Tuesday, August 15, 2017


  I HAVE MEN AND WOMEN ask me the question. What makes you believe that the species of Life called the Eukaryotic Cell has a pandemic plague that infects all Eukaryotic cells on earth/Woman/Mankind??? My response is so simply made, because science has the proof in all medical and biological text books??? A statement that leads to other questions that are again easily answered, but not always easily perceived. 

Mankind has blinded himself unintentionally, due to, years ago allowing men who were revered, yet, were wrong in their conclusions to what biology had uncovered, let them be the teachers and text book writers of the past/beginnings of medical and biological science instruction. Which has since their teaching of many generations now, even after their death has perpetuated a massive whirl pool of books and instruction from those who were taught by these men and women. Because their early teachings from their limited data has to this day affected and mislead students and scholars making them just left of the center of truth.

Science and technology is an amazing thing. A new science or invention can function for decades, before someone realizes it was over complicated, or not complicated enough. Then devising methods in which to improve the technology, or procedure, or instruction. That yes has functioned, and yes has at times saved some lives. But as we see in the history of medicine, as today, many people die in hospitals due to crude principles being followed, or due to bad practises and a simple lack of understanding.

Today viruses and infections are transmitted in hospitals more greatly than any where else depending on the hospital. From MRSA, to HIV, even the Human papillomavirus can be contracted in most any medical facility. {http://news.psu.edu/story/303743/2014/02/12/research/popular-disinfectants-do-not-kill-hpv

As in the past, many Women lost to Child Birth, and many babies to Child Birth fever - Puerperal fever with her the mother. Dying from a horrible infection that caused a sepsis like action in many women for century after century. {Can even take place today} And was more often contracted in hospitals or from the visiting doctor or Midwife, or again spread to them by the medical staff of these hospitals. Men and Women who thought they were schooled enough to assist in the birth of babies, and just thought the women were weak, or unfortunate enough to die during birth, and so often their children with them. Yet, it turned out to be medical malpractice in the worst of terms. They were wrong in thinking they were What??? Right in the medical practice and wisdom. 

Each week some where a flaw is found in text book teachings. And in biology this has taken place truly on a massive scale. No greater study in science has more data than the study of Life and sickness/biology. And what will help end this tragic drama Mankind has had to call aging and sickness and death. Sits in the annals of medical and biological text and data, only it has been hidden due to past teachings. So biology 70% wrong in its teachings, has still saved many lives, and is truly sitting with guns loaded, due to having the visual data still documented thru out the scholastic's of society, and in the recorded scientific research data of many Universities. The indisputable recorded visual data of science. The what is being made, by what microbe, that is being made by these microbes that are known by science. But, the reason its being made, is lost in confusion/conclusions of the past.

The teachings so wrong. It has caused, the causation's,  and the cure for aging to be sitting right before our eyes in medical and biological text books. Sitting before the eyes of those who research and stare each day into the realm of disease thru microscopes, even those who search the space and Universe above have found clues to what has been taking place here. Yet, because of bad conclusions, to good information, the Pandemic Plague I call the Senesonic/Sensonic Plague. Has gone truly unchallenged. How do you fight an enemy hidden in data???

SO AGAIN I AM ASKED, Why do I realize/know/think the Species of Life called the Homo Sapien has a massive Pandemic Plague. That causes them to age and die prematurely at 30 - 40 - 50 - 60 - 70 - 80 - 90 - 100 years of age??? What makes me know that science has had locked in its gathered information, and research papers, the Cure for Aging??? Sadly Womankind could have ended this massive plague 2 centuries ago. And yes that is proven in science. Let us proceed.. To one of the major clues/examples of how man has not seen clearly, due to the instruction of their now predecessors.

The mapped, amazingly by medical science, blood vessel system of  the Human body. Something science and man could not make a mistake in doing. And it is amazing, look at the complication. Our body being fed the chemicals of Life thru our free flowing blood, and blood veins. That criss-cross our body to keep us alive each day. And amazing system of bio-mechanical piping that keeps us alive. And keeps the cell system alive.  

Only this same system helps spread disease and sickness thru out our cell system due to the 1000's of pathogens that exist on earth. And come into our system by way of contamination and by way of our foods, our liquids we drink, and by way of the air we breath, and even by way of the surfaces we come in contact with each day. The piping of Life, used by the enemy of Life to enter us and destroy our people each day, by way of disease and destruction. If they cannot give us a side effect of the plague which is all diseases. They instead then begin to clog up the pipes of Life/blood vessel/artery system of our biological structure.

The Lymphatic path ways and system made specifically for the Stem Cell to hurry thru out the body to Fight the Gut Garden invaders that have sneaked their way into the Sanctuary of Life/Body, and to drain inflammation from the somatic cell system. The Stem Cell using both the blood stream, and the Lymphatic system to be able to hurriedly defend the structure it built from scratch in our mothers womb. Yet, sadly as of now, the Mighty Stem Cell must end at our death. When Gerevivify can help bring that army into the body of Man, that cannot be defeated or sickened, that will help the stem cell recuperate and dominate.

THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM/TUBING/VESSEL SYSTEM OF THE HUMAN BODY: Truly which is a more complicated design, the Artery, or the Lymphatic cell system of mankind???

Cell system meaning, where in blood cells can travel and make their way thru the body. How do pathogens, and viruses, and fungus, and phages, and bacteria and nano bacteria, and viroids and prions and much more make its way into our human body. Thru the gut/stomach of man. They come in by way of breathing, and then make their way to our gut for better population/propagation. They come in by way of the foods we consume, by way of the liquids we quench our thirst with. And again by way of objects and surfaces we touch. Either by absorbing thru our skin, or by us touching filth and then our mouth or foods we eat.

So why should have mankind, especially today, have known that a major reason we age and die. Is because of the war being fought by our body, against pathogens/bacteria/viruses/fungus, in our battle field called the human stomach/intestinal system??? Science has known quite some time that 75-80% percent of the immune cells of mankind is raging war in the gut and gut lining of the intestines of man, to protect us from our little flowers growing in our body.

And science knows that in this so called gut microbiome, now called by many, or in the beautiful gut flora called by the lost in past conclusion. {if your teachers/instructors were wrong, who is the blame, not the student.} Not the now professor of their teachings. But the poor men who could not start with the firm ground of today's technology and gathered data. Those Great men who tried so hard, with the now toys of children. To make broad sweeping declarations, so as science could go on to the next subject of research, but, again their flaws in research, is today's antagonist, blocking the receptors of our minds, to where the agonist called fact, cannot be locked into place. 

HERE ARE THE HEROES of the Story called Life. They fight for us each day. While Sick!!!!!!

Science and minds there of so Blocked by their pseudo keys, to our neurological locks/receptors of truth. So many men and women believe bacteria are the flowering garden of our Life???While so many others again call the gut a garden paradise of Life givers. Now for many years I have called the gut bacteria, a gut Jungle. Wherein vicious animals hide in waiting. {This garden terminology} is due again to past teachings of men. Who had not even a fraction of the intricate collected research data of the medical and biological science of today. But their writings now cause misdiagnose of 75% of collected biology data of today. They over a century ago some of them, made powerful statements, from data collected by some on home made microscopes. 

And their misunderstanding of the importance of what their conclusions would have on our future was not fathomed by any of them, that would truly have then and now, "Huge consequences." They hurriedly answered reporters, or quickly answered colleagues from their institutes, or Universities. Then hurrying to write papers and books to bring to press. Unknown to them that their findings were visually correct. But their conclusion from the visual was the opposite of fact. Remember in the LINK below much of what you will read is wrong. Due to pseudo scientific conclusions of the past effecting the out come of today's Big Data. But there is great visual and many great findings/conclusions in the NIH in many of their research papers.



Science knows that once the human body finally has been broken down to the extent/point of decomposition while living/when the human being has reached the apex of senescence, and being geriatricly disabled at 100, that is the end of the Life of that structure. When 2 hundred and more can be/could be achieved by that same body. When the body stops pumping the blood and lymphatic fluid thru out the system. Science knows that is the end of the war, of the battle for the nation/state/land called the body/host of Life. The bacteria then, when the guardians of the body are limited to hand to hand combat and little mobility. With no main circulatory / structural system to help oxygen and movement of the blood cells/army of man thru out the body. 

In a massive wave attack/show of force. The destructive army the leukocytes and Stem Cells have fought our entire lives. Surge into the vessel we once inhabited with full dominion when in our youth. The war for that piece of the puzzle of Life on earth called the individual person/man had just been given over to the filth. That I call collectively the Senesonic/Sensonic Pandemic Plagues infecting pathogens. 

SO HOW DOES a beautiful garden work our life long to destroy us??? By making Eukaryotic like substances, that can be taken into the bodies protein receptors. Is just one method they use. {Several posts down I have other links and videos on the subject} And once taken in, they begin to break down that cell, to where the cell must soon go into apoptosis, and try to replicate itself before it must become a casualty of the War of Life against aging and death. The beautiful garden flora of bacteria and fungus and their many toxins, which they fed to our cell system our entire life. Were in reality assassins who invaded our domicile and destroy Woman/Man each day.

 Suddenly in a major exhibition, that has been seen by science many times, exposes the fact, that from the beginning to the end. They the cells of death, were killing us softly, while we fed and housed them in our own body??? Exhibiting the fact, that they were not one day helping us, but each day fighting for the horrible act, of eating our body and moving on to the next kill. That horde of murderers our Immune system knew they were to be fight. And never be called a garden/flora, only called enemy. And the gut flora is only one battle field. We have the infection coming thru our skin filters, our lungs and our food and drink. Join me now in agings end.. I have found the many causes and the cure... I search for partners/investors each day..

THIS painting by Shane Turner.. An amazing illustrator and artist from Canada. His site can be seen at {http://www.shaneturnerart.com/}

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