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BELOW in the body of this article-Post are links of evidence of the Pandemic sickness Humans have called natural aging. Yet, is in reality a wide open for all to see Plague that once cured will allow those involved in the battle of Life against aging and death new Longevity into centuries instead of mere decades.. {Blowing-Blasting the Creator of Life the Stem Cell-Sperm into full "Escape Velocity" to coin a phrase developed neologistically at Methuselah Foundation-Sens Foundation by David Gobel..}

It is plain and blatantly obvious, but hidden from our generation due to and by the past pioneers of biology having started a mindset in medical science that has helped hide the criminal element that kills and murders all it can do so to.. THE BAD conclusions to Good data and empirical evidence by the heroes-pioneers of biology was in essence pseudoscience that threw biology-medical science into a whirl wind of error and confusion.. The catalyst - bad conclusions that hid the Senesonic plague from the eyes of the Future biologist of earth was hopeless in its destructive effects, cloaking the facts-affects-side effects of the disease that were never to be known, until NOW FOUND BY AEWR - r.p.berry and many others who now struggle to bring truth-research into the proper LIGHT..

{AN ANIMATED IMAGE of ONE of the many armies of Life called the Human Male Sperm.. The GIF shows what appears to be unimpeded carefree little Nematodes of pure Life. But with each bout of Love-sex brings into battle for LIFE millions of Sperm. Many I believe know they are going into battle to die for the Sperm that makes the prestigious Historical Ovum Contact.. r.p.berry} 

SCIENCE HAS LONG had all the data necessary to now end aging. It is very simple, yet extremely complicated to do. But the Cellular pandemic Plague named the Senesonic-Sensonic Eukaryotic cellular plague, a disease Named by AEWR is real and has the possibility to be stopped, and can only be done by way of Science. The many causes of aging have truly only one or two weapons as of now formed against it. 

At least until the now development of the Gerevivify Algorithm and Serum Elixir there have been Life extensions-extenders, but no healer, and yes that is where AEWR'S Gerevivify Comes in. A process of 4 phases that arrests the sickness and then begins to rebuild the structure-body that has been under the clandestine attack of the Sensonic Plague..  

IN THE Links-articles below we see that the so termed by many "Gut flora microbes" are in reality a gang of blood thirsty killers living off of a body-host while killing it the entire time.. My thought naturally is it is weak to the 10th power. Have a being giving you Life and shelter and to then be attacking and decomposing-killing it the day long is the mere act of a poisonous killer with no other thought in mind than it wants to rule Life with death.. 

{HERE WE SEE in this lengthy paper-article that the so termed probiotics are in reality anti-biotics-anti-bio-Life.. The many chemical weapons-bacteriocins made by our Gut Jungle named-called by me & AEWR kill the very structure and energy of the Life form called Woman-Man-Nematode-Sperm.. 

NISIN a poison-bacteriocin made by our so called "GUT BUDDIES" by the majority of biologists of this day say they are just our little loving gut Garden-Flora when in truth are vicious destroyers of our Cells-Seed. And of what was properly named by the discover of bacteria "Antony Van Leeuwenhoek" who in the 17th Century named what he seen under his very crude Microscope "Little Animals" and he is-was more than correct. The microbes of earth are as Antony knew, they are mere animalistic creatures whose thought each day is to kill and EAT. 

HERE IS BUT ONE LINK exposing our anti-probiotics as MAN KILLERS-SPERMICIDES.. What kills our Sperm kills our individual cells made and created by our Stem Cells-Sperm-which shows the mystery of Science which Cell death-Cell mutation has been. Humaniocins-Eukaryocins as many of you know I have named the chemicals made by our enemy which is aging-death-Sensonic Plague that causes our decomposition that leads us into the spiraling entrance of Lifelessness-death.. Chemical Weapons-humaniocins-Eukaryiocins-bacteriocins first discovered by Andre Gratis-Gratia said by some. Which are made against all eukaryotic Life forms on earth. WE ARE THE EUKARYOTE-Nematode-Homo Sapiens of Earth.. LINK AT LINK: TO WORD-DATA ON probiotic bacteriocins being deadly to the Life-Sperm Cell of MAN-WOMAN. AND I AM SURE Deadly to the Ovum-Seed of Woman:


{PLATO foretold long ago of the Greatest act and event in Science-Biology-Man's History would be to research and Discover what Mankind IS??? Science has proven conclusively what Woman-mankind is??? We are Stem Cells-Sperm-Nematodes. That knowledge has now cut us loose into the realm of now ending aging-death.}

{SHOCKINGLY, and is very evident of the mindset that has ruled science and medical research now for centuries. People daring to bring the weak battle of the weaker sex's into the Laboratory. And the weaker Sex always turns out to be the man or Woman who is trying to divide a species that naturally both man and Female were-are-is born from the same penis-seed-sperm of all Mankind. Yet, trivialize the greatest Life form on earth. You are then helping blind serious minds who are not as weak as the dividers bickering in a laboratory instead of joining hands in the same. The battle of the sexes helping keep man busy while the same lab-University could be now ending aging.

 In this article a man impressed with the Ladies around him. Demeans and makes light of the GREAT creation and soldier the Sperm of MAN is??? As we see in the photo below. A Warrior, a Soldier of LIFE. Battered injured but carried on to the Mission of reaching the Ovum-Seed-Life of Woman to bring forth a Baby-multi-purpose Cell called MAN-WOMAN.. 

WHAT COULD BE called-termed the most important Life form on Earth the Male Sperm-cell. As well could be said of the Blast of Woman-seed of the Much Loved Female of our Species.. HERE IN THIS ARTICLE - link you see a small group of blinded humans. Humans some believed as professional minds discussing with disrespect the LIFE WE ARE. WE are the Sperm, but so many liberal Women and their male followers disrespect the Sperm of the Male species treating the issue as though having no real merit, treating it as a social experiment instead of a LIFE threatening situation. 

Using conjecture and even mendacity to divide and separate Woman from Man in science and in Society-Life. AGAIN the image of the Warrior Cell below shows a battle weary Life Soldier making his final efforts {HIS-HER CNS - tail visually damaged. A Life form literally fought through bacteria and bacteriocins that were poisoning it or even eating-phagocyting every Life - Sperm they could stop. A nematode fighting to enter the Egg wherein it breaks down into stem cells that join hands with the Chromosome - genes - cells {23 from the Sperm, and 23 from the Blast of Woman-stem cells that work as one} of the Woman to recreate-build once again a Sperm, but this time much Larger. 

Our Brain and Spinal Column-Central Nervous System is the proof and is so obviously the redesign of the nematode-Sperm that impregnated the Woman after Man had given her many moments of chills and desire. That as in the memes-illustrations above show that we are merely nematodes-Sperms with nerves and Stem Cells that now help make limbs-arms-legs-fingers-a very powerful and still very mobile SPERM-MANKIND.. {LINK: These Clowns have no mind for science yet are being paid to do such. LAUGHINGLY DEMEANING THE LIFE THAT WITHSTANDS AGING AND DEATH THE DAY LONG SO WE MAY LIVE:}  

WE AT AEWR as you can see by all the posts in-on this website and our other websites have located in the combined data of Woman-Man the many many causes of aging and we have located a very expensive cure just sitting in the data of the past and of present day Scientific minds.. WE SEARCH for partners-investors to now join us in agings end. We need many acres of farmland, we need laboratories and production facilities, WE need funding-money. 

We need chemists-biologists-technologist-computer science majors and so on. The entire body of science truly is used-needed to now end the pandemic plague Humanity has called natural aging and Adam and Eve {Data} Word Research has found not to be even near a natural phenomenon and named the disease the Senesonic-Sensonic Cellular plague that infects all Eukaryotic Cells-Life forms on earth.. WE HAVE MUCH TO DO .. One of our other Site Links at LINK: GEREVIVIFY THE ALGORITHM AND SERUM ELIXIR BLOGSPOT WHEREIN MORE EVIDENCE AND MUCH MORE DISCUSSION TAKES PLACE"

AND IF you are part of the Social Media scene. You can go to the Book of Faces and examine some of my word-work-groups about aging and its now end at these pages-links.. ONE - Discussing Life Extension Drugs and Super Longevity Page link LINK: DISCUSSING LIFE EXTENSION DRUGS AND LONGEVITY: {YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE A FACE BOOK ACCOUNT OR SIGN INTO YOUR EXISTING ACCOUNT TO HAVE ACCESS TO THE PAGES ON SOCIAL MEDIA. } AND THE GROUP "TRANSHUMANIST SANCTUARY" On the Book of Faces at LINK: LINK: Transhumanist Sanctuary-Life extension Discussion Group

AND MY INTERNATIONAL group page on social media-Facebook again you must join or sign into your existing account to view these pages and information on them at .. LINK: INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ALERT PAGE ON FB: AND MY PAGE "ADAM AND EVE NOW END AGING" ON FB AT LINK: "ADAM AND EVE NOW END AGING"

{HERE AGAIN} I expose how and why we can heal ourselves of aging. And without this ingenious design by the great Stem Cell we could not exist more than one day, and is how we can cure ourselves. The one thing that gives us the capability to cure the Sensonic Plague. HERE IN THIS ARTICLE-LINK is made Light of by WHO??? Men and Women who lay claim to having been trained in Science. Looking at a magic-miracle and made it seem as though nothing. When it is everything to the Human Life..

BUT, BUT, The article states blinding many, they state there is no real significance to the Somatic Cell cycle that replaces every Cell in the human body every 7 to 10 years. {No significance???} IT ONLY GIVE'S US A WINDOW of opportunity to end aging. AND THESE poor minds-brains cannot see the greatness of the ACT-process I have long called the Human Somatic Cell cycle. 

A PROCESS THAT allows us the opportunity to Cure your-our body, then the cells formed there after will be WHAT??? Living instead of several days, they the individual body cells will be living decades, allowing our body to live Centuries. 

Not running out of Telomerase -Telomeres, making Telomeres longer and longer each day.. LINK: TO WORD ON THE Human Somatic Cell Cycle which gives mankind an Open Window for Escape Velocity:

{And if desired more word on the nematode the largest Kingdom on earth. LINK: THE NEMATODE CHRONICLES LET US SAY:

{HERE IN This Link-article a brief summary of how many microbial toxins works. And helps me and all pull back and read quickly to allow us to cut through the vortex of data to see what type of action is taking place in our body-cells. AND SHOWS us why Yale Universities recent discovery of what they term new nano proteins and he search for the genes that are expressing them. When what they have found are the moieties broken off from and the moieties that enter our DNA-RNA that are in reality never to be involved in the cell system.. LINK: LINK: THE ANALOGS OF AGING AND DEATH MOIETIES OF DESTRUCTION THAT CAUSE CELL MUTATION AND CELL DEATH:  

I SEARCH FOR MY FIRST 10 million dollar investor-partner {which would allow them to boast a 50-50 partnership in Gerevivify the Algorithm.} Millions to be used to procure land and facilities to now implement the most Epic act in Mankind's history. Ending aging.. My contact information-phone number is at the top of my Website here on the right hand side bar.. AGAIN We have Much to do.. Great Respect r.p.berry and AEWR 

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