Friday, November 6, 2015

THE PROCESS of "Gerevivify The Algorithm & Elixir" and The Phases of the Healing and How now shown below.. Aging Now Ends:

{Due to the Severity and depth of the atomic Decomposer Infection we call aging.  No Cure can heal it in one day, or one week, BUT One Year, two years, Three Years and Yes Healed by Gerevivify the Algorithm & the Amazing Medical Elixir. The Cure Shown Below. The Three Phases of the Cure...}

 {All we need is production Facilities for processing the Amazing Elixir's Formula, and we need Farm Lands to Grow the ingredients and Foods to be cultured for the Specialized restricted Diet.. Our investment site LINK: To invest/partner/donate and or purchase shares: }

  AS Long known and Discovered by Science the single celled Life forms on earth that finally evolved and began making and building larger species in Physical form did so one cell at a time. And science has researched and examined all Life on earth especially the human body and have discovered that the body of Woman/Mankind replaces cells each day and hour somewhere in the structure we call the body of man. And over a period of 7 - 10 years the body has replaced every cell in the biological frame of mankind. But as we age the body can no longer replace cells as rapidly or as efficiently as when we are between and during the epoch of our life from newly born to 40 years of age.

But that is now to change, the once unknown causes of aging have been found by AEWR, and the Cure for this dreaded Pandemic Plague/Sensonic Plague called by us here at AEWR has been found and will cure us in Phases. As the Human body has growth phases so will the Cure.

The first Phase is naturally very important as are all of the what in most will be 3 phases of healing and growth.. Lets look briefly of how this works and why. Many have been wondering how and why this formula and Algorithm will work and what proof do we have. My answer as always is that it is the combined data of Woman/Mankind that has yielded this amazing cure, this Algorithm for Life. Every medical science discovery as most scientific discoveries over the now many centuries of the Homo Sapiens existence has exposed and pointed directly at the Cure we call the "Gerevivify Process"and are involved in the process.

The first Phase of Healing begins immediately after one begins the purified process and Elixir. {The Astounding medical Cure The Elixir of Life Gerevivify begins to heal} In some the phase will be one year, or in others it will take up to 3 years. The first phase involves the Astounding cure and Elixir entering each cell of the body and literally battles the atomic and Sub Atomic parasites that have set themselves up inside the cells of man, and even have become part of the very structure of the somatic cells of Life. This immediately begins to relieve the body of the burden of carrying and supplying nutrients to billions of tiny hidden pathogens/parasites so small that science still has only seen under the most powerful microscopes, and some of these pathogens are so small that they have not yet been seen.

 To examine videos of some of the larger ones you can go to this link and past post of Adam and Eve {Data} Word Research. The link will bring you right back to AEWR yet you will be in a different post. LINK: TO The Past Post We Called The Murderers of Life Found: at the bottom of the post are several videos from different eras/decades where men had found the infection but had made the wrong conclusion to their findings. Most thinking they had found the essence of Life when what they had observed was the killers/murderers of man/Woman.

SO phase 1. The Elixir and specialized and specially processed and grown foods begin to enter each cell of the somatic system, and begin the initial battle against the infection by phagous {phago/eat} the specially grown and chosen life forms/organics begin to attack what has attacked man now since our beginnings.  Removing it, removing the atomic particles and sub atomic particles in the cell system and in the blood stream. But we must know and remember that these tiny filth's have found methods of doing WHAT??? Literally becoming part of the human body. We breath them the day long, we drink them, we eat them the entire day long and during the life of our body. So how can we over come what is now part of us??? By attacking them outside the body and by eating only the proper foods processed and grown in the proper way you can examine more information on our sister site at this LINK.. LINK: GEREVIVIFY THE ALGORITHM AND ELIXIR NOW ENDS AGING INFORMATION SITE:

Phase 2. Phase two will begin after many weeks/months on the Serum Elixir and specially singled out food sources that are grown using our special process. {Without the Gerevivify Elixir, the foods are useless, without the specially processed and grown foods the Elixir is useless and is why this is an Algorithm to cure. One without the other does not get the healing done.} Phase 2 will begin at the 3 year mark or before for most and begin showing dramatic results in body and skin texture and strength and appearance.. This epoch of healing will last into the 7-10 year mark of the Algorithm having been started by any individual. And will heal the Aged/those already old {naturally they must start the Algorithm months before death. So "No" we cannot claim/say all who come saying my mother is 100 years old and seems to be dying can we start her on the Elixir to save her Life??? No we must act as soon as possible. But} Oddly there will instances that could take place. But my advice it is to be started from aging ranging from birth up to 80 years of age to be certain.. But my Astounding methodology and Elixir has the capability of healing the very aged. But why would one wait until such age is upon them??? For children this system will be astoundingly productive creating Superhumans...

So again phase 2 is amazing the body is responding and looking stronger feeling stronger acting younger and feeling amazing.. {aging the infection has now been subdued/slowed to where the body can now begin fending for itself and building and repairing instead of having to build warriors/multipurpose cells/immune cells the day long and to fight the battle of Life against death, instead the Elixir is doing that for the Stem Cell system. The Stem Cell community {SuperCell called here at AEWR} of the bodies blood system can now focus on propagation {because it has now been healed} and building a body by replicating itself into Pluri-potent cells, instead of building an immune system the day long, the Super Cells can now build muscle, bone, Body, and do so powerfully..

  So now we are heading towards phase 3. Phase 3 is so special. By this time we have been eating only those foods processed on and by the Gerevivify system of Agriculture and only the foods chosen by the method of choosing the proper foods that we have developed here at AEWR.. This means the Elixir has been cleaning and sweeping away the enemy of Life that is the decomposer infection that breaks us down while we live and breath. Allowing only productive tissues to be made and grown.. Cells that will last years instead of mere hours will be made by the Stem Cells due to having only the proper nutrients and material to build with. The entire agriculture system and products now grown by the agriculture of Woman/Man now for and since our recorded history have been the wrong foods to feed the masses/Us. Phase 3..

Phase 3. The 7-10 Year mark {The Panacea Elixir has done its job, It has given the body back to the Creators of the Life and Builders of the body the Stem Cells. The infection completely beaten and removed.} Phase 3's beginnings, now and after the treatment has been doing its job and purpose for now near a decade. The body has replaced every cell, every cell now newly replaced with the proper matter, the proper material, the foods grown and the organics needed for the Serum Elixir have been cured of the disease and made suitable for consumption. All life on earth has the sub atomic decomposer infection especially the foods we eat, the Gerevivify process cures our foods. Once the Elixir has healed the body and blood and the body is made of the proper materials {again we are what we eat.}

  Then the Spectacular Evolution of Woman/Man begins.. Suddenly your teeth are growing and growing stronger, and your height begins to increase as when in your teens. The body now again being built that your cells were trying to build before the Sensonic plague got control of the endocrine and blood supply system of the Life of Woman/Man, the body your Genome had planned from the beginning starts taking shape.. You are healed and living an exciting existence of purpose and vigor only imagined in fictional writings of today and of the past.. Heading towards the coming Future and the coming Millennia.. All systems are go.. Your body so perfect that any injury sustained by you can be healed by the new SuperCell system of Woman/Mankind.. Man becomes MegaMan .. Soon it begins, Join us in the Future/Destiny/History of Mankind... Respect r.p.berry

  Examine the rest of our past posts for more information and contact our websites to become an investor or to even prepay for your first months supply of "Gerevivify The Algorithm and Elixir"

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