Wednesday, September 2, 2015


{{Where the Map Below Brought us as a People.. Now we view the Earth itself.}}

{{ Enter These two sites to learn more about the International Longevity Day/The International Day of Older Persons October 1ST:  LINK: FB Group International Day of Longevity: and LINK: FB Group International INOP DAY: }}

The International Community of Earth in the beginning of the sciences unknowingly worked together, yet, did so separately collecting data and making discoveries of which they documented. But, not until these great days in which over the last few Centuries of some men realizing the co-operation that had already been building of mankind's coming International coalitions of Science and Technology that would evolve the earth into a technological marvel.. These councils and associations and industries headed by those who were carrying us and Leading us into this 21ST Century of Man's Apex of Science. {at first unknowingly, now deliberately} Which is "The End of Aging." And the Migration of Man into the Universe.. Only with a Life Span of Living Centuries instead of mere decades can man/Womankind Venture into the Galaxy and Achieve this feat... 

 From the International Space Program, to the United Nations, to the coalitions of minds bonding between Universities around earth, to the mind boggling invention of the Internet that has joined the brains and souls of many scholars and inventors and researchers from around the globe. Allowing them to become Council with one another and to help make this era of the International day of Longevity - the end of aging to begin.

Below I am going to post several Videos I made to help make our minds meld a little more. To help us realize that what we have seen in the first writings and beliefs of men and Women. Was the Beginning of this Epoch, this day and time of the International Council of Researchers and Scientists who have become determined to now join hands to end the Pandemic Plague we have called Aging and Sickness/Death. 

  And who now assist Woman/Mankind into taking part in the Journey of the Species called mankind into the Galaxy and then Migrate/Propagate and become pioneers and Explorers of the Universe. That is just how epic our Generation and Destiny is and has become. A paradigm Shift, by way of all Science data and discovery coming together in one Century..

In the Videos you will see some of the faces and Organizations that now help Carry Mankind into Triumph and Victory, into the Future, and into History, and into the Destiny of the Human Race. Which has always been to heal ourselves of the Sensonic Plague and become pioneers of the Universe. The Videos are short and simply made, but, I hope some how significant for this now Historic and Epic Era in man's Existence.. 

{As you know we at AEWR have found the once unknown causes of aging, and the Cure. We search for investors/partners/donors.. We need lands, a commercial laboratory/production lab/center, and we need equipment, as well as the organics to begin the what we call the Triumphant "Gerevivify Algorithm and Elixir".. You can view more information on our AEWR webpages. The are sites on the side bar here on the right of this post, or go to the link at to become an investor in Destiny, a partner in History, a pioneer into the future.. You can read the many posts on this Site to view and learn how aging and death attacks/infects us, and read and hear thoughts on the found cure.. The Blog Archive is on the Right hand side Bar of this page >>>>> Respect r.p.berry}


{Above Video, shows many Organizations and People who now help end Aging}


{I have spoken in posts on social media, and else where that man will soon find a planet much closer than the exoplanets now being examined by Nasa. Some of which are located by amateur Astronomers from around the World, and most likely the best prospect for man/Womankinds exploration into another solar system will be located by "Yes and Amateur. The above video speaks of the fact that Mankind's Destiny has been the Universal Migration. YOU will notice in the Video I mention Carl Sagan was alive when the Kepler SpaceCraft was launched. My equipment is unforgiving. So I could not redo the video. But I was thinking to say the Hubble telescope, and then speak of the Kepler Craft. But I give myself one shot at these videos, if I blow it, it stays.. Then as you see I add a disclaimer/correction if needed.. Respect r.p.berry}

{The short 3 minute Video above again shows Men and Women who now bring us into the Galaxy}

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