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THE QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE AND THE QUEST FOR THE CURE FOR AGING AND DEATH HAVE GONE HAND AND HAND THROUGHOUT HISTORY. But when did this epic adventure begin??? Lately I have had to debate a few minds, on how, and on the subject of who started first the call for immortality and rejuvenation, and who was the first to put the sciences on the trail of the causes, and the cure for aging and cell death??? And How Do the Biologists - Chemists of today compare to their counter parts from 1000's of years ago??? These questions and answers are addressed below.. So lets set our minds on this topic, so as to see more clearly, and so we may understand the answer to such questions.

The causes of aging and individual cell death range in the hundreds. This has now been exposed by biology and medical science. And the cure for many of these attacks on Life by the Sensonic Plague we call aging, has also now over the centuries, been located by science. WHY has the scientific academic body of mankind not seen and known their accumulated data having exposed the ways of death??? When even the cure has been at our feet now for decades in textbooks of science and history??? 

Well, the answer to the last two questions lays in many posts below this brief article, so please examine a few of the causes, and, an off and on again discussion of the cure, that is discussed a little more in depth in posts and videos in last months, and in previous months/years articles in this blog. {the blog archive is in the right hand side bar of this webpage for easier access} 

But, in this post, we will glance off the causes and cure during the discussion of when the challenge was accepted by Woman/Man to end aging began, and doing so while now writing this article. Which quickly gives an over view of many champions of the now, in this future of the 21st centuries end of aging and cell death. Speaking as well of past Champions, that brought us much needed text/data for this days now end of aging and premature cell death.

So, how did I come to this post and why does it concern me??? There are those who cannot see the complete picture of how mankind has truly from the beginning, not just lived and died, but, we have chased death, fought death, and we have conquered aging and cell death by mankind's desire to do so, which is literally programmed into our DNA/RNA. Man has always developed an offense against anything that tries to kill him. Bringing wars, and bringing forth amazing technology and science.

But, what many do not realize, is that the phenomenon we call aging and death. Is literally in every sense of the word a WAR. A war of Life against the cells/microbes of aging and cell death. We, as explained in many of my posts below in this website are Eukaryotic cells. 

{And as explained in my long over due, forth coming book, some parts of my posts of late, are excerpts from my book. Which I had started over 13 years ago and more, but, many links and writings were accidentally thrown away on my disks and computer during a move/relocation, just a few years back. Near killing me, 13 years of writing and collected links of data gone, never too return. 

So I have finally restarted several months ago, again my book on the history of man's battle against aging, and writing word on the causes and the Cure for aging. Along with names and data of many of the men and women who have helped us down thru the decades find agings methodologies. But, I am still a year or so away from "its" completion. I write what seems perpetually, on the internet and in e-mails, and in posts, and now again in books. So we shall see, we have much to do.}

 Yes, we are a single Eukaryote cell, that are built by many microbic Eukaryotic cells. We have the organelles as our small brother and sister cells, we have glands/organs that produce proteins and many peptides. Only it is truly the microbic cells that built these organs, that do the work. So we the large cell can move and function. While everything is taken care of for us on the quantum levels of Life, as our metabolism and the homeostasis of our body is kept stable, and this is achieved by the trillions of cells that make up our structure. 

Only we the large cell, our large organs feed and help cultivate our society of co-operating microbes. So the somatic system of man can survive as long as possible, while we search/searched for the Cure for death, while along the way constructing a pretty amazing civilization. We, woman and man as a partnership, do bring into being the foods and liquids that our cells can build and produce with. This done by us working hard and growing through agriculture and farming, growing crops and consuming these crops - foods allows thru our main nucleus of our body. {The stomach, that is in turn the main nucleus of the many billions of cells we produce for, as they produce for us} efforts that still is only made possible by our trillions of fellow Eukaryotic cells. That work, and die doing so the day long to withdraw the necessary energy and nutrients from the diet we consume each day, while fighting the battle of Life against death. Allowing us to stay mobile and in action.

SO again the picture is made some what clearer, but, who began this quest of ending aging??? The first ones attacked by this pandemic plague that has attacked Eukaryotic Life forms from the beginning, of our now, homo sapien species??? The ancients were at times wrong, but, it is documented how they fought many plagues and sicknesses, so often without victory. 

Much over a decade back, I realized after studying some of the written knowledge of mankind, knowledge that I felt I needed to learn while in search of data to prove my cure. I truly in a whirlwind hypothesis, that overwhelmed my senses {me thinking of nearly nothing else since} while studying written wisdom, that on that very same day helped me explode into a theory, that I have now proven into law with the humanities of Woman/Man, thru the collected information of our libraries and text books. I was able to bring together the necessary facts to expose the infection and bring proof into my cure. I stood back that day and realized that someone had to encapsulate, to bring into a synopsis the many findings of medical science.

 {Due to me feeling blinded by the maze and vortex data has become over the past century. I was desperate for several years. These massive amounts of text now written and collected by man, due to fact and fiction called fact can blur the horizon. If you want the one true answer to near anything, you will feel not just confused at first, you can/could at times begin to feel hopeless and helpless, or maybe not find the truth at all. But I did it..} 

So, exhausted and falling out of the core of that vortex one day. {Coming out of reading papers and different sources on certain bacteria. Realizing I had spent nearly 6 months on one bacterium. Yet, had not found the one cause of aging} I then realized why today all of science and technology has had to break off into branches. Where now this day the microbes and diseases once studied by most all medical and biological scholars. 

Has now become divisions of study??? In the beginning as now, I will approach someone for some answers, and they would state. I specialize in pseudomonas, or I am a mycologist, I only study fungi, or, I only study and research Vibrio Harveyi??? The Vortex of Mankind called scientific research data, had become so filled with documents, that all feared throwing it away, even if they knew it was now proven wrong. 

{And thankfully they did not, reading bad conclusions of good visual research, can bring another into the right solution from the same.} But so much bad conclusions exist in data, it staying in circulation, pushes waves in the massive currents of the VORTEX of text that must be examined.  Big data has become and builds each day, a cyclone that now is whipping minds and consciousness into a frenzy so often. All saying what can be the answer, when it sits right before our eyes surrounded by pseudo books and papers of research, being called facts, sending all at first down the wrong roads. Detours to the Vortex of confusion. BUT..

Who knew it all had a common bond??? Which I believe one link is the quest for not just knowledge, but, the quest for what some felt through time and history, as a forbidden knowledge, the End of Aging. Which made most, even when realizing there was a prevention and possible cure, to avoid staring directly at truth and saying it. Aging is a malady that was slowly exposed by science due to it being spoken of in many societies throughout early civilizations, by the wisest among their scholars, while in other nations such talk was punishable by death. Them, the scholars of Greece and Rome, and Israel and Egypt, shooting a three point shot, a hail Mary Pass from centuries ago, to win the game here in the final quarter. 

{Tossing the crucial information into these decades wherein the least can be as great as the scholars of the past. The biology and medical sciences of the ancients rolling on into today gathering clues along the way to expose the ways of death. The main stream of time and history, would not allow most era's to even talk about it aloud. But the scholars found away to get the code past the guards. If having to be buried with the documents to be now excavated by archaeologists of today was the only way. They did it.} 

This forbidden subject of curing sickness once and for all, to end death and rejuvenate the already aged.  If mentioned by anyone, was as thou by even thinking it, was to be offending those who had already died in the wake of this colossal tidal wave and disaster, that is this hidden in plain site plague man calls aging. It the plague was slowly exposed thru the continual progression of science and technology, of the species of Life now called the homo sapien. In each century, the information had to be forced thru those who cried foul. Who said everyone must die just as their ancestors. If they the minds of sanity, had not been withstood so often in history, this pandemic would have ended so long ago.

So what I finally realized, is someone had to find the core factors that connected all the findings. And I suddenly realized the data, the keys/code, had a common reality,  and I did so thru certain terms, and sayings, and words that appear in many structured writings of mankind.  Especially present day words in writing and their meanings. Such as Ubiquitous, permeates, found in all environments. From the Hebrew, to the Greek, to the Chinese and on into today in America and beyond. Writings that expose it is today's scientists and researchers who have prepared the end of aging and sickness.  

But also obvious, that we are only able to do so, due to the writings and teachings of the past, that formed the foundation, and the discipline, we call organized study and science and chemistry and investigation. All the research findings of the past and present, that are now falling into place. Can only do so, if you remove the conclusions of great well meaning men of the past, and of today, that were unintentionally wrong, in their teachings and instruction. When only looking at facts, it all falls into place. But the chess board must be cleared to see the Victory and the prize from the battle of the consciousness. The chess game of Life against death being played and raged by science, against the enemy aging and sickness.

So as asked and stated in the prelude to this post. Who were the first to attempt to end aging, and who started the Longevity Movement of man, who first began fighting aging??? Who compare more perfectly with the great minds of today??? I waited until the age of 47 years old to read the Torah/Old Testament, and to read the New Testament of the Hebrew of Israel. The Greek Septuagent, and The Greek New Testament. Making me then realize that I needed to rethink the Greek philosophers and their many papers on science. Bringing me into History in general once again, me now seeing that our forefathers were all speaking of ending aging. I was shocked to see bits and pieces of my Theory setting there, in many ancient books. A theory now Law, that I already had formed, before truly reading these books. Finding today's science setting throughout the pages of them all. In Greece, Israel and in the writings of Nations formed before they had come into existence. SO WHAT IS THE ANSWER???

MY DEBATE recently that caused this post, began due to a man stating what he felt was emphatic and indisputable. That the Chinese first realized that aging and death could be stopped. That a cure existed and could be found here on earth. {Which is a statement that is true, there is the Cure} But as we should know and realize. The Chinese did not find the Elixir of Life. But the Chinese and all of History and science has exposed the Causes and the Cure for this plague. The Emperors of China did thru their desire finally even cause the development of  new small nation. 

Japan now born, due to the wisdom of the Master Alchemist Xu Fu, and due to the search for super longevity - immortality. Xu Fu, who knew instinctively that it was time to leave China, brought forth the birth of a nation. Knowing that the men before him who failed to bring a cure and immortality to the Emperor, had lost their lives. So he became more cunning than his peers. By convincing the Emperor to give him a boats, and a small army, and young citizens and food, so much so that he could build a nation some where as far from China as could be. Claiming to be going to a strange land, and needed to appease the Immortals that lived there. And he claimed to be going to speak with them. And he would then bring back the essence of the tree of deathlessness.  Xu Fu a wise man, and this a major event. {W ere these men mythical as some have claimed. Even thou the events are well written and documented from the era that took place??? I say they are real events, and real men. Not lies.}

So the name sake of my data research must be the first. It would have to be Adam & Eve, but he Adam, was literally the first researcher of aging and death. Literally written in today and ancient copies of the Bible/Torah/History book, that Adam was commanded to be the first researcher. Told to examine and name everything on earth. As His descendants do still today. Each day researchers on earth finding some new plant or animal or microbe and they then, the children of Adam {of the first man, what ever His name was} name that new found species and as Adam they name it, and that word is the name it is called forever there after. Just as the first man did, we do still every day. Naming and documenting all we see. A new species of fly, or plant or bird, or animal, or microbe. Named due to being found by the children of Adam. If born of Adam.

Yes, from Egypt's Hermes, who as I and others believe to have been a real person not a myth, to the Amazing Sumerians {Gilgamesh} and Abraham a Sumerian.   Also two people that even thou it has been written and found in archaeological evidence of these men, by archaeologists evidence found from the epochs of their, these men's lives being uncovered by today's scholars. They by many, are both called myths??? I say Gilgamesh lived, I say so did Abram. As did Xu Fu and Qin Shi Huang. 

LONG BEFORE THE CHINESE EMPERORS, so many declared deaths end. Long before the Chinese Emperors and their alchemists there were men who spoke of Immortality being possible and a goal for man. The Greeks stated that the God's did not become God's until they found the Ambrosia, or better stated the food of the God's. The Torah spoke that man had eaten the wrong foods {that took away His immortality} and it caused them to start dying of aging. Meaning they once lived 1000's of years/immortally before they stopped eating only the Foods of Long Life - the foods of their God according to the Torah, and that we must find the right foods so as to become immortal/God's according to the Greeks. Food and Elixir a key in all bouts of history in many nations. Being the path to immortality.

WHAT DOES SCIENCE SAY TODAY??? What does biology and all medical science now prove each day??? That due to the foods we eat, many of us die prematurely. Each day a new diet, a new plant, a new product made from mostly food based ingredients appears with the caption. This product will make you live longer. {No different than 1000's of years ago. Food by researchers, being equated as a major player in cell death} BUT WHO KNEW THE GREEKS COULD BE RIGHT??? 

They are/were more than correct. WHO KNEW THE HEBREW WERE AS CORRECT AS THE GREEK??? Who knew the Sumerians as being as correct as any??? We can live a millennia and longer due to Adam first researching the earth, and sending His data and genes down the line with that same desire and purpose embedded in them calling out thru our genome. To name the animals and the plants, to develop science research. To find aging and sickness and deaths end.

As those great men of today, as days past, The Great Philosopher and Oracle - Prophet "Isaiah" stated that one was coming who would swallow up death in Victory. Empedocles, the Great Researcher and Prophet - Oracle - Philosopher, declared that death would very soon end. None more intricate in writings and speech than the Greeks of His days, and the days there after, when pertaining to science, and the early thoughts on discoveries of their era, and even discussing in text, the latter day scientific discoveries, theorizing and seeing our future. As great men of today now forecast our future coming events for our society and era.

Them stating, death has an end. HUNDREDS of years before the Chinese Emperor. Science then, and now have proven that the Greeks were never truly wrong. They spoke of the Atom, when for centuries all laughed at the myth of Atoms. When now today, we have not just discovered the Atom, we have realized the parts that make up atoms. Was Atoms a myth??? 

I say science is now proving Empedocles was correct on his theory of Light. They are now discovering low pulse energy waves do leave the Eye ball of man. That help mankind see colors and all that exists. Yes, Isaac Newton was/is correct, yet, so was Empedocles.. Is the Ambrosia a myth??? The food of the God's/immortals??? Me and Science has proved that the Elixir of the God's/Greeks is already laying and discovered in science. Gerevivify the Algorithm and Serum Elixir just sitting in science.

So, even thou the Chinese were/are so Great, and even thou their errors made many turn from metals as a source of immortality. In turn helping improve the road to the quest for Immortality - Super Longevity. They were far from the first. From Egypt, to parts unknown, with proof waiting in the ground for archaeology to uncover - unmask. Many early civilizations brought forth the discoveries needed today for science to now end aging. And many then in those day's knew what they were doing for today's society. The theorists of that day, made correct today. As they spoke of the latter days and the cure. Theorists today speak of the coming centuries. But are they as correct as those from the past??? This we shall see.

ARE The Now oracles - forecasters - Prophets - Philosophers of today Myths??? I say they exist??? How can they be doubted. Those who have seen and envisioned this now decade of the now end, not later, but the now end of aging and sickness. Men and Women such as the great Dr. Aubrey de Grey, and Maria Entraigues Abramson, and Ray Kurzweil, and Ilia Stambler, Dr. Bill Faloon, Dr. Bill Andrews, and Elena Milova, and Iris Jacobs, and like Bernadeane, and James Strole of People unlimited, they are co - founders of RAAD Fest, great theorists and visionaries. And who are activists and promoters of Super Longevity, and such as myself r.p.berry, and many more people around the world years back, and today forecasting agings now end. All of us saying for now decades, that Super Longevity is in our grasp. 

And here am I proclaiming that I have found one healer - Cure, "Gerevivify the Algorithm and Serum Elixir." There are as found by AEWR thru data research, powerful organics on earth, that can be made more powerful thru the many findings of science. Combined into one Algorithm - Process - Methodology - Step by Step method that can and will heal and rejuvenate the human body and condition. Making us live Centuries instead of mere decades.. We have much to do .. I SEARCH for Strong Men and Women to now partner and invest with me and My Wife to now begin the healing of those who Believe in The Science of the Homo Sapien.. Respect r.p.berry {quick information videos below}

{NEVER let anyone convince you no matter the reason. To make a one minute video. I was asked to do so months back. And I was as in a circus doing my best to perform. Some people are born to speak, I speak due to necessity. I fractured and dislocated my jaw as a small boy. And since have struggled to form my words after the said  event. So a one minute video for a man trying to figure out how to sound out a word before saying it, can be at times amusing. Fortunately I can laugh with most, and at myself. Here are several attempts at one minute. You can at times see my frustration. I do to my problems with speech have always just let the camera roll, and me release information. But a one minute video. {While at times be informative} You will leave out at times crucial information. Frustrating and boggling your mind while doing so. Observe} HERE is a link to a video which again shows the massive infection mankind's individual cells have LINK: THE INFECTIOUS PANDEMIC SENSONIC PLAGUE THAT FLIES IN THE FACE OF SCIENCE IS SHOWN AND SPOKEN OF IN THIS 18 MINUTE VIDEO:  And the very short videos below glance off the subject as well.. 

                                                                         {one minute info video}

                                      {One minute info video missing word on the Serum Elixir info}

                                                   {3 Minute information video. With much information}

{Edited: I Just added this today to this post 12 - 01 - 2017. I have had a man tell me that I say this wrong in the video above??? No, I say what I have concluded and is what makes many struggle such as at the NIH. If the so called vitamins and proteins made by gut bacteria, are in reality toxins made to enter our cells and make the cell die many years sooner than they our cells should. Kill our cells with these chemical/elemental formulas. I say they are actually to be called toxins/poisons/venoms/ strange amino acid like formulas. 

Like the bacterial vitamin like chemical structures the bacteria use to kill each other is called a bacteriocin. Which is what all microbial toxins are made of, save a few that look like vitamins, {such as roseoflavin} if shaped/structured similar to a protein/amino acid formula. It still is based on the same premise, a chemical formula made to kill the cell it enters, causing it premature cell death.  Science has found other microbes that use vitamin like toxins to kill each other. But that makes it a poison/toxin not a nutrient. And we our bodies are microbes. So the same reaction from these foreign chemical/elemental formulas bring the cells of our somatic system early cell death. If they are not to help the cell, but to kill it, it has become some kind of strange amino acid/chemical elemental formula used against our body... More word in the link below.. Respect}
{Here above is a 4 minute video made for a post on my Gerevivify clarifier site. That is quick and informative. The full post and site can be seen at LINK: TO GEREVIVIFY THE ALGORITHM INFORMATION: where are many links to show the mind the facts needed to understand the hidden infection.}

 {TOO the First 10 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits after the formula/Serum is complete/produced and being sold along with the many hyper-organic food products. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full 40 - 60 partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders} for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" Those investing will be receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir and other nutritional products rising up from Gerevivify, to near eternity/in perpetuity.}