Friday, September 26, 2014

TWO of the Secretive/Clandestine ways Bacteria Attack all cells on earth. All Life forms have the Sensonic Plague called Aging!

  {In the video above is visual word on the division of cells and examples of the many Life forms/cells on planet earth} And below in audio and visual and text I explain how death entered Life long ago and how we now have the cure available to us. 

  Through our Word research of past data, coupled with today's data, the combined information of Mankind has now yielded the cure. But we now need financing, with funding and commercial production facilities we will bring aging and death to an end, giving us eons of Life. The Elixir we call Adam and Eve's "Gerevivify" the elixir of Life along with the Methodology/Algorithm now ends the plague which death and aging has been upon mankind.

  Long ago when the first single celled life forms were developing in the primordial soup as called by science. There were two different types of matter, positive and negative. As spoken by Max Planck where he details how he as a great Physicist and scientist knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that anything that has a force within it, a charge of energy, negative or positive. This thing will have a consciousness a mind.  

  These two tiny sub atomic Life forms began to make structures to move about in which we this day of those life forms we have seen, we call bacteria and viruses and phages. Yet, even before they were developed/made in the liquid of life the primordial soup of existence beginnings. There were the sub atomic filths. So minute we are just this day getting a few glimpse of these life forms that are so small, they can penetrate any environment on earth, especially the environments of other Life forms cells. 

 In this beginning of single bacterial nano particles again literally some so small they can only be called Sub Atomic dirty energy. {as seen by science} One decided it wanted to live off the other and its developed cells of life. To do this it had to do as Science has seen in the Macro bacteria and Micro bacteria, they had to steal the DNA/RNA code/genome from anything, any Life form made by other energies. Stealing what materials and formula of chemicals the species formulated and devised to make this cell live and move. Stole the Genome of Life long before man had been developed and arrived upon the scene. 

 Only there is this one thing about man. If he knows the problem he will end it/solve it. Just two of the ways in which nano particles/nano bacteria make its way deep into mankind's body these decomposers. Is by learning long ago what mankind's cell genome is made from and of, and what keeps man going, what his energy supply is, and even learned how Womankind has so much Energy to be Woman. 

  What are these two formulas, these peptides of Life, which are among 100's of ways agings infection of these minute decomposers enter mankind each day??? Glycerol 3-Phosphate and Riboflavin/Ribose. With just these two chemical structures used by man. {And made in abundance by the gut bacteria in our intestines. The same matter/chemicals we obtain through our foods, these bacteria make with themselves {these little dirty energies} hidden within as a trojan horse to spring forth when deep into the workings of the Life of man called the somatic cells.}  These energy sources which he/we mankind get from our surroundings in our food and again WHERE???  From the Gut bacteria, THE GUT BACTERIA! That which wants us dead. Along with the ultra Microbic filth hiding in each bacterial cell of our gut flora to some, and gut jungle to others we are infected the day long by these what I call sinister methods of attacking life. Make a near perfect copy of what the Life form needs to live and be hidden within it is the infection we call death. And is taking place on a sub atomic/sub Nano scale. 

  Man & Woman has wondered can they end aging??? Could we Live near eternally in Physical Body??? Yes..... With the data we have found in the past of man, again coupled with the data of mankind/Womankind of this futuristic day. We have found the methodology and Organic formula to now end aging and premature death. Bringing us into Literally, in every sense of the word, into Eons/Centuries of Life...

{Glycerol 3-Phosphate and Riboflavin/Ribose, made by our enemy death/gut flora, which is but two of the many ways ageing's tiny pathogens use for entering all cells to age us!}

 Soon with investors/partners and donors we are going to stop the DNA AND RNA of the human body from being contaminated by sub atomic Life forms. That are So small the Human eye even when peering into microscopes cannot detect. {and keep them from decomposing us on a ultra microbic scale.} When mankind ages it is the battle of Life against death on the Sub atomic level that causes this act truly that we call becoming elderly and decrepit literally decomposing us while we live and walk the earth. But we can only see the side effects the end product of a hidden Sensonic Plague attacking us from all sides. The side effects of being poisoned our Life long on a sub micro level. This attack is calculated by these tiny pathogens of death, this disease that has been the bane of Man since our recorded History. {For more facts and links of evidence move deeper into the Blog...} There are again 100's of ways aging attacks us. But we only need one cure... Gerevivify..... We have much to do... Respect to all born of Adam/Atoms 

      {The First 10 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders}  for the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus due to their involvement they as their family and friends will be healed of the plague we call ageing.}