Wednesday, July 8, 2015


THERE ARE HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF FUNGI/FUNGAL Species on Earth.. And their main purpose in their existence is to end the existence of other Life Forms.. They are what we here at AEWR call the society of aging and death. {Coupled with the attack of all prokaryotes upon the human somatic cell system} The Pandemic Plague we call the Senesonic Plague {Onic due to the acids made by all the pathogens, which are in the thousands truly, that infect Woman/Man} The Plague which is due to the many acids and Peptides made by these free loading microbes. That have designed a system, to where they merely attach themselves to any life form {or enter it} to live, and be fed, while working with toxins/poisons to bring down that Life. To where they can then eat it in its entirety and then move on to the next Kill.. They are the Hunters of Life, hunting down all to bring them into death.. 

   We have found their many methods of attacking Woman/Mankind and the many other Life forms on earth.. And we know how, we at least in mankind, know how we can stop this Plague in its tracks. Allowing US/Mankind to Live Centuries into Eons of existence, instead of mere Decades.. "GEREVIVIFY"

  THE many Posts on this Website expose merely a few of their attacks upon mankind.. {the methods of the disease range in the 100's, but, there is one Cure for them all..} And we speak of the Now Cure for which we need donations, investors, financing of all types thru out this webpage. For man to now become the Master of the Earth. Instead of Prey to this weak infection, that hides in all Life forms on earth, so it may live, while taking the right to life from all others.. These parasites must be stopped..

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{The Above a Picture of a Tree being eaten Alive, being poisoned and eaten while it tries to live}

{Above we have a Picture of a Life form Called Mankind, who is being eaten, and poisoned while he this Man wants and Tries to Live.. Literally being decomposed while living by Luca/RNA World/Fungus/prokaryotic pathogens. {Luca/RNA world is where the battle of Life against aging and death began. And is where the main battle is still fought in side the somatic cells of Mankind} These pathogens range in the 1000's. While the Eukaryotic Life form called mankind battles alone. This Pandemic Plague, which Womans/Mans discovery/creation called science has been our only weapon to now to use to end the Sensonic Plague. And it finally does so with Gerevivify the Algorithm and Serum. Which is the creation of the combined data of Humanity..}

{We have located the Cure to stop this sick Feasting upon man by the Fungal Microbes on earth.}

{Above Our New MeMe Avatar for our New Angel List Investor Sounding site. To where we are calling out to the worlds infected. To the Worlds Financiers. To now Join us in this astounding Day of the Evolution of Woman/Mankind. To where we can now soon start our Journey into the Future of Mankinds Destiny/History/The Future of the Human Being on earth. LINK: Angel List Investor Site, wherein any investor can see and view more information on agings now End:}


{Here above is one of the Videos I made for the Website. Where we are again searching for major partnerships and investors, So we may now end Aging. They asked for 3 Minute Videos, That is apparently not my forte, I made two that were 8 and more minutes long. Then finally I became a Used car salesman, and filmed this 3 minute video.. Excuse my hurried speech with my fractured Jaw.. Great Respect.. Here is where aging and death now End.}

The Plague that has infected and exists in all Life forms on earth, Does not age us, it decomposes us while we live.. We at AEWR have found the Once unknown methods of aging and deaths attack upon Woman/Mankind. And we have found the Only Cure.. We soon Live Centuries instead of Mere Decades.. I search for those who will join us in investment, and in our hopefully coming commercial/Production Laboratory.. {The Cure found we need only to formulate} Go to these sites for links and much information on the now end of death and aging.. & & ...   Http:// 

  {The First 10 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits after the formula is complete. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders} for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir} to near eternity/in perpetuity. LINK to view is on the website link above at Adam and Eve Word Research Investor site. {Or you can click on the Socrates Image/Picture on the top side bar of this Webpage above} Plus they, as their family and friends, will be healed of the plague we call ageing.}