Friday, June 8, 2018


{HOW DOES THE Earth breathe??? {Say some in research} A mere reaction to internal and external energy forces??? Different atmospheric pressures??? Or is the Earth alive breathing and reacting as though a giant {to us} enzyme with a designated purpose??? A never changing enzyme reaction causing Earth to survive and float in the Universe??? You be the judge of that. Only allow us to show you why Earth is the pathogen - vector of aging and death. And how Earth has certain molecules {from angiosperms and in other parts of nature} found in nature that will allow us to now end Aging. Discussion below

 I have had some of those on social media and some that contact me, and that I contact privately express frustration and even doubt in my finding the hundreds of methods of the pandemic plague we call aging - the effects of existence some say, when it is a planned attack upon the Eukaryotic Life forms-form called Womankind-mankind. 

{and the evidence sits everywhere in science data already existing and researched yet the textbook conclusions were way off base leading entire generations into pseudoscience. Science that dances at maybe 50% fact has still functioned in many ways. The amazing thing about Truth, take half of truth and build upon it, you can make some things work such as science. Each week some part of past textbook science data is refuted with today's powerful visual and empirical data, as in the Nasa probes and the like proving past theories about space and our solar system being wrong, yet the pseudo-science of astronomy has functioned for years while teaching the wrong answers to many questions. The same over the years taking place in Biology and even Physics now over the years. So with that again said.} 

Too examine the attacks-symptoms-side effects of the infectious plague our individual Eukaryotic cells have we called aging {Which is the Senesonic-Sensonic Plague Discovered and named by AEWR - aging you can view this and many other posts with links on this webpage.} 

These side effects and chemicals are as a whole the methodology of the sickness we {all mammals} have now called the Senesonic-Sensonic plague by AEWR. Poisons and or biomechanical nanomachines that enter and gum up the inner workings of our born healthy Eukaryotic cells. Toxins Made and caused by this plague that attacks us in many forms, and these actions are for one purpose "Mankind's death," not by chance, not by accident, but a planned demise of our body by the many hundreds of pathogens that attack the Eukaryotic cell system of Woman-man. Not a symbiotic relationship, but a dysbiosis, a destructive relationship that kills, and it is killing us many years before our time, we can live centuries instead of mere decades. 

{We, the human being, as is the Earth are truly microscopic when placed in the proper perspective. {Rise above our planet merely 200 feet above the earth's surface and the people below have disappeared being too small to see} Woman-Man rose up from microbes and are truly a large microbe held together by trillions of like-minded microbes.} 

{The only symbionts in a relationship with each other takes place between the many multi-purpose cells of the Eukaryote human body, the amazing cells of humanity - Life working together to fight a war so our body can live and function. That is truly astounding that the battle is so fierce in us all. Yet we are allowed to wander the Earth in search of truth while chaos and destruction takes place within our body causing us to merge towards a day that we can no longer withstand the filth of aging and death. UNTIL NOW WITH Gerevivify} 

But again we have the same organelles as the single Eukaryote cells of our somatic cell system. We are microbes in a war with armies of microbes here on earth. If not for the bacteria viruses phages and fungus all microbes attacking mankind with different chemical formulas our cells would not Die or would live decades instead of two days or even just three years as does our Stem cells. Instead, our cell system would collectively be living for centuries instead of mere decades-years. Man is not built by Eukaryotic stem cells, Mankind is a community of Eukaryotic cells that live and combat this plague that hates and fights against us the Stem Cell of Man.

Earth, as we know due to Science and technology, is floating in a vast cavern of a void in a system we do not truly understand. Our Solar system is still a mystery to us. But what is taking place here on earth we have much visual and research data and information taken into textbooks about near everything on earth. {So much as we find each day from the past was bad speculation, but the visual data can be re-examined and the factual conclusions can then be brought from said text visual data and added to todays data and now we have reached the proper conclusion about aging here at AEWR as so many others are waking to, many by the constant behest of AEWR.} 

One NEW FACT being brought from past research {yet missed by the original scientific minds examining it} is what kills nature and what kills our cells before and after death. {I was watching a video earlier wherein a man mentioned how great it was that Harvard an institution I love and Respect had now been bold enough to declare aging as a disease??? I have been contacting Harvard for well over a decade telling them aging is a What??? A Disease!} I in several other posts below address the many proofs that we have a disease attacking us. The prokaryotic forces against the Eukaryote and the Eukaryotes of the fungus and yeast are part of that army of death that is the prokaryotic bacteria and all that is not derived by our DNA-RNA and by the foods we consume, all else are against man's Eukaryotic Woman.  

{The exoplanet {outside natural for us} we live upon sits in the middle of a desert of darkness that has periodic clusters of planets teeming with Life and teeming with the society of aging and death. Woman-Man's Eukaryotic cells are Life, prokaryotes-fungus-molds-viruses-phage cells are aging and death to the innocent victim that is Mankind the microbe of Life.}

How odd it is to be stranded in the middle of the vastness of the Universe, stranded on a large Molecule that gives all of its occupants an infection that is especially lethal to the Eukaryotic Lifeform the homo sapien??? The microscopic Organic-compound molecule Earth floating in the darkness of the cataclysmic void that shows that we in our Solar system and Galaxy disappear in the chaotic cataclysm. As proven here on earth, we mankind disappear by merely floating in a balloon above the crowds that shrink into nothing. {Microbes} YET, Woman is an amazing Life form as is the man, and as we know, where there is Man there is always hope, we have hope due to the cure,  and now even the possibility of a Utopia on earth, that is the Exoplanet of death. 

YES, THERE is great cause for rejoicing due to us now having all needed by technology and science {To Terra Form first earth then rocket ourselves out into the Universe to Terraform for eternity} that will let us now reach Paradise-Utopia-Heaven on Earth. As any mind knows without the end of aging no Utopian like mindset can overcome the chaos of this so-called civilization we have developed on this planet. HOW, So now enter GEREVIVIFY THE ALGORITHM & SERUM.

HERE IS THE Amazing thing about the beloved prison PLANET WE LOVE. Here on earth Woman and her man have a hand full of molecules that combined can first heal us of aging and death - the Sensonic Plague. Then taking many of these same located molecules we can heal our foods and even heal the earth itself.  Then changing our confinement into a Utopian Paradise without restrictions.

SO DO YOU Now understand why and how our World-globe we spin through space and time on is the first and most deadly vector of the disease mankind calls aging??? It exists throughout science and is how long ago I came to this powerful understanding. I could not sleep I searched each day. Thinking after several years that it was impossible to find the cause of the infection called aging. THEN it happened, reading and thinking, thinking and reading. Then as I searched one day, it all came together while reading and watching documentaries. Over and over again that day it {Science where ever I read and whatever documentary stated and repeated it, then my Eureka moment. 

{I sat back and closed my eyes thinking what could be the pathogen of aging and death. In my thoughts, I said let me try to rise up above the whole scene and try to focus. In my mind there it was Earth and me above it and it grew smaller and smaller as I proceeded out into space in my mind above the planet we exist on. THEN MY Eyes sprang open, my mind racing words flooding it.} 

Ubiquitous, permeates, found in every environment on earth, these the declarations of biological science in all textbooks and in all circles. Nowhere can you hide from the microbes of earth. They are in us, they are in the air, the water the surfaces we touch they are in our foods we eat and in the soil of earth.  THEN I SEEN GEREVIVIFY. Which I had already been dancing around with Gerevivify, but I suddenly knew that day the depths of the plague and the depths of the actions it will take to Cure us all. GEREVIVIFY the Algorithm will now cure Woman-man of aging and premature death by giving us centuries instead of mere decades to exist. 

MY - AEWR'S GEREVIVIFY can be taken and used on Mars or on earth or on the moon or in any other Solar System. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Woman has Won the Battle of Eukaryotic Life against prokaryotic aging and death infection - Victory over the Sensonic-Senesonic Plague now takes place. 


In the posts preceding this post are links showing how the NIH and all have wondered why so many analogues and epimers are made by the microbes of earth. While science itself explains why. But the Vortex that is data on earth, it has remained hidden yet hiding in plain sight. A few links for those who are truly searching for a fact, not fiction. 

AGAIN The posts below this post are filled with links and information, and my site at LINK: GEREVIVIFY BLOGSPOT on its first post has many links.  AND here are a few of the newest research articles that again bring us to the fact that I now 20 years ago and more have been correct when saying the gut jungle is not our little-hidden wonder garden. No, it is that which kills us softly each day with different poisons - chemical eukaryotic like amino formulas - analogues and epimers. LINK: TO GUT MONSTERS Terrorizing our existence-bodies:

THE LINKS Proving AEWR are in the millions truly, but these are just more recent. LINK: IF THEY ATTACK OUR JOINTS WE BREAK, IF NOT WE STAY IN GOOD REPAIR: 

RESPECT AEWR r.p.berry 

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