Monday, June 2, 2014


 THE SENSONIC PLAGUE NOW ENDS!..................................


Below I have copied and pasted a conversation I had at Ending Aging: a Facebook page of  A Senescence ending organization, developed for the end of aging!
where in they had another Great article, which proves us here at Adam and Eve Word Research....

{COPIED & PASTED Commentary} - {Great Find Joost G. Wouters} You must be careful though, I had my heart attacks due to fasting to long! You do realize who this proves do you not??? Proves again Adam and Eve Word Research that the body has a disease that flows in and out of the body each day, in the foods we eat, and the water we drink, the air we breath, and everything we touch. So by not taking in aging/death {infected foods, but only a hand full on earth are not infected, we have found these foods} The immune/stem cell system can strengthen!!! As stated on the site at Link - Adam And Eve Now End Aging:: that death/ageing comes in and out of our body each day...Even prolonged fasting will not cure proving still you cannot live past 120 years without Gerevivify.

  You see aging/death is set up in our genome now, but it can be effected {but not cured without my formula} I have found the only molecules for now ending agings attack without starving yourself /fasting to death to eliminate as much as you can before dying of said heart attack Ha... Gerevivify the elixir of Rejuvenation for ending the Sensonic Plague we call aging.... Is Amazing, the stem cells and all the body have infection that can be some what lessened, but not cured without gerevivify. But with my elixir then you can live on into eons.. {Here is the link given on fasting strenghtening the immune/stem cell system, of which we commented above..

I Am Calling out too powerful spirited and Chemists/scientists. To now join the task of ending what has attacked mercilessly our Family from the first days of Recorded History! A word below which I have left on many scientific sites on facebook...

 AS I JUST Posted elsewhere on Facebook... If a bold strong scientist male or female with a bio-chemical laboratory wants too help me bring forth the now end of aging and sickness... And is mentally determined and would not stop even if the devil itself was in the way the methodology of and for the cure is found but it takes of course science and the Chemistry of science. Contact rodney berry at 469-288-0152 or on facebook Link: Adam and Eve Now End Aging on Facebook: wherein the key too eons of Life awaits facilities/commercial production plants too now bring forth the elixir of Life.. Which as the Greeks hypothesize many events of this day, the early scientists/chemists Hypothesize the coming of the ELIXIR OF LIFE through science/alchemy/chemistry.. And I have the organic molecules found and the methodology wherein you must adhere to begin living Life eternal ... It has Begun..

HERE is again more evidence {speaking also of fasting} as the post following this post {which is speaking on the Stem Cell} discusses the fact that we have a disease, of which I have found the cure for, and the Method of which too stay cured.... Pasted commentary below.

I Just left this word on "Eternal Life Fan" facebook page, and I am going too add it too a post on the site at "Adam and Eve Word Research" and at "Adam and Eve Now End Aging" Facebook page.... {Pasted commentary} This article and Link again proves my word I have declared for many years, that we have a disease, which enters and leaves our body each day. It is embedded in us but the Stem Cell system is relieved of the disease when removed from the body, or as we see here when we fast this allows the stem cell a better environment too work in being much of the toxins and sub atomic pathogens are removed by fasting.

  {The Stem cell has a system of self purging and can cure itself after leaving the body, while in body unless  the conditions are right the stem cells and the immune cells they develop can grow while all other somatic cells remain diseased with aging.} So, aging/death enters us each day, through the foods we eat, the water/fluids we drink, and through the very air we breath and the substrates we touch and stand upon. But there is a way and I have found it, the way too end the attack, and remove them from our bodies/cells...

  Here is the link again proving me/system/cure... I found this particular link on the Methuselah Foundation Facebook page THE AMAZING METHUSELAH FOUNDATION... Respect  too all born of Adam/Atom {Image below, The Stem Cell, it has fought and given us the life span/expectancy too live long enough in each generation, too allow us too discover/research and has now beaten death through us by doing so! By giving us Life the stem cell has defeated death in laboratories by extending our Life expectancy by battling sickness for us each day while we live and research..}

LINK: WORD on the now End of the Sensonic Plague: 



  I have decided too add too this post due to running into an Amazing Woman who does very well at researching the past! The therapies/remedies she found will not allow her too live past a 110/120 years. But she did find help in the past data of science. As I went into the past texts and brought forth from the combined data of Mankind the Now End of the infectious disease we all contract at birth called the Sensonic plague of aging.  Suzanne Somers reached into the past! Please examine her strength {in the video/Audio below} as you examine this entire website please bring forth the knowledge of premature death and aging's now End! We search for donations/funds/partnerships too now end ageing for you and your family.... Respect too all of Adam/Atom .. It has Begun {Below copied and pasted commentary too Suzanne Somers, mighty woman of the Future.. I have contacted the world and she is again proof of that...}


   Pasteing this in a few area's herein too make sure a powerful Woman gets a powerful Message... Respect... {I am going to also paste this else where on your page Suzanne Somers Esquiress} Thats amazing, I stumbled upon your site yesterday while searching for a woman who had a friend request and her first name being Suzanne and the Summers/Somers girl/kid popped up! {And I then remembered that I had seen your amazing decision and story about your cancer battle. {years ago} So very inspiring and your thoughts on longevity being very strong.} So I said who better than this courageous lady too contact {I for years now have been contacting 1000's but now I am very prepared no longer having too say "find", "its" found, the "causes"and methods and the matter the disease uses too decompose/age us.}

   I have tried for now well over a decade too awake science to the fact that aging is actually the decomposers/fungus doing just that too mankind, using a combination of secretive clandestine toxin's that begins our end before its coming {breaking down our system/body} if I may be so bold too say such things too such a Lady as yourself? And as stated on the website. I have found men of the past with my same theory that I now call Law. I through a hypothesis I had I began examining past data and found men a century and more ago who had the same hypothesis as did I yet, sadly they passed before being able too follow their theory.

  Then other researchers came along with a false conclusion to the same data, taking all of science in another direction! {In Posts below I point out and speak of these men} But, with past research data and todays organic bio-chemistry we can now end aging/premature death and live literally eons. Sounds strange, but is more than truth... 

  If you run into anyone who can invest {with investors} we should have the cure prepared within a year if not sooner. There is a diet that must be followed after beginning what I have already named Gerevivify. The elixir that ends the Geriatric effects and all the diseases we associate with ageing/decomposition. Which in reality should be called decomposition taking place while we live. The infection weakening our cells and their organelles/telomeres/cell walls/genes which in turn weaken our organs and body structure giving us the decrepitness of being poisoned our life long into aging... Again "Adam and Eve Word Research". Found also at "Adam and Eve Now End Aging" on Facebook... My wife is calling, Ha... I will also paste this else where on your site/page...Respect too all born of Adam/Atom and Suzanne Somers

      {The First 10 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders}  for - of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends will be healed of the plague we call ageing.} Become part of the Destiny of Woman/Man become and investor in Life and the end of aging and death.. Become an investor ..