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{The Pioneers of the Biological Sciences did Science a great injustice, by taking Little data, and empirical research, and then with this data they came to astounding conclusions that were wrong in a Powerful way. The Links in this Post and those throughout the blog will Prove to all that the Aging and death infection of mankind has gone unseen due to the Men of the late 1800's and early 1900's writing and starting Textbooks and with these textbooks sent Universities down the wrong path/wrong pathways. There are many phases and symptoms of the disease that have been called the natural processes of Aging and death. {aging is far from natural} Examine this post, as well as the entire site and join us in the now end of the Plague we call ageing. Respect r.p.berry}

{Below evidence in peer-reviewed data and Links that expose the 1000's of ways microbes enter Woman/Mankind is, in reality, the many pathogens and their methods of causing the subatomic infection of Aging and death. The many pathogens involved in killing Woman-man use many secretive ways to enter the Life forms on earth. To then literally become part of the very membrane, and the substance, and genome of every cell of the human body/Eukaryotic cell, causing every cell on earth to mutate and decompose into death. Which also makes all cells age at the same rate.}

THE 4-minute Video Below is a brief introduction to this post. Which is for those who cannot envision the Massive infection that is aging, "The decomposer Disease," that is called here at Adam and Eve Data Research "the Sensonic Plague." Which is a Pandemic plague, that is so large in scope, none have been able to understand and see, until this day here at AEWR. Why the Name, we Called it onic/Sensonic due to the many acids made by the infection. 

   So, attributed to the many who have recently stated that they cannot see, or comprehend, what we say and mean that aging is a Plague/infection. We again now give links, exposing the combined research data of Womankind/Mankind. Which is so massive, that we still can only examine a small portion of the Scientific research Data that has taken an army of Minds throughout the Recorded History of Man to develop and document.  

   Continue on reading below to absorb the facts about the Infection, that has sat in plain sight before our eyes now for many decades. Hidden behind the false conclusions to good research Data. An infection which we now have the Cure for,  ready and waiting to be mixed and formulated in our soon financed Production Laboratory. {we search for investors-partners to do so} Only with the help of our now searched for financiers, and Partnerships, and donors, can we now end aging, so we - they as their families can be part of the coming Future of Man..

    {This infection posts purpose for being written, is recorded and explained here in a 4 Min.Video}

  The Link below this text, is to examine the what science have considered an extinct microbe.. A Life form they have called Luca & RNA WORLD.  In two of our other posts below in this blog, we have videos of the many different names given by researchers, to what we call RNA death forms or RNA life forms to science.. {and are the microbes theorized to be once alive but now extinct - evolved} They are very minute bioforms, capable of becoming part of our very cell system and our very cells. But to do so they the pathogens of death must have a clandestine method of entering the somatic system due to the body fighting them the day long.. The attack of the microbe builders of long ago, which use bacteria, viruses, and phages, and subatomic particles - massless particles to attack Woman/Mankind the day long to infect and destroy each cell individually to end each Body/Battlefield of - for Life, which stands against aging and death in war each day. {the multipurpose cells of our bodies armies of defense that keeps us alive. This assault takes place on the Macro, the Micro, and the Sub Atomic/Sub Nano levels of Life.. But Begins and ends truly on the as stated Sub Atomic level, the war which is the fight for Life, battling the attack of death... Link: 

  Toxins - These next Links will show all who observe, the many toxins developed in the human body.. Done so in our gut, our brains, and in our veins.. {and their harmful effects not realized by the scientific community, of the international world science as a whole, due to different labs, and different eras making these discoveries about bacteria, and the early mis-judgement by the original scientists who had first discovered these microbes. Coming to conclusions, that their research did not support, these their Hypothesis on very powerful subjects flawed in many ways that went on to confuse many generations thereafter. {When in reality, was the attack of death-aging upon mankind} These men and women who misspoke, and then taught their errors to generations of scientists} These toxins are deadly to our individual eukaryotic cells {and many said from the old school science to not effect Mankind/Woman} But more and more each day, science is discovering that these poisons/venom's of bacteria and all microbes are there to harm, not to be helping the body of Man...    

And are part of the Trojan Horse attack of the Luca & RNA world, to enter mankind by way of developed biological machines/single-celled bacteria/macro/micro/subatomic/sub-nano bacterial bioforms allowing them to be able to enter the Lifeform we call the Human being. {videos throughout the blog to show evidence} Toxins are on a very minute level, permeated with sub atomic particles that are bio-death forms, that want to kill and live off and grow from and in anything that they can, and then infecting all they can.. These killers come in through our foods, the air we breath, the water we drink the surfaces we touch.. And all contributing to the infection against Life called aging and death... LINK: &  

   MEET Wolbachia Bacteria {some scientist call it a phage, and others even a virus} Again old school science told us that Wolbachia, even though found throughout the human body, is not infectious to mankind/Woman.. How very wrong they are.. It has been found very much so in the What??? the human brain.. Many bacteria and worms and parasites enter the body of mankind, and while doing so they carry with them Wolbachia, the sick twisted bacteria that tries to not just infect bodies, it tries to destroy entire species.. Even makes its own species from the genomes of other life forms.. And our body is filled with this vile harlot.. And it contributes greatly to the infection we call aging and death, among other things.. We could speak for hours on this one part of the infection, and how backward old science was about this bacteria, and how wrong.. But we will do so on another day.. LINK: & 

  Now here again a twisted bacteria, Toxoplasma Gondii, that we all have in our system.. Science states that 50% or more of the world population have an infection of this bacteria, but they are found in us all. What they are stating is that pet owners and people who drink from mountain streams or rivers have a severe infection of Toxoplasma Gondii, this is a bazaar bacteria.. That causes for lack of a better term Crazy Cat Woman fever, and old term, that science found was/is a by product of Toxoplasma G. toxins, is it causes bi-polarism or insanity... AND the toxins made by this foul filth, are part of the cocktail of poison made by the Gut bacteria, that attacks and enters us the day long.. Causing our cells to go into much early Apoptosis, and causes the need cell propagation making our telomeres shorten and causes our telomerase genes to no longer be able to express, long before they, our Somatic cells would have had to do so, if not for and due to this attack of Toxins/venoms by 1000's of different species of bacteria, viruses, and phages..  LINK: & LINK: 

  Now again, we have 1000's of different types of bacteria in our body working to bring us down the day long, as our body is fighting against them to Stay Alive.. Life-fighting death every Millisecond of our day, the Life of our body is attacking what our foods and water and drinks and air bring into our system.. And all of these filth's are different forms of the RNA world/Decomposer society vehicles of transportation I call them..{them being inside the nucleus and cell membranes of these bacteria. Bio forms evolved from and made deliberately long ago, by a sub atomic filth. So small it can only be termed dirty energy... Single celled organisms made by it {nano/sub atomic particles/RNA world} evolving and building single cells long ago, to help it bring down Life... 

 ECOLI - This nasty filth is in all men and women, and is capable of making hundreds of proteins and peptides, and each one made to enter our cell system, to do what??? Bring with it sub atomic filth/RNA world/sub atomic particles that become part of our system due to the Amino Acids and Vitamins made/peptides made by ecoli.  As a what should be termed as a Humanocin/Trojan Horse/mankind killer.. What the bacteria make often to kill each other, certain proteins made by them are called bacteriocins by research science, due to it killing other species of bacteria with these peptides/proteins/toxins.. And the same bacteria makes peptides that old school science called good for us.. {Which are spoken of more throughout this blog} 

No, not a symbiosis with Man, a Dysbiosis with mankind.. Everything they make to enter our cell system, is used just for that??? To get sub atomic particles into us, that bring us down with old age/decomposition.. And is again one more method of attack, and part of the Sensonic Plague, the Pandemic that has been killing all true Eukaryotic life from the beginning of Life on earth. BUT we have the cure ready to formulate with investors and partners, and donors who are as us, ready for this disease to end, so AEWR is searching for wise men and Women to join us.. So we can live Centuries instead of mere decades.. "GEREVIVIFY" Is needed badly, and needed now for your Family..  LINK:  & LINK: 

 Pseudomonosa Aeruginosa - a Sick horrible bacteria.. That causes many diseases and along with e-coli it makes many peptides/toxins. Some of which science of the old school dubbed as good for us.. But in reality is a method of entering our cell system.. Peptides such as B-12'S and Biotin.. {yes being these toxins are expressed by bacterial operons and are amino formulas I call them peptides} Amino formulas that are Good for us if made by the proper food sources. Bad for us if made by the bacterium that long ago with the RNA world stole our genome, as seen under microscopes, and made near perfect metabolites only changing the chemical formula just enough to become a destroyer instead of a energy source or healer.. All the bad bacteria are raping/conjugating by force with many other microbes to steal their genome/DNA/RNA to know how they live, and what they need to live so these little mad chemists do so to find a way into the cells of life, that they then destroy with aging-the Sensonic Plague.. 

Long ago the Life forms that made mankind had their genome stolen just as we see under microscopes bacteria viruses 1000's of microbes stealing DNA-GENES-RNA where ever they can to make destructive poisons that are similar to the energy formulas of Life.. And since getting the Eukaryotic cells of earths plans of life -g enome these many filths have used that knowledge to make near copies of our nutrient requirements, to become part of our system/cells. P. Aeruginosa is also what I call the death bacteria, being in hospitals, or on battle fields, it wants to be the final assailant upon Life.. It is the bacteria that causes our last breaths in the final stages of any sickness.. And as stated, it along with all the other bacteria, viruses, phages and Sub atomic particles.. Are the Infection we call the Sensonic plague, the decomposer disease that causes us not to grow old, but to begin to decompose/rot us while we live and breathe... 





 There will be more links and commentary added to this post next week... THE INFECTION against Life called the Senonic plague now ends.. WE HAVE FOUND THE CURE.. "GEREVIVIFY" THE ANTI - VENOM/ANTI - TOXIN/ ANTI - DEATH ELIXIR.. Respect 

{For those who are offended by the Term RNA World.. {As I am at Times due to knowing massless Luca is the true killer} Here is word copied and pasted from one of the Wikipedia articles that gives some of the many other theories of the origin of Lifes first beginnings on earth and in the Universe.. I USE RNA WORLD, DUE TO SO Many declaring that science has not proved other than the possibility of RNA being the precursor to single Cell Life forms.. Yet, we even have some alternatives on video on this very webpage.. So RNA World is a term used by Science and us here on this post to speak of the makers of RNA/DNA/LIFE .. Here Below is the copied material for setting our minds right... Great Respect} 

The hypothesized existence of an RNA world does not exclude a "Pre-RNA world", where a metabolic system based on a different nucleic acid is proposed to pre-date RNA. A candidate nucleic acid is peptide nucleic acid (PNA), which uses simple peptide bonds to link nucleobases.[80] PNA is more stable than RNA, but its ability to be generated under prebiological conditions has yet to be demonstrated experimentally.
Threose nucleic acid (TNA) has also been proposed as a starting point, as has glycol nucleic acid (GNA), and like PNA, also lack experimental evidence for their respective abiogenesis.
An alternative—or complementary— theory of RNA origin is proposed in the PAH world hypothesis, whereby polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) mediate the synthesis of RNA molecules.[81] PAHs are the most common and abundant of the known polyatomic molecules in the visible Universe, and are a likely constituent of the primordial sea.[82] PAHs, along with fullerenes (also implicated in the origin of life),[83] have been recently detected in nebulae.[84]
The iron-sulfur world theory proposes that simple metabolic processes developed before genetic materials did, and these energy-producing cycles catalyzed the production of genes.
Some of the difficulties over producing the precursors on earth are bypassed by another alternative or complementary theory for their origin, panspermia. It discusses the possibility that the earliest life on this planet was carried here from somewhere else in the galaxy, possibly on meteorites similar to the Murchison meteorite.[85] This does not invalidate the concept of an RNA world, but posits that this world or its precursors originated not on Earth but rather another, probably older, planet.
There are hypotheses that are in direct conflict to the RNA world hypothesis. The relative chemical complexity of the nucleotide and the unlikelihood of it spontaneously arising, along with the limited number of combinations possible among four base forms as well as the need for RNA polymers of some length before seeing enzymatic activity have led some to reject the RNA world hypothesis in favor of a metabolism-first hypothesis, where the chemistry underlying cellular function arose first, and the ability to replicate and facilitate this metabolism. Another proposal is that the dual molecule system we see today, where a nucleotide-based molecule is needed to synthesize protein, and a protein-based molecule is needed to make nucleic acid polymers, represents the original form of life.[86] This theory is called the Peptide-RNA world, and offers a possible explanation for the rapid evolution of high-quality replication in RNA (since proteins are catalysts), with the disadvantage of having to postulate the formation of two complex molecules, an enzyme (from peptides) and a RNA (from nucleotides). In this Peptide-RNA World scenario, RNA would have contained the instructions for life while peptides (simple protein enzymes) would have accelerated key chemical reactions to carry out those instructions.[87] The study leaves open the question of exactly how those primitive systems managed to replicate themselves — something neither the RNA World hypothesis nor the Peptide-RNA World theory can yet explain unless polymerases —enzymes that rapidly assemble the RNA molecule— played a role.[87] 

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