ARE HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF FUNGI/FUNGAL Species on Earth.. And their main purpose in their existence, is to end the existence of other Life Forms.. They are what we here at AEWR call the society of aging and death. The Pandemic Plague we call the Senesonic Plague which is due to the many acids and Peptides made by these free loading microbes. That have designed a system, to where they merely attach themselves to any life form {or enter it} to live, and be fed, while working with toxins/poisons to bring down that Life, to where they can eat it in its entirety and then move on to the next Kill.. The Hunters of Life, hunting down all to bring them into death.. 

   We have found their many methods of attacking Woman/Mankind and the many other Life forms on earth.. And we know how, we at least in mankind, know how we can stop this Plague in its tracks. Allowing US/Mankind to Live Centuries into Eons of existence instead of mere Decades.. 

  THE many Posts on this Website expose merely a few of their attacks upon mankind..{the methods of the disease, range in the 100's, but there is one Cure for them all..} And we speak of the Now Cure, of which we need donations, investors, financing of all types. To now become Master of the Earth, instead of Prey to this weak infection, that hides in all Life forms on earth so it may live, while taking the right to life from all others.. This parasite must be stopped..

{You can examine these Images/MeMe's more closely by Clicking on the Image to make it Larger... And you can examine Last Months Post, and other posts below. And the Blog Archive on the Right Hand side bar of this Webpage will allow you to visit all of our past postings>>>>>> You may also Click on the Images on the Side bar at your Right hand side, to bring you to our Information sites and for donating and to our investment sites.}

{Above a Picture of a Tree being eaten Alive, being poisoned and eaten while it tries to live}

{Above we have a Picture of a Life form Called Mankind, who is being eaten, and poisoned while he this Man wants and Tries to Live..}

{We have located the Cure to stop this sick Feasting upon man by the Fungal Microbes on earth.}

{Above Our New MeMe Avatar for our New Angel List Investor Sounding site. To where we are calling out to the worlds infected. To the Worlds Financiers. To now Join us in this astounding Day of the Evolution of Woman/Mankind. To where we can now soon start our Journey into the Future of Mankinds Destiny/History/The Future of the Human Being on earth. LINK: Angel List Investor Site, wherein any investor can see and view more information on agings now End:}


{Here above is one of the Videos I made for the Website. Where we are again searching for major partnerships and investors, So we may now end Aging. They asked for 3 Minute Videos, That is apparently not my forte, I made two that were 8 and more minutes long. Then finally I became a Used car salesman, and filmed this 3 minute video.. Excuse my hurried speech. With my fractured Jaw.. Great Respect.. Here is where aging and death now End.}

The Plague that has infected and exists in all Life forms on earth, Does not age us, it decomposes us while we live.. We at AEWR have found the Once unknown methods of aging and deaths attack upon Woman/Mankind. And we have found the Only Cure.. We soon Live Centuries instead of Mere Decades.. I search for those who will join us in investment, and in our hopefully coming Production Laboratory.. {The Cure found we need only to formulate} Go to these sites for links and much information on the now end of death and aging.. & & ...   Http:// 

Thursday, May 28, 2015


{The Pioneers of the Biological Sciences. Did Science a great injustice, by taking Little data, and empirical research, and then they came to Astounding conclusions, that were wrong in a Powerful way. The Links in this Post and those throughout the blog will Prove to all that the Aging and death infection of mankind. Has went unseen due to the Men of the late 1800's and early 1900's writing and starting Text books and Universities down the wrong path/wrong pathways.. There are many phases and symptoms of the disease that have been called the natural processes of Aging and death.. Examine this post, as the entire site.. And join us in the now end of the Plague we call ageing.. Respect r.p.berry}

{Below evidence in peer reviewed data and Links, that the 1000's of ways microbes enter Woman/Mankind.. Is in reality methods of the sub atomic infection of Aging and death uses to enter the Life forms on earth. To literally become part of the very membrane, and the substance, and genome of every cell of the body/every cell on earth. Which makes all cells age at the same rate..}

THE 4 minute Video Below is a brief introductory to this post. Which is for those who cannot envision the Massive infection which is aging, "The decomposer Disease," Called here at Adam and Eve Data Research "the Sensonic Plague." Which is a Pandemic plague, that is so large in scope, none have been able to understand and see, until this day here at AEWR. Why the Name, we Called it onic/Sensonic due to the many acids made by the infection. 

   So attributed to the many who have recently stated that they cannot see, or comprehend, what we say and mean that aging is a Plague/infection.. We again now give links, exposing the combined research data of Womankind/Mankind. Which is so massive, that we still can only examine a small portion of the Scientific research Data that has taken an army of Minds throughout the Recorded History of Man to develop and document..  

   Continue on reading below to absorb the facts about the Infection, that has sat in plain sight before our eyes now for many decades.. Hidden behind the false conclusions to good research Data. An infection which we now have the Cure for,  ready and waiting to be mixed and formulated in our soon financed Production Laboratory. With the help of our now searched for financiers, and Partnerships, and donors, so they as their families can be part of the coming Future of Man..

    {The Infection posts Purpose for being written, is recorded and explained here in a 4 Min.Video}

  The Link below this text, is to examine the what science have considered an extinct microbe.. A Life form they have called RNA WORLD... Two posts below, we have videos of the many different names given by researchers, to what we call RNA death forms.. Or RNA life forms to science.. {and are the microbes theorized to be once alive but now extinct} They are Very minute bio forms, capable of becoming part of our very cell system and our very cells.. But they must have a method of entering due to the body fighting them the day long.. The attack of the microbe builders of long ago, which use bacteria, viruses, and phages, and sub atomic particles to attack Woman/Mankind the day long to infect and destroy each cell and each Body/Battle field for Life, against aging and death. The assault takes place on the Macro, the Micro, and the Sub Atomic/Sub Nano levels of Life.. But Begins truly on the stated Sub Atomic level, does the fight for Life, and the attack of death... Link: 

  Toxins - These next Links will show all who observe, the many toxins developed in the human body.. Done so in our gut, our brains, and in our veins.. {and their harmful effects not realized by the scientific community, of the international world science as a whole, due to different labs, and different eras making these discoveries about bacteria, and the early mis-judgement by the original scientists who had first discovered these microbes. Coming to conclusions, that their research did not support, these Their Hypothesize on very powerful subjects flawed in many ways. {Which is the attack of death upon mankind} These men and women who mis-spoke, and then taught their errors to generations of scientists} These toxins are deadly {and many said from the old school science to not effect Mankind/Woman} But more and more each day, science is discovering that these poisons/venom's of bacteria and all microbes are there to harm, not to be helping the body of Man... And are part of the Trojan Horse attack of the RNA world, to enter mankind by way of developed biological machines/single celled bacteria/macro/micro/subatomic/sub-nano bacterial bio forms to be able to enter the Life form we call the Human being...{videos throughout the blog to show evidence} Toxins are on a very minute level, permeated with sub atomic particles that are bio forms, that want to kill and grow from and in anything infecting all they can.. And come in through our foods, the air we breath, the water we drink.. And all contributing to the infection against Life called death... LINK: &  

   MEET Wolbachia Bacteria {some scientist call it a phage, and others even a virus} Again old school science told us that Wolbachia, even though found throughout the human body, is not infectious to mankind/Woman.. How very wrong they are.. It has been found very much so in the What??? the human brain.. Many bacteria and worms and parasites enter the body of mankind, and while doing so they carry with them Wolbachia, the sick twisted bacteria that tries to not just infect bodies, it tries to destroy entire species.. Even makes its own species from the genomes of other life forms.. And our body is filled with this vile harlot.. And it contributes greatly to the infection we call aging and death.. Among other things.. We could speak for hours on this one part of the infection, and how backwards old science was about this bacteria, and how wrong.. But will do so on another day.. LINK: & 

  Now here again a twisted bacteria, Toxoplasma Gondii, that we all have in our system.. Science states that 50% or more of the world population have an infection of this bacteria, but they are found in us all. What they are stating is that pet owners and people who drink from mountain streams or rivers have a severe infection of Toxoplasma Gondii, this is a bazaar bacteria.. That causes for lack of a better term Crazy Cat Woman fever, and old term, that science found was/is a by product of Toxoplasma G. toxins, is it causes bi-polarism or insanity... AND the toxins made by this foul filth, are part of the cocktail of poison made by the Gut bacteria, that attacks and enters us the day long.. Causing our cells to go into much early Apoptosis, and the need to propagate, long before they our Somatic cells would have to do so, if not for and due to this attack of Toxins/venoms by 1000's of different species of bacteria, viruses, and phages..  LINK: & LINK: 

  Now again, we have 1000's of different types of bacteria in our body working to bring us down the day long, as our body is fighting against them to Stay Alive.. Life fighting death every Milli second of our day, the Life of our body is attacking what our foods and water and drinks and air bring into our system.. And all of these filth's are different forms of the RNA world/Decomposer society vehicles of transportation I call them..{them being inside the nucleus and cell membranes of these bacteria. Bio forms evolved from and made deliberately long ago, by a sub atomic filth. So small it can only be termed dirty energy... Single celled organisms made by it {nano/sub atomic particles/RNA world} evolving and building single cells long ago, to help it bring down Life... 

 ECOLI- This nasty filth is in all men and women, and is capable of making hundreds of proteins and peptides, each one made to enter our cell system, to do what??? Bring with it sub atomic filth/RNA world/sub atomic particles that become part of our system due to the Amino Acids and Vitamins made/peptides made by ecoli.  As a what should be termed as Humanocin/Trojan Horse.. What the bacteria make often to kill each other, certain proteins made by them are called bacteriocins by research science, due to it killing other species of bacteria with these peptides/proteins/toxins.. And the same bacteria makes peptides that old school science called good for us.. {Which are spoken of more throughout this blog} No, not a symbiosis with Man, a Dysbiosis with mankind.. Everything they make to enter our cell system, is used just for that.. To get sub atomic particles into us, that bring us down with old age/decomposition.. And is again one more method of attack, and part of the Sensonic Plague, the Pandemic that has been killing all life from the beginning of Life on earth... BUT we have the cure ready to formulate with investors and partners, and donors who are as us, ready for this disease to end.. So we can live Centuries instead of mere decades.. "GEREVIVIFY" Is needed badly, and needed now for your Family..  LINK:  & LINK: 

 Pseudomonosa Aeruginosa - a Sick horrible bacteria.. That causes many diseases and along with e-coli makes many peptides/toxins. Some of which science of the old school dubbed as good for us.. But in reality is a method of entering our cell system.. Peptides such as B-12'S and Biotin.. Good for us if made by the proper foods sources.. Bad for us if made by the bacterium that long ago with the RNA world stole our genome, as seen under microscopes.. All the bad bacteria are raping/conjugating by force with many other microbes to steal their genome/DNA/RNA to know how they live, and what they need to live.. Long ago the Life forms that made mankind had their genome stolen just as we see under microscopes.. And since the filths have used that knowledge to make near copies of our nutrient requirements, to become part of our system/cells. P. Aeruginosa is also what I call the death bacteria, being in hospitals, or on battle fields, it wants to be the final assailant upon Life.. It is the bacteria that causes our last breaths in the final stages of any sickness.. And as stated, it along with all the other bacteria, viruses, phages and Sub atomic particles.. Are the Infection we call the Sensonic plague, the decomposer disease that causes us not to grow old, but to begin to decompose/rot while we live and breath... 





 There will be more links and commentary added to this post next week... THE INFECTION against Life called the Senonic plague now ends.. WE HAVE FOUND THE CURE.. "GEREVIVIFY" THE ANTI - VENOM/ANTI - TOXIN/ ANTI - DEATH ELIXIR.. Respect 

{For those who are offended by the Term RNA World.. {As I am at Times} Here is word copied and pasted from one of the Wikipedia articles that gives some of the many other theories of the origin of Life first beginnings on earth and in the Universe.. I USE RNA WORLD, DUE TO SO Many declaring that science has not proved other than the possibility than RNA being the precursor to single Cell Life forms.. Yet, we even have some alternatives on video on this very webpage.. So RNA World is a term used by Science and us here on this post to speak of the makers of RNA/DNA/LIFE .. Here Below is the copied material for setting our minds right... Great Respect} 

The hypothesized existence of an RNA world does not exclude a "Pre-RNA world", where a metabolic system based on a different nucleic acid is proposed to pre-date RNA. A candidate nucleic acid is peptide nucleic acid (PNA), which uses simple peptide bonds to link nucleobases.[80] PNA is more stable than RNA, but its ability to be generated under prebiological conditions has yet to be demonstrated experimentally.
Threose nucleic acid (TNA) has also been proposed as a starting point, as has glycol nucleic acid (GNA), and like PNA, also lack experimental evidence for their respective abiogenesis.
An alternative—or complementary— theory of RNA origin is proposed in the PAH world hypothesis, whereby polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) mediate the synthesis of RNA molecules.[81] PAHs are the most common and abundant of the known polyatomic molecules in the visible Universe, and are a likely constituent of the primordial sea.[82] PAHs, along with fullerenes (also implicated in the origin of life),[83] have been recently detected in nebulae.[84]
The iron-sulfur world theory proposes that simple metabolic processes developed before genetic materials did, and these energy-producing cycles catalyzed the production of genes.
Some of the difficulties over producing the precursors on earth are bypassed by another alternative or complementary theory for their origin, panspermia. It discusses the possibility that the earliest life on this planet was carried here from somewhere else in the galaxy, possibly on meteorites similar to the Murchison meteorite.[85] This does not invalidate the concept of an RNA world, but posits that this world or its precursors originated not on Earth but rather another, probably older, planet.
There are hypotheses that are in direct conflict to the RNA world hypothesis. The relative chemical complexity of the nucleotide and the unlikelihood of it spontaneously arising, along with the limited number of combinations possible among four base forms as well as the need for RNA polymers of some length before seeing enzymatic activity have led some to reject the RNA world hypothesis in favor of a metabolism-first hypothesis, where the chemistry underlying cellular function arose first, and the ability to replicate and facilitate this metabolism. Another proposal is that the dual molecule system we see today, where a nucleotide-based molecule is needed to synthesize protein, and a protein-based molecule is needed to make nucleic acid polymers, represents the original form of life.[86] This theory is called the Peptide-RNA world, and offers a possible explanation for the rapid evolution of high-quality replication in RNA (since proteins are catalysts), with the disadvantage of having to postulate the formation of two complex molecules, an enzyme (from peptides) and a RNA (from nucleotides). In this Peptide-RNA World scenario, RNA would have contained the instructions for life while peptides (simple protein enzymes) would have accelerated key chemical reactions to carry out those instructions.[87] The study leaves open the question of exactly how those primitive systems managed to replicate themselves — something neither the RNA World hypothesis nor the Peptide-RNA World theory can yet explain, unless polymerases —enzymes that rapidly assemble the RNA molecule— played a role.[87] 

  {The First 3 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits, after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders} for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing.}  

We are now Going to Blow this Data Chart out of the Water. 10x - to 100x the Life expectancy soon for Woman and Man!





Friday, April 10, 2015






  {MEDICAL Science has not realized that mankind's somatic cell system {each cell individually} has been in the midst of a pandemic plague. Due to the fact that all Life forms on earth have this plague/infection of which we now call the Sensonic plague. {So science has felt death was unavailable. Because from our beginnings, we have witnessed all Life decompose/age while living, and then be decomposed completely after death..} We have found the causes and the code/keys to the cure in the humanities of mankind. That will allow the Stem Cell system to explode into propagation/multiplying rapidly. To where it can do its task of creating and repairing. Keeping our organs and muscles in top rejuvenated condition for Centuries.. Learn more throughout this Website.. Ageing and death now end..}                                                                        

   THE Many posts of this blogspot, have singled out different methods of the attack upon the human body called ageing. But it is the combination of them all that brings our body down into decomposition while we live and exist in this time slot given us.. So please take a moment to watch the video's speaking of the cure for Mankind/WOMANKIND/and The Creator Cell of our Life/ Body the Stem Cell.. The Cure for the SuperCell, the Creator and Developer of Life on earth, is sick, but will now be healed... Again you can go to the Blog Archive on the right side bar of this webpage, and it will take you to each month and last years posts.. So you may examine the many causes of ageing.. The Elixir of Life has been found in the Annals of Time.. Now we must put it together and end this Pandemic plague called ageing.. Great Respect, to all born of the Creator Cell, the Stem Cell.....

  WE NEED partnerships/investors and donors for this amazing feat of now ending the plague upon Womankind/Mankind.. We need laboratories, equipment, chemists, biologists, botanists.. And so on.. {"4-17-2015" Edition to post - We have received a Question.. Why do we say we need laboratories, when we declare we have found the causes and cure??? Great question, we need facilities / processing equipment for the Formula already found. But we also need to do some research, on other foods.. We have the perfect diet/dietary restrictions outlined that will help keep the ageing infection from our bodies.. { As the Astounding Elixir/Panacea/Formula is removing the set up in the body ageing infection/all ageing pathogens.. Bringing us into Eons of Life/Centuries.} But even though it is a very good diet.. We want to better other foods if possible and add them to the dietary guide lines. As we state throughout the blog.. 90% and more of the foods mankind has been eating and cultivating are Wrong, and bringing the infection into us each day we live.. So our processing facilities, as any building our "GEREVIVIFY" Elixir is made in, or its ingredients, will have to be as sterile as laboratories must be.. So, combined we merely say, we need Laboratories, meaning production labs and research labs.. Ageing now ends... Respect } 



To Learn more about The Formula and Process of Gerevivify you can CLICK on the Image of Hippocrates on the side bar of the page to the right at the Top of the Page.. Or CLICK on the Link below.. 


       {The First 3 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits, after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders}  for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing.} 

{An image of Hippocrates that we post often, that gives merely a few of the methods in which ageing attacks and builds up in Mankind, to bring us down in decades.. We Mankind/Womankind have the ability to end this plague.. And we are doing so herein.. The formula naturally is nothing as on the market today, or we would have been healed and literally evolving into Stronger very powerful beings that Live centuries. Which is what the special formula, and diet, combined with the unique way/method of growing our foods will do for THE HUMAN BEING.. Give us continued Health to be exploding into the Future, living long lives, and creating a better galaxy instead of just a better earth. By allowing us extended Life expectancy into Eons, ten fold and more the Life span of this now 21st century Humanoid/Homo Sapien.. Giving each of us time to advance the Technology that has already boomed before our eyes.. Into even Greater feats... Respect}

Tuesday, February 24, 2015



{Above an image of the Mighty Creator of Life.. The SuperCell/The Stem Cell..}


{ A New Link I found that serves as waking proof as to what I say to all. I found the cure for ageing in the combined data of mankind, ancient past, unto this day. Science has Left cures behind in the past of our People. That now kill our worst enemies..{AGEING THE WORST ENEMY} Such as MRSA.. Medical Science has not been able to kill MRSA.. But they now found a cure from the where??? the PAST.. } 

We here on Monday the 30th of March 2015 are adding to this post due to having some request/ask what we need with 3 million and more dollars.. As asked for on the end of several of our posts.. Naturally we have felt that we made the issue clear. But here we will try to disambiguate as best as we can.. 

With the first 3 million dollar investment. We can purchase some necessities that we need for the now formulation of the cure we call "GEREVIVIFY" An Elixir and process of preparing our foods and growing our foods, as a process of living. That will now bring the end of ageing and death to those Bold enough to join this Destiny of Woman/Mankind.. One..

1. We need several extractions machines for the coming laboratory. {as well as buying or renting the laboratory} A Liquid extraction {chromatography machine} and a Gas chromatography machine..  To help us remove the alkaloids and ligands needed to heal the human body of the sickness we all contract at birth, that mankind has called natural ageing. When in reality from the beginning all Life on earth have had a very strange cell infection. That attacks us in many ways...

2. We have need of two biological / bio- Chemists.. {Working with the start up funds, moving into the future of a healed earth. We will be the Nucleus of a Mighty Era and generation of Mankind.} They will as their families {as any investors} be part of the Nucleus of the healed being called the Human.  Who as all the staff will need paid.. We will be able to begin the healing of 50 and more people ... Still working with the first 3 million dollars investment/investor. While working to gather more investors and more men and women to assist in the now end of ageing.

3. We will need to literally make certain pieces of equipment, that is needed to prepare the lands of which we will need to purchase/or procure {by lease or hiring farmers and their lands.} due to the lands needing special conditioning. So to incorporate into our Company/system/farms.. Where with certain elements and molecules we must prepare the soil..

4. The formula and its ingredients when first developed will begin the healing of the massive infection we call ageing.. {And these ingredients must be purchased from around the world. The chemicals and organic products needed are many to formulate "Gerevivify" But with time, we will be developing green houses to grow the "Gerevivify" peptides and ligands, and agricultural food products that will be specially grown to help not only heal the body, but bring it, the human body/cell system into a new Life span, that truly none fathomed possible. And done so by healing the soil of earth {which has poisoned us from the beginning} healing earth, that along with the formula brings man into Rejuvenation/Healing to live Eons/Centuries instead of mere decades.. 

          And finally bringing mortals into Immortality. What was fantasy to some today and long ago, has been possible for Womankind for centuries. Being able to evolve ourselves, into the being Mankind has the capability of being.. Which we know is immortal / an eternal being in the Physical body.. Its not Science fiction, it is the Miracle of Technology and Science.. We have had the capability to heal ourselves for well over a century now.. Past generations sadly missed their Destiny .. But we here at Adam and Eve Data Research are not going to let this Epic Era and Generation do the same.. We are now Conquering ageing and death / the Senesonic plague with the combined Data of Mankind/WOMANKIND.. 

I hope this helps others have a greater understanding of what the foundational financing will pay for and will set the stage for... Respect r.p.berry

{MORE Videos will be added to the Videos below. Along with text which is to be added to this Post in the next few days}

   Shown below are men who made Great Discoveries.  Some were unknowingly studying ageing and death!  And mistakenly called it, what it was not, and is not.. LIFE! In the videos is evidence man has long known that death has infected every Cell of Life upon earth. Every somatic Cell of mankind. To every plant cell upon earth. From the eukaryotic cell, to every prokaryotic cell in existence. "But" it will now soon leave Mankind by way of Gerevivify.. The Cure..

MAX PLANCK Hero once at large; Scientist and mathematician extra-ordinary, he knew long ago that there is something strange and amazing about energy/force/Life.. That anything that has a force within it, an energy, no matter how small, has decision making capability.. A Consciousness..

    And as we see Above! Max in the beginning of his research in 1878, and then 23 years later.. The many hours in the study/office/lab proved to be strenuous to his body and Life.. As well as the infection we all have called ageing - the Senesonic Plague was taking its toll.. Here again is the Quote by MAX PLANCK: - "All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This Mind is the Matrix of All Matter.." 

***"We need Financing for the Laboratory to now formulate "Gerevivify" The Cure!" The Compounds and molecules have been Located for the now end of ageing and death!"***



{The Researcher who found death, not Life}

     Gaston Naessens an amazing Researcher, who enlisted the help of German engineers to develop the Somatoscope - his new microscope.. He Gaston is like so many researchers of the past, who had found what could have been the beginning of the end of ageing and death.. But his conclusions and state of mind on the issue was wrong.. What he discovered decades ago, was not the building blocks of all Life.. But the building blocks of death/ageing..  He found a microbe that does develop some life forms/death forms, and does so from what it had stolen long ago. And that is THE GENOME of Life. As you will see by the link above involving Gaston Naessens Esquire. He Gaston is a very colorful personality.. He claimed he came up with a cure for cancer.. Which I have great doubt in.. {still sold today} He did develop a formula with the greatest of intentions.. But, failed in that endeavor..  

    Only his "Gaston's" amazing achievement of the Somatoscope, in the early era in which he along with German engineers brought it forth, is so special, yet the achievement did not meet its potential even in this day and time, until now. To be able so long ago to examine live tissue and blood samples is nothing short of amazing. And he speaks of men before him, who had looked upon the filth of death.  What he calls somatids. He states that they are the foundations of Life, and cannot be done without.. "There he is very wrong" why would Life not be able to live without death???.. He even shows in one of the video's below, of how leukocytes phago his somatids. Trying to rid the body of them the day long. {As I and many others have known before witnessing it, that the body wants them gone. And I explain in other posts throughout this Blog. That the body {Stem Cells} work the day long to keep us alive. But when cured, it will be allowed to spend its day repairing and rejuvenating our entire system.} 

    But he Gaston himself states that these somatids/nanobacteria, what I have called/call sub atomic filths, are causing damages to the human body. And he has/had written hypothesis, which is again correct and wrong.. Stating that these killers are in everything. {And they are, he thinking they brought forth Life. When I say they live off of Life/are parasitic} And  Gaston my friend, is nearly correct in his life cycles of his somatids, and my term/nomenclature of these sub atomic filth forms. 

    He is correct in stating that they have made some life forms/death forms such as fungus and macro-bacteria/micro-bacteria. Only what he does not understand. Is these things science has dubbed indestructible/immortal. Have also long long ago, developed plants/insects/vegetables and fruits and herbs and spices.. But anything made by them is not to be ingested. {When doing so brings them into the very depths of the inner workings of Life/Mankind. Becoming part of our very Gene's} 

     But I, here at Adam and Eve Word Research have found the way and process in which to rid the human body of these death forms... Its a process that must be started and maintained.. But there after, soon there after, the body begins to heal from ageing, and then begins to rejuvenate for eons/centuries of Life.

  Above the extremely articulate Gaston Naessens explains much of his research. And how it began. {And immediately makes a mistake in describing what a somatid/nanobacteria/sub atomic filth is. Stating that it is important to Life. When it the somatid/nano/sub atomic filth is what causes us to age and die} And as in the link above, wherein the history of Gaston's 714X {a useless serum is described} And with in the story/history you can see the signs of what has hampered mankind's science research, from the beginning of science. People attacking what they do not understand. {do not attack and deny what can be seen, find the precise conclusion to the information} Instead of standing against Naessens research, men and women were to join him saying.. Look at these tiny killers. And then one make the proper diagnosis / conclusion that they are not part of mankind's life. They are ageing and sickness.. So small they become part of our genomic system. A stone in the wheel of Life.  {the causes of genetic mutations and the like} As when the Frenchman had came up with a discovery/theory of  the properties of Light. { Wave theory of  Rene Descartes } And Isaac Newton had to correct their mistake then.. And we are to correct Gaston Now. 

    Researchers with more word above, about Gaston's Naessens Somatoscope. To this day an amazing invention. But what I am showing you - us all this video for, is so you may begin to see the scope of how deeply we are attacked by the infection/Pandemic Plague, we have called ageing and death. And here at Adam and Eve Word Research call the Senesonic plague, of which we have found the cure to now end its secretive attack. You can see intricately on video how deep into the human body the microbes of the death society/decomposer society reside inside every cell of Life on earth.. And is what kills us with ageing.. Due to it, in even smaller forms than seen on the videos have literally worked their way into the very genome and cell structures of the human body.. From the Gene's to the cell membranes and the cell nucleus, to the cell organelles. Bringing with it into the cells, death and sickness/ageing..


    The Video above speaks of one man who made the discovery again, that others had made before him. He found the infection of Life, by researching what was killing his bovine cells he used for research.. This filth is in every living Cell on earth.. And these men say it cannot die, or be stopped or destroyed.. We here at Adam and Eve Word Research have found the cure/process/methodology of ending ageing/this infection/infestation. 

THIS Link at wikipedia gives a history of men making the same discoveries as Gaston.. Yet Gaston is not mentioned.. {and each one after discovery and rediscovery named the tiny pathogens something different} In the article it neither mentions Gaston Naessens or the men he Gaston himself points to as having seen these filths before him many decades ago. In his brief documentary above Naessens speaks of the discovery that came before the gentlemen/researchers in the text of wikipedia.. And exposes what has been research sciences problem from the beginning. Detractors keeping research from joining, and coming to a synopsis of what science has truly been developed for "The Cure of Mankind".. NOT UNTIL NOW,  Here at Adam and Eve Word {data} Research the Cure has been found.. Examine more at LINK: TO the brief History of the last few decades discoveries, which negate the centuries of Research by even Greater Men::


  THESE POOR MEN in the video above, claim to have discovered Jesus Christs blood and claim to prove that it is His Blood. By examining it with Gaston Naessens Somatoscope.. The main reason I show this, is due to the fact that it again proves that many men, in many areas of science. Have examined the Senesonic Plague - the infection we call ageing. But did not know what they were seeing.. Even calling it again in this video the creator of Life.. When the Stem Cell is the Creator of Life. And it itself is under attack by these little murderers/killers we call sub atomic filth, and others call it, somatids, or nanobacteria or nanoparticles. 

                       IN the video above. Are images of bacteria and protists, that are mobile, due to cilia and podia which they use to navigate the surfaces and waters of life. And is how I years ago realized by watching a documentary on "bacterial machines" they called them {and rightly so} due to having rotors and paddles using them to struggle through fluids and on substrates. And I realized that day, that it was again evidence that there is something very small we have not seen. A machine must have inside of it, an operator.. And is part of what brought forth my finding of the Senesonic plague.. It is not the same video I watched long ago.  I have tried relocating the one I seen years ago, wherein the detail of the little microbial machines was so precise, made everything so clear...

     Now here Above, is a VERY well done short documentary.. Which the men in the documentary are great researchers, but are wrong in many conclusions. {They declare that we are created - born from bacteria and viruses. But they have witnessed what takes place in the microbic realm of life this day under microscopes. To where one bacteria or virus steals the genome/DNA - RNA of another Life form to become part of it. They did not develop us, they stole our Life plans long ago. Now they find the same RNA or DNA of man in a virus. They become lost saying "it" the nano filth made mankind, where it is mankind that has helped make it what it is today.. A man killer!} But they are correct in data and some theories.  Only their conclusions to their data is way off. 

     The Documentary shows as I have known, and any true investigator of data, and any student has been taught that Life on earth began small in microbic forms.. {but so few look at the big picture when thinking where did ageing/death/the infection of Life come from, and where did it begin???} Most know that nearly everything here on earth. Began in a primordial soup long ago, in very minute forms.. And these microbial forms, kept making bigger and larger Life forms.. While others were making death forms, to be parasites that enter and destroy all that wants to LIVE.. By way of becoming a parasitic dysbiosis, entering where it is not wanted. Entering where it is not ever to be allowed. Where it takes away the basic Right of another to Live.. 

  But, these ultra microbic/Sub atomic filths that make these death forms.. Are still existing in its alpha form. So small, so undetectable. But very infectious, very deadly.. We here again as stated at Adam and Eve data research. Have found the many ways they enter and destroy.. Which is literally 100's of methods of attacking the human body, a massive attack upon Life.. But we need only one cure, one process, one method of ending this weak Plague upon Life.. "Gerevivify" We search for Partners, investors, donors. We search for laboratories.. Funding and financing of all kinds. to begin the now CURE OF LIFE ON EARTH. 

   These methods of Attacking Life, with ageing and death, Will now stop with the Formulation of "GEREVIVIFY" The Elixir and process of now ending Ageing and death! Giving us Eons/Centuries of Life.... 

1. Every protein and peptide made by the bacterial flora of mankind, brings deep into the cell system of mankind. These tiny destroyers.. They make poisons and phagositically attack our inner workings of each cell on very minute levels. Still undetected by science.

2. They, these tiny pathogens are in all food stuffs, such as our agricultural crops. And our sea foods and certain meats.. Each time we eat they enter us, and through the peptides and proteins of the foods we ingest. They become part of the very workings of our body. Until the Chromosomes and gene's express them each time a cell replicates.

3. They come into our body by way of our need to breath the air, and our need of drinking water. They enter into our somatic system by way of our skin cell filters. When we touch anything they are on, they absorb into our skin.. 

4. We mankind have been cultivating the wrong agricultural crops for centuries.. Growing the wrong foods, that literally harm our body in the long run of Life trying to make it into decades. We grow our foods improperly, and we ingest what was developed by these little pathogens long ago. That allows them to enter without restraint, into the very center of our cell making mechanisms.. Allowing them to become part of this body we call mankind/womankind.. But this sickness/plague now ends.. "Gerevivify" become part of its beginning. Which will give you/US centuries of existence, instead of mere decades...

{The Data Researcher gives a brief explanation for the Post. And also states in the video's, that if you believe you have five years of Life left to Live. Become a partner, so as to live now centuries, instead of mere decades/years. He also touches on the fact that science has now for over a century had the ability to end ageing and sickness... Respect}

  A SYNOPSIS of the "Three Step Gerevivify Process" can be viewed in the following post below.. Posted on February 2nd 2015..  And much more information on the causes of ageing can be seen by going to the Blog Archive on the Right hand side of the Webpage, allowing you to read and study all text in each months post including 2014's posts.. Respect r.p.berry

{The Image of Hippocrates posted below.. Has listed on it, again just a few of the methods in which the infection we call the Senesonic plague enters and infects all Life forms on earth.. If you cannot read the text on the image you can CLICK on the image and it will Zoom for better examination. The Images on all the posts on site can be done the same.. And all the posts speak in depth of the many once unknown causes of ageing. And the now Methodology of Curing the Disease that mankind had no idea until this day that he had..  The Pandemic Plague called now for centuries ageing.. Respect AEWR}

  {The First 3 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits, after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders}  for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing.} 

Monday, February 2, 2015


{ Anyone who has tried investing or donating and could not get the shopping cart to come up.. Yahoo fixed the problem, but only after now weeks of it being broken.. Please forgive us. Examine the Site at the LINK: Invest in ageing's now END! Become part of mankind's/Womankind's Future/Destiny: }

  BELOW IN SYNOPSIS; LISTED IS THE "GEREVIVIFY METHODOLOGY/PROCESS" The method in which Mankind is now Healed of the Senesonic Plague we call ageing and death.. Then there after briefly in video the Data Researcher/Solutions analyst describes again the now Process that soon eradicates ageing and sickness/death... It has Begun

1. The soil of earth has been poisoning mankind from the beginning. The soil of earth before growing any organic product, Must first go through the "Gerevivify" soil preparation process. No other method of growing food or plants for the Gerevivify formula can be used.. {The soil must be specially treated with a certain compound} Or it will cause a failure of the Healing of mankind. The process is revolutionary and innovative.. And not used by any one on this planet.. And is the only way in which to grow the proper quality and purity of products/organic components for Gerevivify.

2. Mankind now for many Centuries has cultivated the wrong agricultural food products.. 95% of the food stuffs eaten on earth.. Help the ageing infection to infect, and reinfect mankind each day. On the "Gerevivify" methodology / process of eating.. There is only a hand full of foods, that do not severely infect the human somatic cell system, with the pandemic plague we call ageing.. These amazing foods, especially after being purified by the Gerevivify method of growing.. Will help feed and strengthen the cells of Life.. Not the pathogens/cells of death. It is a highly restricted diet, of extremely delicious foods...

3. Most importantly.. The Formula itself.. The "Gerevivify Formula" is more than just unique.. It is miraculous, brought forth by the combined Data of Mankind. The Greeks claimed that the Gods did not know they were God's until finding the Elixir of Life.. And the Great Minds of this day, and of the days gone by, contributed to this Formula in so many ways.. The formula is made up of a unique blend of peptides, and ligands, which after brought together into one flask. Will be the most powerful cure ever known to mankind. The Panacea called by the Greeks, the Elixir of Life called by all generations.. From many nations, has the desire for eternal Life been written and proclaimed. And in each one centuries ago, and in this very day.. They have collectively declared... There is an Elixir that will heal us into being near Gods/immortal.. And amazingly, staggeringly, astoundingly.. It was the combined cry from the past, saying it can be done, that has made it happen.. We here at Adam and Eve Word Research. Have located the cure/Formula.. To bring forth what has been proclaimed by the Mighty Hebrew, the Mighty Greeks, and many other societies here upon earth.. As being the end of ageing and death.. The Elixir called by us "Gerevivify".. We know all components, all organic sources.. Now we need Financing, funding, we need investors/partnerships/donors and volunteers, we need laboratories for the most epic event in mankind's History.. The Now End of AGEING... Examine the Video below for a brief discussion about the now cure of Man... Also visit the Links wherein you can become part of the Destiny/History/Future of Humanity.... Respect 

  {{ I am offering a full partnership to the first 3 million dollar investor {their investment returned first, and then we both share 50% of all profits in Perpetuity. With the other 50% of the proceeds going to any other investor or share holder} as we gather a multitude of investors and partners, to prepare what will take decades to present. And that is the cure for the general public... Only those of the inner circle {Will be healed immediately within months}, the circle of researchers and scientists and investors will be able to start the Elixir and the Methodology Immediately, as well as the dietary restrictions/diet needed to be cured.. Which is not as written of in the olden days, as just one sip and you are cured. The elixir will be taken for many months and some years.}} 



 Below in Video again the Word/Data Researcher discusses how it is Darwin, who was correct in Saying that Mankind is to Evolve, as all other Life forms... And he points out that it was not a physical being that created mankind.. That it is the Stem Cell which is the Creator of Life.. Not Man... And he speaks of the 3 phase cure for ageing, that is "The Gerevivify Process"...


  In the Video above, the Data Researcher / Solutions analyst describes the three phase/three stages of the "Gerevivify" Panacea formula. Which now removes the infection we call ageing.. Catapulting human beings into the Future.. Allowing all to live Centuries instead of mere Decades

{TOO Learn more about this amazing formula and of this Epic era we live in.. Visit the Blog Archive on the right hand side bar of the webpage here at Adam and Eve Word Research. View links of proof of our findings. And Learn of how science has missed the fact that we have had the cure at hand for many decades now.. The first posts in February and January of last year show several men with Great meaning of this days confusion, and of this days Triumph.. Respect}

      {The First 3 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits, after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders}  for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing.} 

Monday, January 5, 2015


{ How Does the Elixir Work??? By removing the infection from the Somatic Cell system. Especially from the SuperCell/StemCell allowing the Cells of Life to Propagate into an army with in.. A Healed Army, ready to repair, and then rebuild.. More information below, and in the past Posts on this website.. That can be Found in the Blog Archive on the right side bar of this Webpage.. Our New Fund Raiser Link is as Follows... "OUR NEW FUNDRAISER SITE/LINK:" LINK: TO INDIEGOGO FUND RAISER FOR THE PRODUCTION OF THE CURE FACILITY: and At LINK: ADAM AND EVE WORD RESEARCH INVESTOR: }

  Since the Beginnings of mankind's recorded History. The Sciences have been in search of the what some call this day, the fabled Elixir of Life.. In every Generation, there have been those who searched and declared that there had to be an elixir of Life, a way to end ageing and death.. And they were correct.. And these same men and women were the catalyst of all science endeavor until this very day and time. They were not just the Pioneers of Science.. But these men and women were the ones who knew why they/mankind had began studying Life, and naming and researching all matter, and animals, and plant life on earth... To find the Cure for what attacked mankind without provocation.. The sinister microbes/infection of ageing and death Attacked Life, and now in this day, life has over taken death. We now retaliate, we are on the offensive, instead of defensive, we now attack and destroy the parasites of murder/ageing/death. 

 Hermes Trismegistus was in search of the end of ageing and death. The Greeks said that the God's did not become God's until they had found the Elixir of Life.. In the Qin Dynasty of China {220-206 BC} Emperor Qin Shi Huang sent his Taoist Chemist {XuFu} to search for the matter/formula of the Elixir of Life.. {Xu Fu wiser than most, lived instead of killed for the failure of not producing a cure/elixir. He Took 1000's of young men and women and sailed off into History. Other Chinese Emperors asked and declared it was their right to live eternally; but had their chemists fail {JiaJing of the Ming Dynasty was one, this Emperor Powerfully and Boldly believed and drank the mixture made by his doctors/chemists/alchemists} Him dead instead of being fulfilled, due to his alchemists concocting formulas of deadly poison, killing them, instead of giving them eternal Life/Immortality.  In Zoroastrianism, they to spoke of the Elixir of Life, and in the Hindu cultures, they spoke of the youth serum, and stated that the Amrita would bring you eternal Life...  

 So, as you see stated on the Header of this Blog, that herein these pages of this website, is the fulfilled purpose of Science.. The Apex of Science research, the epitome of Science, the The Holy Grail of science, of which Charles Darwin, and Sir Isaac Newton, and Max Planck, and their contemporaries would have loved to have discovered, and all the past Kings and Emperors would have given half or all of their fortunes, and Kingdoms to possess.

 But it is we who now benefit from the Combined Data/History/Humanities of Mankind.. We are that Epic generation of Destiny/History/of The Future of the Human Being. To where we now {sadly as for the last 300 years and more} we now have the means to end ageing and premature death.. To live into eons, and to bring forth heirs, to literal Immortality/Eternal Life.. We to live eons/centuries, they to live in physical body for eternity.. And with Great Purpose.. Without Immortality at hand, how can we as the only Scientific Species of existence, how are we going to reach into other galaxies, without extended Life, and extended intellect???

  The organic matter/many plants and Chemicals that make up this formula {and there are many} are scattered across the Globe... For me to begin this formula, I must have investors, and partners that are willing to set the stage with me, for their family and mine to be cured of ageing. So they can have what only Kings and Monarchs could even dream of until this day and time. The Cure/Panacea not of fables, but of world Fame, of Prophecy/Philosophy/of Historic treatise.

 I am offering a full partnership to the first 3 million dollar investor {their investment returned first, and then we both share 50% of all profits in Perpetuity. With the other 50% of the proceeds going to any other investor or share holder} as we gather a multitude of investors and partners, to prepare what will take decades to present. And that is the cure for the general public... Only those of the inner circle of researchers and scientists and investors will be able to start the Elixir and the Methodology, and dietary restrictions/diet needed to be cured.. Which is not as written of in the olden days, as just one sip and you are cured.. 

   The only way to stop the infection called ageing and death immediately is to destroy ones body. We must and will take ageing/death slowly from our existing cells.. And be cured within 36 months, and be completely rejuvenated by 10 years.. It is a regiment of the Formula, and eating only the proper foods, and living in the proper conditions, that now cures ageing. 95% of the foods on earth are greatly infected with the sub atomic infection called ageing. {And we here at Adam and Eve Word Research call it the Senesonic/Sensonic Plague. Due to the many Gamma Acids made by the infestation} We cannot Eat those foods that have it {the infection} in it so much more greatly, literally embedded in the peptides of certain foods, which merely infect and re-inject the Life forms on earth, day in, and day out. {literally in the air we breath, the water we drink, and again the foods we eat}  But, by eating only that which is not nearly as contaminated, which is the prescribed diet {there are only a small list/group of foods that can be eaten. Very good tasting, and very good for the Somatic cell system} and the prescribed way of eating and preparation of the foods, that, along with the elixir will combine to make us well, not sick. Again Along with the formula, and proper foods, only then are you healed.. If one does not adhere to the diet and methodology prescribed, makes the formula near useless... Due to bringing in the infection/infestation even as the formula removes it...  
     {As we often explain. Our Data/Word research has revealed the causes and the cure for ageing.. We have had to go into the Laboratories of many men and women of the distant past.. And of this very day.. But if we had not, we may have never found the once unknown causes and cure for ageing and death. The Senesonic/Sensonic Plague is a disease caused by the decomposers of earth. The deuteromycota/mycobacterial society. We will now post Several Video links below for your examination. And there are other videos to be Placed in this Blog, in but hours/days to disambiguate all text written here in the site where ageing and death now end. With more text to explain and to help many fully understand.. The more we disambiguate, the more we can gather/wake to this Epic era and day we live in.}

LINK: NANO Bacteria in the Cells of a Dandlion.. And we have them in us, and smaller

The link above shows laboratory footage of Sub atomic/Nano Bacteria, of which we have in us, and we have even smaller, that has never been seen by mankind's eyes/technology..

 Here is a video above, and dialogue of what has been ambiguous/erroneous. They have had the data, just wrong conclusions.. Teaching us that we must have bacteria.. When we must have StemCells and Leukocytes. But we need nothing from bacteria.. The Gamma Acids and many peptides they make and send into our body.. Bring in with it, Nano/Sub Atomic bacteria/particles.. That as these men state, as the microbiome bacteria of our intestines, these tiny death forms become part of our very body/cells/WHAT?? Chromosomes and gene's making us age and die, decomposing while we live and breath, causes our cells to slowly break down, from the long slow poisoning of the ageing and death infection...{as spoken of in past posts, throughout this blogspot}  Teachers and researchers of the past have caused science this day to be lost and dying of a disease/the Senesonic Plague... Bacteria are not our friends.. They are fighting among each other, not for us.. But for their control of the place they have made a home/US/Mankind...  

Here in this make shift video below, the Data researcher proves again that he does not let flu, or snow, or even hail keep him from commenting on his monthly posts.. In the video the solutions analyst speaks briefly of the formula, and the fact that earth has many changes it must go through to prepare enough organic material for Gerevivify, the Elixir of Life, and for preparing enough of the correct foods for the entire planet, so they can benefit from Gerevivify, the cure for ageing and premature death... 


THE Data Researcher in the video Below, again explains more about the Gerevivify formula. And how healing will begin right away for those and their families who invest and donate, and volunteer for the epic adventure, of Life now over taking ageing and death. He speaks again of the SuperCell that has brought for Life on Earth, the Stem Cell. And he explains of the method in which the formula heals. That it is a systematic method of attacking the Disease, and stopping and destroying the most historical Plague ever to be {ageing} and doing so with the Formula Gerevivify.  The Senesonic Plague called ageing and death now Ends.... {Many are asking us what are the ingredients to Gerevivify. That information is only for the investors and researchers.. There are many Alkaloids and chemicals in the formula. But they come together for one Mighty Cure.} .. Respect 


                                                                                                                                                                         YES, we know all ingredients needed for the formula to stop the ageing process! But that is only for the ears of the Investors, and scientists. Whose healing will begin within months of the gathering of financing and Laboratories. No matter if 90 years old, or 19 years old. The Medical Elixir will stop you from ageing, then rejuvenate your body and mind into eons/Centuries. Amazing and very much a Reality!   

      {The First 3 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits, after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders}  for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing.}