Thursday, August 28, 2014

THE SENESONIC Plague called Aging and death now ends, through the combined research data of MANKIND!

THE Combined Historical and Scientific Data of Man has now yielded the Panacea, the Elixir of LIFE! ... {While it now seems as though all Universities are searching for its causes. We here at Adam and Eve {Data} Word Research have found the once mysterious causes and we have found the now cure for Mankind's most dreaded disease, the Pandemic Plague called AGEING.}

A Synopsis on aging below: We do not live in a world of floras, or have a body Garden/flora. We live in a murdering jungle and We have a major infection/infestation: The Disease we now call the Sensonic Plague now Ends -- 


{Word Below in Video of deaths ways, and of its now end..}

One of the examples of Nanobacteria spoken of in the video's with other links deeper into the BlogSpot. LINK: To read of Nanobacteria, once unknown, once denied, by now Discovered:: that prove our long held beliefs even before nanobacteria was rediscovered that we are under an unseen attack. And some are even smaller than mentioned and shown in these links...

CAN Mother and Father be saved??? Grandmother and Grandfather??? Yes, but we must hurry! Video above speaks on that issue!!!

As I have explained before if I make a video and down load it, it go's somewhere. And here it is above and Below. Youtube when processing some how lost a little over 60 seconds of the video below. But it is still being used to wake and sound.

These videos Above Are for answering the question, of What causes aging??? And speak of How Gerevivify will enter each cell and remove the death and aging that has set itself up in our bodies. And how this Formula and Algorithm will bring us into Eons/Centuries of Life, instead of mere decades...


A. There is a negative energy transfer, that begins building in our bodies at birth, from the microbes which parasitically inhabit our bodies, beginning again at birth. Literally changing the atomic charge of our bodies organic elemental Atoms.

B. The tiny Decomposers in the bacteria and viruses, release upon the death of the bacteria, and harbor themselves in our cells, and organs, all demanding energy/nutrients, and attacking at will.

C. The death form/life form which comes from the bacteria at death, can only be described as a dirty energy, they are sub atomic, and do not need RNA OR DNA. THEY are as Nano Bacteria, that can come into our body in many ways, through cell filters, and can leave through our cell filters, all taking with them life as they come and go. While our entire Life poisoning us slowly into decomposition while we live and breath, literally breaking down our system while we are still alive causing us to become decrepit and sickly... {We need funding for our commercial production laboratories to formulate the already located organic molecules/matter needed to end this massive attack upon our bodies..}

1. More problems, They, the pioneers of medicine as this days scientists had/have never been able to examine a being, a man or woman raised without the infection. Which humans have lived on earth without the infection, only long before modern medicine!

2. So the men who first established the guidelines and laws of medical science. Misdiagnosed their data {Thinking that man is supposed to die of aging, due too never knowing or examining a human who again, as stated, did not have the disease/infection called aging. And due to all Life forms on earth having the exact same infection as mankind. Caused Woman/Man to think that death and aging was a natural act, when it is a unnatural phenomenon that has been witnessed by us human beings since our recorded history so it has long been documented that mankind must die.. But that is not the truth, we mankind is the only being on earth that can now end ageing in our species.}

3. Due to early research showing men and women of science that the bacterial infection/infestation of all our bodies. Effected man in very direct and obvious ways made many early researchers feel they, many of the microbes were living with us in symbiosis. When in reality it is a horrible dysbiosis. As Once thinking the Gamma neuro toxins made by gut bacteria, was them/microbes helping to tone our muscles. When we here at Adam and Eve as now many researchers around the world, have concluded that these same neuro toxins, are made to effect man in negative ways. Such as quorum sensing of mankind/inter - species communication by bombarding us with gamma neurotoxins/chemicals the day long disrupting our thoughts and causing many depression as now proved by science. As lactobacillus bacteria trying to toxin us into eating dairy products, and such as Toxoplasmosis Gondii making toxins that disturb the mental health of men and women {and effecting the cravings for food} by speaking into their thoughts with neuro toxins/chemicals/signals, giving them those more severely infected troubled thoughts and stress. And this is to merely mention a small portion of the attack upon mankind's body, that causes us to age. 

4. When in reality aging is not a normal part of life, it is mankind/Wo-mankind being decomposed while living and breathing and walking the earth. If not for our parasitic invaders, the so called bacterial flora of mankind. If not for them, we would live and grow as the stem cells of our body when removed from the infected host of humans. We would live indefinitely as science has now proved, that when in the body of man Stem Cells have a Life expectancy. When removed from the human body and grown invitro, they the stem cells live continually. Able to heal themselves due to man being the carrier of the infection/infestation. And that which causes the stem cells to work so hard to keep us alive. 

BUT We here at Adam and Eve through the research study of past data/word documents. Have found the once unknown causes {and they are many} of aging and death. And in the same combined data of mankind, from the Mighty Greeks, to the Mighty Hebrew, and Egypt. We have found the methodology and Elixir which will now end aging and sickness. We now search for donors and investors for the most Epic era in History truly the Apex of Science. The Generation which now ends the Sensonic plague, the Pandemic plague called aging and sickness. The Most Miraculous era and generation of Mankind's combined History. Much Respect... r.p.berry


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