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{Science has long shown any who look at its data. That our body has enemies that must be fought until they can be fought no longer. At the moment of our death from Aging, the enemy repelled and resisted by our bodies and cells from our mother's womb. Enters the Sanctuary of our Life and mind. And consume it. We now have a cure at hand.} 

ONE OF THE MAJOR FRONTS: The War Zone of the human gut. We are infested/infected by air touch and our foods and drink. The human intestines are raging in the battle of Life against aging and death each day. 

{As you see by the chart above there are over 500 amino acids in nature. But zootoxins many of them, and the same with bacterial toxins {said by science to also be analogues of each other.} Are often made from the same 20 acids made by the nucleic acids of the genome of mankind, so as to enter mankind, with a foreign methyl group, or other radical attached for destruction to initiate the onset of cell death. Now science states they have developed a new strain of e-coli that they say makes a 22nd amino acid??? As I have argued before, if these amino acids are expressed by the operon - genome of microbes, they should be called peptides. Not amino acids??? Copy this link to read more}

We hear of the amino acids of the many bio-cells on earth {Such as the 20 known above, when right now science is formulating new strains of bacteria capable of making new unknown amino acids???} when we are reading any text on biology or medical journals. When speaking of amino acids, you mostly hear of how proteins are made by these chemical formulas. Making most feel that amino acids are only for health and well being. 

Yet, all zootoxins are made up of amino acid formulas. And strangely, as science has discovered slowly over the last 50 years. Is that in the bacteria - microbe realm and in the many poisonous species of Life on earth. Amino acids are used by these Lifeforms to destroy each other. And some of these poisons are analogues and epimers of proteins and vitamins we need that they are mimicking {yes vitamins start out as amino acids, the precursors to vitamins are amino acids.} So taking that into play and into mind. We must then realize, what the bacteria make to kill other bacteria, and what poisons snakes and spiders make to kill other creatures is made in the form of Eukaryotic like proteins and nutrients - vitamins that kill their prey or their enemy. 

We are Eukaryotic cells, and our cells die on the hour due to our enemies making Eukaryotic like proteins, and Eukaryotic essential vitamin analogues that are in a structure similar to what we need from our diets. Only these analogues and epimers enter the cells and become cell destroyers, not cell fortifiers, as our much needed true nutrients. These pseudo vitamins and proteins that are expressed by bacteria and mold and fungus - yeast, as well as viral toxins. Are targeting and killing our individual cells each day. Many bacteria that Science has called nonpathogenic in our body and in nature. Are extremely pathogenic. So much so they help us age and die many many decades before our Life was to ever end.. Examine more word below in links and video. 

 THE Many microbes of earth, that are ubiquitous around this globe we float on in space. Are the causes of the many maladies and ailments Woman - Mankind is subjected to each day of their lives. {Science not realizing that they also take hundreds of years from our earthly existence.  As mentioned this discussed deeper into this blog and in this post.} Only most of the species called the homo sapien, are by and large able to avoid until their latter days, the effects of the Pandemic Plague AEWR has named the Senesonic - Sensonic plague. All sicknesses are contracted due to the combined attack of the 1000's of bacteria and viruses and molds and fungus that inhabit our environment we call our somatic cell system - body. Each cell that dies daily in our somatic system die due to the many known toxins, and many what has been unknown toxins. Yet, now found by AEWR and are exposed throughout this website too awake and alert the 1000's of scientists we contact around the earth to visit this webpage.

Thankfully, as designed by Life, we have an army that fights and has fought from our inception, and continue to do so until the day we, anyone, succumb to the weak clandestine assault, by our once hidden enemies. The methods and chemical warfare used by our killers have now been exposed to science. The attack that brings mankind into aging and much premature death, that if not repelled by our immune system as best it can, we would die before being born. AN example of our amazing creator cells biotechnological weapons - Warriors in the Meme below. That our developers devised to destroy and repel our foes the day long.

Without this great army of protectors and rebuilders, we would die in our Fathers scrotum and or our mother's womb. {Our army fighting the plague/pathogens that want us dead as soon as possible, so they may eat the body, and move on to another kill.} There are those today that have developed a method in which they take bacteria from our gut and adjust the population by way of probiotics, and even by way of fecal transplant??? Which does have a reaction that at times relieves the symptoms caused by a build-up of those bacteria that cause a certain malady which has made someone with a weak immune system sick, But, the so-called nonpathogenic good bacteria, are also helping destroy the human structure in ways unseen by science until this day? Even though it has been hidden by misconclusions made by researchers long ago. Only now thru investigation of the combined data of science. The secret is out, the way that the plague "which has many characters that are criminals against life" working together to bring down MANKIND.   

THIS CLANDESTINE attack causes our bodies genome deep inside each cell and is why our body ages at the same rate. To begin to mutate and begins to malfunction in its building codes/DNA. The genes are infected on an atomic and even subatomic level caused by the amino acid formulas science long ago mistook as nutrients. When they are in reality analogues and epimers of death and aging that are toxins not nutrients. {Nearly structured as the vitamin or peptide they appear to be, but are poisons/toxins/destroyers that bring us into aging, along with many other attacks} Then in the early days of science, before other researchers with better equipment now years later began finding chemical attacks made to assault microbes by other microbes, to clear the area that they want to dwell in, or just to take the peptides from another life form. Men of science at first began calling chemical substances made by bacteria that resembled nutrients used by our somatic cells.  Describing them merely as different forms of vitamins that we need for movement and Life. But in reality, these chemical structures come into the cell system of man and begin to slow down the system and finally bring our genes into a mutated form.

THIS, as a data researcher I have known for years. I have seen only one other man be even near the truth, and he has done so very powerfully. That is Dr. Aubrey de Grey of the Sens Foundation. {I just had several people on social media ask me if I have found a cure, and if I am researching to cure aging. Then why am I not doing the same things as Doctor de Grey??? Why am I not doing as George Church one told me??? I explained to them that I am doing just as they are doing. Only my method is offensively attacking the plague using other processes and a different methodology.} Aubrey de Grey has stated for quite some time, that the metabolitic processes of the human Eukaryotic cell cause residual and collateral damages. My data research has proven Aubrey and his Sens Foundation as being very correct, and more so than even they realized. I was shocked when I first discovered the secretive attacks of our murderers.

Aubrey de Grey did not know that the bacterially derived nutrients were the cause of this condition and the damages that he brilliantly knew were the causes of aging cells and cell death, but, he thru all of the misdirection given us in biology and science down thru the years. He even with textbooks stating and literally demanding to be learned that cell degeneration was normal, and could not be reversed or stopped. {But it can be ended} He the de Grey would not accept those conclusions. He valiantly broke thru the wall of confusion and brought forth his 7 ways to attack aging and death. He wisely knew it begins with the nano - quantum world of the many indivdual cells that make up our Life form called mankind themselves, each cell being sickened one by one our entire lives. But, he did not know that scientists of the past, who first developed this now widely expanded discipline called biology and medical science. Had started us all down the wrong road, by making powerful conclusions to very little data. And the data obtained by them was done so with very poor equipment having to be used in those days for investigation.

So if Aubrey de Grey, and George Church, and David Sinclair {another that I have been rebuked with this week} are researching and developing technics to try and reverse and stop the mutation of the genes/genome of the human cell. How can they and I myself be working on different scales??? How can we not be working and fighting in the same war??? The battle of Life against aging and death. And it is in every sense of the word a war fought by all microbes against us the Eukaryotic cell - the Eukaryotic microbic structure called man. 

How are wars fought and won in what I call the third dimension? In the physical realm of Life/Mankind??? Us as a large cell having been built by trillions of cells. Truly mankind is a war machine built by the creators of Life, the Eukaryotic Stem Cell. You could truly call man a large stem cell. Every organ and muscle and bone and nerve tissue of mankind is made up of a stem cell community that has taken a different form in different locations so as to complete a much-needed function and process. As the stem cell, the man searches each day for something to repair, or for something to build to make his Life more comfortable and more durable. So does the Stem Cell do within each of us every second of the day, they search for damages, search for invaders that have entered into the nation and environment that is our human body. So again, we are in reality, a large Eukaryotic cell that works for and due to the microbic biotechnological inventor - creator - the stem cell.   

As spoken, how are wars won in the physical realm??? By men and women joining forces for the common good. You see in the 2nd World War England would have been destroyed if not for America entering the battle alongside their counterpart in life, that is Mother England. If the 13 states and territories and colonies of America had not joined hands. They would have fallen to France and sadly England and to Spain and then on into the many wars that followed. If all did not work as one with a common cause. All would have been lost. What is the human body needing and expecting to make the final push to end the war that takes place inside the body of the now called homo sapien??? Re-enforcements, new troops, another army to take on part of the massive attack that is the Sensonic Plague. The body looks for those generals and soldiers to join and make the battle of the bulge taking place in each human body. {Looking for help inside, and for us to help outside. I have found the healer/cure for the inside/soldiers} To where this long fought War can Be a Victory and allow the body that has so valiantly stood for us from our birth. To go into many many years of peace and tranquility/Longevity. So to be allowed to restore the many battlefields to their once perfect grandeur. Our organs our muscles our bones.

THAT is what we are, platoons and armies for our body when we are researching data and the biological attack taking place on the nano - the atomic level of Life inside our human cells. {We are extensions of the great inventors and warriors the Mighty Stem Cells} As I have declared in past posts, just below this post. {and many can be reached in the blog archive on the left-hand sidebar of this page} That we are cells that are under attack by clandestine toxins and poisons that come into our body thru the air we breathe, thru the foods we eat, and thru the liquids we drink, and even thru our cell filters by way of us touching substrates and by way of bacteria and microbes literally interring us, or infecting - injecting us by way of conjugation with our cell filters and the cell itself. AS YOU see it is a massive attack, an attack that comes in many forms. Hundreds of ways we are attacked each day. That takes from us LIFE, bringing our body into much premature death. We could live hundreds of years if not for this attack upon our innocent body.

If these probiotics - good bacteria called now by science are not also bad for the body in the long run. Then why if any of these bacteria find their way into our body, then why does the immune system - Stem Cell destroy them if they can on sight??? Why does the army of our Body, station 75% and more of the troops of our immune system, in and near the gut our entire Life fighting and fighting for this body, or they would immediately enter our body and destroy us from within??? Why has the NIH in certain research papers state that we do not need bacteria to survive, we get all our nutrients we need from our diet??? Why has and does the NIH and others research to find out why bacteria make massive amounts of Eukaryotic like peptides - proteins as peptides - vitamins the day long in our body??? This massive attack upon the human structure, and still if we live even 50 years, shows us just how powerful mankind's system is, and just how long we could live without this constant attack. WE MUST JOIN THIS BATTLE much more greatly than we have. 

AGAIN Enters Dr. Aubrey de Grey, again enters Bill Andrews, again enters Liz Parrish, again enters People Unlimited and James Strole and Bernadeane, again enters George Church. Again enters AEWR. We are that army needed to strike a blow for final victory And now we can at any moment, and doing so will turn the tide. {I have not only found the causes but also a cure for this plague} To turn the tide and to take mankind into centuries of Life instead of mere decades, to literally becoming the victors of this long millennial upon a millennial war that has been fought by the Mighty Stem Cell now through the first epoch of the Primordial soup, on throughout every epoch of Lifes history on Earth. 

Without this massive attack upon the Eukaryotic cell systems of life. We can live centuries, and yes the victory is at hand. The many causes of cell death have been described in textual data by science and biology now for decades. AEWR has found them tucked away off to the side, but not joined together to function as true data does.  Lost pieces of the puzzle sitting right before our eyes, merely overlooked.   Science a fractured system, when they were to be linked with all actions found of the bacteria and the other microbes of the earth, to give us all that Eureka moment. To where long ago men and women could raise their heads and say. We have found the causes of aging and cell death EUREKA it has been found. 

I am now going to list a few links and some youtube videos. That will make all realize that bacteria are not our little garden - flora of love. But that they are collectively killing us either softly and slowly and secretly, and or in direct sight bringing us down spiraling into the geriatric hell old age/decomposition becomes. The links and video's show how man knows that bacteria kill us each day. {My camera is on the blink, but I plan on making a short video of commentary to put on this post also. At a later date} And these films and links below expose how the ultimate goal of the prokaryotes and all others not of the Eukaryotic Kingdom is to overwhelm the human body and consume it. This would be easier see, if not for science having fallen into the rut of thinking we cannot live without bacteria, when it's we would burst into Life without bacteria. Living many many more years without such pseudo chemicals being pumped into our bodies each day. Some bacteria can kill us immediately through disease, while others must do so slowly and softly by pseudo proteins and vitamins. Fighting on the nano level for decades to bring us down.

{In past posts below on this website, in video I speak of the 180 toxins made by the many forms of yeast in our systems. And science has proven that individual cells attack each other under microscopes with toxins made to enter cells by forming a metabolite that can enter pretending to be a nutrient. Yeast is a Eukaryotic cell, and science sees prokaryotic cells attacking each other with pseudo amino acid formulas. And yeast as prokaryotic cells pumps such into our WHAT??? Into our individual cells each day. Killing our skin cells our immune cells our organ cells one by one. Until we can fend off the poisons no longer and die as a collective community of Life/Eukaryotic cells. When our heart is finally to mutated, our kidneys to mutated, until our Genes are to mutated by these clandestine poisons. Such as bacterial analogues Vitamin k - 2, bacterial riboflavin, bacterial hormones/peptides/proteins that enter our cell saying to the cell I am here to help. Then begin their destruction and mutating of genes.

SO AGAIN can me and Sens Foundation and Harvard and People Unlimited be working on a different agenda??? On a different methodology??? I say not.. VIDEO number one .. 






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