Tuesday, September 20, 2016

THEY SAY IT IS IMPOSSIBLE While claiming to be searching for a Cure??? Below a Response to my Crude Detractors:

{{The Whirling Vortex of Scientific Data has been Linked together as one, for the now Cure}}

Below in the brief video I speak of certain Men and Women who are defaming my websites and my work. And these few individuals that are doing so among the hundreds I contact each week. Some of them claim to be trying to end the scourge upon earths Life forms that we now and from the beginning of mankind's history have called aging and death. How can one search for what they believe does not exist??? If they say it is impossible for me to have found the cure???

In the Video, I explain how some on social media, and on the net by e-mail and as well as by private message have attacked my validity and my declaration of having found the causes and the cure for the Plague that infects all Life forms on earth. What has been called ageing by man has been in reality a Pandemic infection effecting all Bio cells on earth. Which is why man has felt aging was natural, due to all Life forms breaking down and then being consumed by the plague which permeates water, air, land, and sea.  I have had my detractors, only they cannot mention to me where I am lying or scamming they say. They cannot stick a pin in the point where it is that they say I am false/scamming. {Not reading or truly examining, just spouting pseudo statements each chance they get. Never able to say where I am false}

 And so strange to me is that the people saying that its impossible to cure aging, are at times the very people who should be believing??? And when texting in posts at times very vulgar statements of denial. Then when asked they will state that they have not even read the websites. That they do not have to read any of my writings. They just say it is snake oil??? or "WOO" what on earth is Woo??? Without even mentioning one thing they found as false. They tell people and me that they know that it is impossible to cure those who have aged. And that aging cannot be cured, so I am a liar??? And some of science doing so??? 

Then why are some of these men and Women in America and abroad stating each day that they are searching for a cure??? Even collecting money the day long while not believing there is a cure to be found??? As stated the bold detractors are few, but, even the silent detractors those speaking of the net to those they are associated with are not realizing that they are either lying or scamming or both, but not me. I do as I say, and say as I do.

AGAIN these type of statements is being made by who??? Longevity researchers and their followers and or supporters??? {Not the leaders of the major think tanks of the American and European Longevity organizations and Universities labs, But, their staff or students or their friends}

Now as you can see I am upset, and that fact is obvious in the video. People defaming me and my websites, and some of these educated men and Women have sent me viruses thru e-mail to my computer equipment to disrupt my sites electronics and my day, after me speaking with them. While they claim to be adults???

And as has happened to me in the past there are some now in Europe sending me pornography and phantom websites. And even posting such on my Facebook groups and pages by posting an image and link saying they have posted a scientific article. Then when clicked to view there will be child porn or the like??? Brilliant minds do Brilliant things??? Doing all they can to disrupt my venture/now adventure of my search for partners/investors for what I call the Apex of Medical science. The now end of aging and the cure for those who have aged. Which is the "Gerevivify Algorithm and Medicinal Serum Elixir"

As some say, and even attack me on that assertion. Saying that I am not young that I am old why??? while me saying each day to all I can that we need money to take on this epic task of making the old young once again by way of rejuvenation. Not making one young {making one begin moving towards a youthful physique and skin and hair and all, but still be the wise older mind we are that can then live many more decades into centuries} by making us healed and strong and virile and repaired thru curing the entire cell system of the human somatic structure. Not making us babies, but, making us structurally sound as a 21 year old once again, and maintain that exist for many decades there after. 

 Yes in the video you see a pissed man 62 years old. Who has now for years tried to convince Government and private entities to join him {I was a strapping 40-year-old when I began this odyssey. Which I explain much about in the brief video} and as some have mentioned and yes assaulted me with thru sarcasm. By stating why do I have a front tooth missing if I can heal the human body??? It is not missing its chipped. And became such by way of a young woman throwing a glass at me. {and again I need financing and partners to bring about the cure. Should or would it be easy to make the old healed into Strength???} And I am told why did you have a stroke??? I hope I have not had a stroke. But my jaw is crooked and my speech affected by the fact that I fractured and dislocated my jaw as a small boy.

 On that issue I can only say, that if you find yourself 10 years old once again, and your best friend beats on your door with a special gift, giving you a rope and declaring it to be unbreakable. Remember this, that rope is going to break in mid-flight. Some speak due to having the talent to do so. I speak thru necessity, due to not having a spokesperson to declare my findings and needs for sponsors/promoters and partners/investors and to explain my Algorithm to take us into centuries of existence.

 So with no further ado, please examine my response to those who are crude while pretending to be Sophisticated. And is why I made this post to make sure all those who around the earth that have slandered me and my sites can examine the response. And those who believe in science can see what type of minds are out there in Research land..

{{apparently the 62-year-old Data researcher has had enough}}

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To become part of the Apex of Medical Science which is the now end of aging by way of Gerevivify The Algorithm & Serum Elixir go for more information at these links: http://adamandevewordresearch.org and http://gerevivify.blogspot.com/ Additional information can also be examined as well in the many posts on this website. {post archive on the side bar to the right} which is viewed by over 1000 scientific minds around the earth each month..