Thursday, July 5, 2018


One of the two books I have in the works about aging that now in this era is ending addresses the Aeonic battle of Life against aging and death. Books which isolate for examination data that proves we have not only been in a Cellular War but also will give proof of how and why. My "Aeonic Cellular Wars" or "The Cellular War has now been Won by Kingdom Eukarya Animalia-Man" and my book "Adam and Eve Now End Aging" explains that even the so-called kingdom of protistia and fungi and even some of the kingdom of Plantae mankind must withstand and destroy to keep and allow his sanctuary-body to live - in Life.

What the Eukaryote cell mankind has been revealing in data and scientific research now since its inception is the fact that we are under attack by foreign armies-invaders-gangs of prokarya and yes archaea and nanobacteria and the negative energies of luca that joins forces with the hordes mentioned above from the what I now call pseudo-eukarya. I strongly believe this fact is exposed in scientific data that long ago in the primordial soup as science sees today under microscopes that luca and other energies-quantum microbes stole the DNA-RNA-Genome of that which made mankind so long ago. Stole the secret documents that taught these microbes to design vessels-cells that they could then more easily enter and allow them to breach our fortress that is our Eukaryotic cell structure that we collectively call the Homo Sapien. 

As I expose throughout this blog and my other sites on Google and in and on social media such as my book of faces groups and pages {some of the links to my social groups are on the right-hand sidebar here on this page that you can scroll down to and join. You must have a social media account to access them all.}  exposing again the many ways the bacterial hordes joined by viruses phages moulds and fungus as well as mass less particles and luca what I now call dirty energy attack without mercy us and our Women and Children daily now since the beginning of the system of the Eukaryotic cell on earth.

I have other posts below just beneath this post that address the literally 1000's of clandestine ways the combined attack of these sinister death forms {again I call the Eukaryote of animals - Man Life and the weak monsters that attack us each minute of the day death forms.} Naturally due to the fact that they cause the early death of Woman-man-animals each day so as to live off them - us while decomposing them-us while we live and breathe bringing us into decrepitude and finally the early grave. 

BUT IT is time that this war is won, its time this battle ends with the cell of Life Mankind standing overshadowing our vanquished enemy. The Battle of Life against aging and death has finally been won by WOMAN-man. {I have an earlier post and on face - book I have my "Woman has Won the Battle of Life Against Aging and death" page to learn more word of this struggle that Life has been through} In the links that I now give below in this post and others on this blog {with each link I post} I do so with a brief commentary of why they each link helps expose this Eonic War and they show the causes - weapons of destruction that have been used against man and animal now for an eon and maybe more.   

Again I must reach for Plato quickly and state the great Philosopher put into text many centuries ago Quote: "The most Noble act of study would be the study of what Mankind is." SO he Plato was foretelling of the coming of biological science. Only biology can understand and know what mankind is. WE are the Mighty Eukaryotic Cell of Life called the human being. And I say our cells every one of them which make up our body deserve to live forever not just minutes or hours or days due to being killed by way of chemical warfare raged upon us secretly by the illegal life-death forms which cross our borders-barriers to enter our body and cell system to mutate and maim and destroy our body. 

The Pandemic Senesonic-Senonic Plague which man and Science have unwittingly called a natural act is in no way a natural phenomenon. It is the killing - murdering of our cell structure by way of 1000's of toxins some made in the likeness of Eukaryotic like proteins and amino acid formulas made to emulate our bodies chemical needs. Pretending to be chemicals to extend Life, are in reality toxins to end our lives by way of mutating and killing one cell at a time. Bringing finally the falling of our Empire-Sanctuary-structure that is our own bodies. We the towering building built by trillions of symbiotic cells made by one cell called the Super Cell the great Creator of Life the Stem Cell of Woman-man. 

Too where there are 1000's of mutated monstrous death microbes that make up the military of the plague attacks us with.  While our Human somatic cell system has an army made up of a mere handful of differentiated multipurpose cells made by the one Great Creator cell the Stem Cell that literally turns itself into or divides into multipurpose cells-soldiers to fight and even die in Battle against the merciless hordes of the poisonous freaks that are our enemies. That has killed every ancestor and family member we have had since the documented and undocumented history of mankind began. 

HERE is a link showing the mass of enemies attacking Life-Man. LINK: Wikipedia trying to expose microbes and their specifications: 

THESE Microbes above are very destructive to all Life forms of animals. Yet medical biologists from decades back dubbed many of the analogs made by these killers good for mankind??? These different strains of microbes are to be seen as War machines, mobile chemical warfare machines. Each one capable of making amino acid formulas that once they enter Woman-Man's cell system they cause early cell death and mutation of our cells the infectious cocktail which is the inflammatory chemicals of the Sensonic Plague that which man has called aging. 

HERE is an article I stumbled across that shows what science of the distant past and of the present day has done to the thought patterns of Medical biological Science. According to this article, the earth would end without microbes. I say if the earth was suddenly to lose all microbes it would be a paradise on earth. I have had a fact-based theorem on the digestive processes of man and animal. That anything our peptic acids cannot break down are not meant to be broken down, our gut literally designed to not break them down. Why would the Great Creator of Life the Stem Cell of the Homo Sapien build a bio structure that needed bacteria to come and feed them??? 

No, the stem cell made man and animal with the capability to break down everything it needs from our foods, and anything such as cellulose or chitin in animals would pass out through the waste system. Instead, the bacteria break down cellulose and chitin to give them byproducts to use to do cellular damage to our and other animals bodies. LINK: LIFE ON EARTH COULD NOT EXIST WITHOUT MICROBES??? 

HERE is a wikipedia link which I love wikipedia because they do not disappear like other science-based articles and sites. In this article-link wikipedia helps us view the many toxins made by microbes to commit their chemical warfare upon our individual Bio Cells. Which Science knows they make to kill their same strain or any other microbe they want dead {such as the eukaryotic cells of yeast and molds make 100's of toxins to make our human cells do what??? To make our cells mutate and then causes early cell death of our somatic cells by many many years.} If not for these killer toxins made by killer yeasts and bacteria our body-cell system would live centuries instead of mere decades. LINK:  and here is another wiki link to help you study briefly and realize the truth.. LINK:  

OUR WARRIORS {most of them} AGAINST ALL THE MONSTERS OF Earth are shown here in this image are the multipurpose Army Cells of the Human body. One can look and say that we need Soldiers - Weapons {Now enters Gerevivify the strikeforce for Man} against this onslaught brought upon our bodily structure by the 1000's of enemies which attack us every millisecond of the day. But, Woman-man lives near a century on average due to these powerful and dutiful special forces brigades. Cells that literally die in battle each day to keep us alive. And we ourselves are cells. 

How strong man must be to withstand such an assault and be able to live to 100 years. So, how strong does this mean mankind can be once this dramatic encounter between two forces ends. One force weak clandestine and merciless. The other defensive and protective. What if those efforts to protect and serve this body. Where able to stop fighting and start again building a very special sanctuary for Life called the Human Somatic cell system. Without this poisonous attack Woman and man live into centuries instead of mere decades. LINK showing all the specific cell types of the human body. All of them being poisoned each day yet they fight each cell for Life so they may also do what??? KEEP US ALIVE.. LINK: 

MY GEREVIVIFY ALGORITHM AND SERUM Does many things to join the Battlefield of Life to destroy the enemy we call aging and death that is as seen here again is an infectious disease that infects all animal cells on earth. I have found and will enlist these new troops to enter our body and fight and struggle to stand for our cells that will remove the already set up in our structure the infection that makes us age and die. Once the battle of the Gerevivify Serum begins on our enemies. Then 7 to 10 years thereafter if one stays on the Gerevivify Algorithm their body will begin to rejuvenate then their body will stabilize and literally begin to grow to help our bodies bones and skin and all cells form once again into a young looking long lasting Life form called Woman-man. Respect AEWR r.p.berry 

 {AT AEWR we search for partners and investors. TOO the First 10 million dollar investor! Their investment will be returned from the profits after the formula/Serum is complete/produced and being sold along with the many hyper-organic food products. Their investment will be returned before any other receives from the profit and they receive a full 40 - 60 partnership of our portion of the company {while 40% of the company will be in the hands of other investors/share holders} for/of the company "Adam and Eve's Gerevivify" Those investing will be receiving from the profits {due to the Elixir and other nutritional products rising up from Gerevivify, to near eternity/in perpetuity.} 

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